I'd like to say something witty or clever here, like now I'm off to go sleep for a week, but alas. Instead I am off to go write a 20 million page term paper and prep for the TGIO party tomorrow.

Good luck to those of you who haven't finished yet. I'm proof that you can, so keep writing.

I'm so glad I won.


Too tired today.
This is your haiku figments,
Now write your novels.


I'm typing my little fingers to the nubs here. I've managed to hit 36k and my goal is to hit 40k tonight during the Virtual Write-In. I really would like to hit 42k so that I only have 8k left to write tomorrow and then I'm freaking done. On top of trying to rush a zillion more words in the next two days, it's looming on finals week and I have a pile and a half of homework left to do before Monday.

Will I have time? No. I've got packed jam full days for the rest of the week into Monday so most likely I won't be getting much sleep. Who needs sleep though right? I certainly don't. Sleep is for losers and old people. Both of which I am.

I've got 45 minutes to pound out at least 1.5k more words before I have to leave for some appointments. Stupid life. I swear, next November, I'm hiding from the world in some remote cabin somewhere. Then I won't have to be a person and do peopley things.

One and a half more days and then I can be free of NaNo until January, when we start planning for next year.

It's gonna be holiday layout time soon, I'm so excited.


Failing connection.
Over and over it blips,
Pain in my backside.


Thanks to all my Wrimos who've sent me cheers, ass kickings, and encouraging words over the past few days.

You guys rock and I'm so proud to be one of your ML's.

Seriously, and I don't just say that because I plan on sneaking into your houses and stealing your word counts. I say it 'cause it's true.

Two more days guys, two more days.


I might not finish,
But with Wrimos like you guys,
I am a winner.


I've managed to hit a little over 25,000 words. I need to hit 30 thousand tonight. Why? Well because I need 30,000 so I can get to 40,000, so I can get to 50,000, so I can win and be done with this nonsense. Also, the reason I like the best, I need to hit 30,000 because that leaves 20,000 words left, and 20,000 words split over the next three days is exactly 6666.66 words per day. Thus proving my novel is the work of the devil.

I'm going to go settle myself down with my notebook and try and write some words there, and then come back here and retype them. I know it's a lot more work, but it gives me a chance to expand and add on things I've already written. It's like editing - but not. Sneaky, huh?

I've got to get myself in gear tomorrow and take care of some stuff, my schedule is crazy busy and if I don't get a handle on it soon it'll just blow up in my face and then I'll be all melty-faced. I haven't even unpacked my bags from being out of town this last week. Stupid novel.

I feel like I spent most of today running around with my head cut off, even though I haven't even left the house. I did some web design work, did some homework (pleasegodjustgetmethroughonemoredeadweekandI'llbegoodIpromise) and spent a good portion of the day on the phone trying to get all sorts of fun piles of poo straightened out. I finally said I was done with it and took a shower, so now I'm all clean. Woo for clean!

However, now because my hair is down, I realize how much I really want to cut some of it off. It's getting far too long and nearly unmanageable when it's down. It would be fine if I had awesome hair that did whatever I told it, but I have spiteful evil hair that does everything it can to thwart me.

I'd like to do something cute with it before the wedding, I just don't know what cute would be.

You know what would make me write more, Figs, and reach 50,000 words? Comments.



Stupid wordy words,
Huzzah for trash my Wrimos!
Embrace the trashness.


I'm not posting this because I have some amazing artistic talent, because I don't. In fact, it looks like some preschoolers first picture vomited up my picture. However, I am posting this because I know that there are a couple of you Figments out there with some real talent, and I think Sketchcast would be a fun way for you to blog. (hintmelissahint)

I really am going to write now, honest.
I had this whole post written. It was witty! It was insightful! Then Blogger wonked out and deleted it.

It's a shame, because it was really good. Not like that other junk I post here. Now you're going to be stuck with the same old nonsense.

We had the All State Write-In yesterday, and I think it went pretty well. We had about seven Salem Wrimos who braved the cold to go down to Eugene for the day. We had maybe 15 - 17 in attendance total. I didn't get much writing done. I could blame it on the Wrimos and how distracting they are, but it would be a lie. It's really because I'm a lazy schlub.

The best thing about the ASWI (Yeah, yeah, I know) was the fact that we had a few Regions in attendance. Which means that people are willing and interested in traveling for this event. This is great to know, so now we can really plan some good stuff for next year.

During the ASWI Tiff, Sav and I slipped out and saw Labyrinth at the Bijou Theater. I know it's old, and I've seen it before, and I paid less for it on DVD then I did to get into the theater, but how can you pass up seeing David Bowie in spandex on the big screen? You can't, that's what I thought.

I don't have any due work or class work today or tomorrow, so I'm putting off everything that is due later this week and next week during Finals to write 20,000 words. Will I do it? Probably not. But talking big about doing it is almost as good as doing it, right?


My house is cold man,
My fingers are 'icles now,
And that ain't sexy.


Today marks the first time in NaNoWriMo history, that I know of, that any state has hosted an all-state write-in that wasn't either a: all completely one Region or b: San Fransisco who really doesn't count because they're HQ. No offense, SF.

Today is Oregon's first All State Write-In, where Regions from all over Oregon will (hopefully) be in attendance. This being our first year planning, things have been rocky, but I think that Eugene, who is hosting this year, has done a great job and today will be a really good NaNo event.

If you're interested in attending it will be from 11 - 1 PM today, at the Round Table Pizza in Springfield just off the freeway. You should come, Eugene has some awesome stuff planned I hear.

I've been put in charge of games and I have no idea what I'm bringing. The last few weeks have been crazy so I've put it aside, and never picked it back up. I know Dutch Blitz will be floating around, as well as some other games like that and decks of cards. I'm bringing Continual Story and the Plot Box of Doom, but other then that I'm at a loss.

My goal is to hit at least 7,000 - 10,000 words today, and with all the writing time we have, it shouldn't be too hard.

I guess I better go look for some ice breakers or something, before I'm fired and thrown to the fishes.


I need help from any of you Figs with long, thick hair. I'm on the hunt for a hair clip (of any kind) that will hold thick hair that WON'T break off the claws of the clip when you put it in your hair. I haven't found a brand yet, even including octopus claws that say they're for thick hair that don't break. I'm sick of them always breaking off in my hair, it's really annoying.



Further proof why my Wrimos are the best on the entire planet:

Locals participate in world's largest writing contest

I'm so freaking proud of them.


Big silent houses
I have it all to myself,
Relaxing Sunday.


Had our General Write-In today. It went well, I think. We're in a smaller room then we're used to, and with a group that's growing like we are, it was a little snug but I think it'll work out well.

I had about thirteen in attendance, which isn't bad for the first General Write-In of the year. I had a good mix of old and new Wrimos, which is always nice. I try hard to make everyone feel welcome, so I hope that the new Wrimos who came today had a good time.

I plunked out about 2000 words, which isn't great, but isn't bad considering I handwrite everything because I'm a sorry sad laptopless person.

After the meeting Terra and I ran to Woodburn and then got some sushi, which was wonderful. It was good to see her. I miss DBS a lot. Because they rock.


It's way too early
Christmas stuff invading now,
Skipping Thanksgiving


Eric, one of my Wrimos, is currently stationed in Iraq. This is his third NaNo, and I think he's totally awesome for doing it even though he's in a situation that makes it difficult.

He's also one of my Wrimos who's been asked by the Statesman Journal to do a four-piece series on doing NaNo doing November. I get an Email this morning that says someone from the Boston Globe wants to interview him too.

I have famous Wrimos, that makes me so freaking proud.

I haven't written yet today. I know, I'm a bad girl. I'm up to 3500 words though, which makes me a good girl. (And trust me, I'm a very good girl)

Savvy is coming by this afternoon to crash at my place for the night so we can prep for our General Write-In (2:00 - Salem Public Library) tomorrow. I'm thinking of suggesting we go by Coffee Cravings and write for a couple hours. They've got free Wi-Fi, good Chai and The Sister works there, so I get to write my novel and give her grief at the same time. It's like heaven.

If we do, I'll send a message out. If you'd like to join us, please do. Coffee Cravings has already said we can take over the whole joint, if we wanna.


I got goodies, man
They came in yummy boxes,
And they are the win.


I managed to pop out about 1000 words before I crashed and burned like my internet access did during our Virtual Countdown. I've got 667 left to do today to meet my goal. I can't log into the NaNo site at all, and can't upload my word count, so I'm already getting flack from people who are convinced I'm still at zero.

I'm not. I've written, I swear it! I mean, words of my own even, not ones I've stolen from other people.

I'll post as soon as I feel like I've got enough to justify it.


This is the first day,
The first is always hardest,
The rest is cake, man.