Eric, one of my Wrimos, is currently stationed in Iraq. This is his third NaNo, and I think he's totally awesome for doing it even though he's in a situation that makes it difficult.

He's also one of my Wrimos who's been asked by the Statesman Journal to do a four-piece series on doing NaNo doing November. I get an Email this morning that says someone from the Boston Globe wants to interview him too.

I have famous Wrimos, that makes me so freaking proud.

I haven't written yet today. I know, I'm a bad girl. I'm up to 3500 words though, which makes me a good girl. (And trust me, I'm a very good girl)

Savvy is coming by this afternoon to crash at my place for the night so we can prep for our General Write-In (2:00 - Salem Public Library) tomorrow. I'm thinking of suggesting we go by Coffee Cravings and write for a couple hours. They've got free Wi-Fi, good Chai and The Sister works there, so I get to write my novel and give her grief at the same time. It's like heaven.

If we do, I'll send a message out. If you'd like to join us, please do. Coffee Cravings has already said we can take over the whole joint, if we wanna.


I got goodies, man
They came in yummy boxes,
And they are the win.

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