I'm typing my little fingers to the nubs here. I've managed to hit 36k and my goal is to hit 40k tonight during the Virtual Write-In. I really would like to hit 42k so that I only have 8k left to write tomorrow and then I'm freaking done. On top of trying to rush a zillion more words in the next two days, it's looming on finals week and I have a pile and a half of homework left to do before Monday.

Will I have time? No. I've got packed jam full days for the rest of the week into Monday so most likely I won't be getting much sleep. Who needs sleep though right? I certainly don't. Sleep is for losers and old people. Both of which I am.

I've got 45 minutes to pound out at least 1.5k more words before I have to leave for some appointments. Stupid life. I swear, next November, I'm hiding from the world in some remote cabin somewhere. Then I won't have to be a person and do peopley things.

One and a half more days and then I can be free of NaNo until January, when we start planning for next year.

It's gonna be holiday layout time soon, I'm so excited.


Failing connection.
Over and over it blips,
Pain in my backside.

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