Got my NaNo page up. Go check it out during Nov. to see how my progress is going on my novel.

Don't even ask me about Hot Lake, I don't wanna talk about it.


Kiminnie99: okie..your lazy and you don't deserve your position

See, Kim knows!

This right here is the perfect object for arguments on free speech and those opposed.

Please don't take that wrong. I mean it in a purely discussion type way.

I find it slightly disturbing myself.

Don't ask me why, but it bothers me when a male cartoon character has my name.

It's just not natural.

Oh look...a post.

I actually posted at NCM today. I have been a terribly naughty girl and haven't even checked there for the last week. I hope they forgive me. (soooob)

NaNo starts in three days! WOO! I really can't wait. This'll be fun. (Especally since I keep meeting more new and wonderful people to add to my 'list of poor sods to bother during November'. They'll be sick of me in no time.) I'm even going to make one of those pages where I can babble to myself about how hard it is, and how my characters drink an awful lot, and how they don't shut up when I'm trying to sleep. Visit. You know you wanna.

Hot Lake is supposed to open on Halloween, but I'm not ready yet. I'm going to try reeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaally. (see, all those extra e's n' a's?) hard to get it open then. But if I don't, you can't draw and quater me. It's already been done once this year. Which reminds me. Fox Family (Hrumph) ran their Hot Lake spot on 'Scariest Places'. Pretty much did what I thought they would. Called it evil, said it should be burnt down and it's ashes covered with salt. Yeah.



It's nap time. It's nap time and I'm the only one here with the kids. This means:

"It's nap time but we won't take a nap because we don't mind Jamie, insted we'll whisper and roll around and pretend snore and use the bathroom ten thousand times in tweleve seconds and tell Jamie we already took a nap."

Which of course, is exactly what three are doing right now. ::grin:: No, you don't have to love kids. Whoever said that was a dork.

I don't love them, really I don't. They seem to like me though (it's because they walk alll over me) they all come running and tackle me when I come in in the morning. It's scary. :)

A very nice guy is hosting HotLake.com for me, he even registered HotLake.net so I could open it if Hotlake.com dosen't get transfered in time. Wasn't that sweet? Yes it was. He's my new bestist friend. (just don't tell my other new bestist friends...) So, this means Hot Lake should open on Halloween as planned, which means you HAVE to stop by. Please? Please please please?



What do you do when....

You live in a triplex, and your neighbor (to your left) happens to be your landladies daughter (whom you have known since you were born) and she's lived there for a long time and taken advantage of the fact that (a year and almost a half now) before you moved in an old lady lived there, and never used the yard.

(Run on and on..lol)

Anyway, your neighbor decides to have a yardsale and then sets it up in YOUR YARD. Never asked you if it was ok, or anything. In fact, asked your OTHER neighbor (which happens to be your grandmother.) if you would mind. Takes up your whole yard, and some of your driveway.

Fine...you're fine with this...they didn't ask, well...you write it off as she dosen't realize you USE your yard, and you aren't a 10000 year old woman who can't get outside. Don't hyperventalate, it's ok..breath! Yeah sure, you pay rent on time (contrary to a certain someone who used your yard)and like your yard nice and tidy, and it is your yard, technicly, and you did be very bothered all summer by that same neighbor planting and removing things from your yard, and tying up her dog in your yard, and letting him poop there, but you never said anything.

Because you're nice that way.

Just one more thing you'll keep your mouth shut about?

Yeah yeah...until...

The yardsale has been there THREE WEEKS. Not picked up, half the time just covered, looks like trash - you're not trash - so what do you do?


It might sound petty, but my entire yard is covered with someone elses CRAP covered with crappy tarps.

Not only that, but it's been raining, so it's wet SOGGY crap.

In my yard.



Ok, I'm posting..finally. (Prana posted, which made me post, you know...monkey see...::grins:: )

I've been busy lately, but I'm always busy. The real reason I haven't been posting is because I've just been overwhelmed. (Oh, and angry. But please don't tell, being angry isn't lady-like, and I'd hate for anyone to think I'm not a lady. ::coughs:: ) But I'm back, and I know you missed me and my blotchy, misguided posts.

I haven't been feeling well, four nights in a row of bad back and tummy pain which lasted until 5 am, which led to four nights in a row standing under a hot shower for hours, in which I've decided five things:

1. They should make shower TV's. They should make them, and use me as the sole test base. They have shower radios, why not TV's? For those poor saps like me who spend alot of time in the shower. They should have water proof cable connections and remote controls. They should be positioned so you can see them while you're leaning on the wall because you don't have a shower bench. (See 2) If they have them, someone buy me one. I'd love you forever.

2. As ugly as those benches people buy and use in their shower are, I see the reasoning. I want one. In blue. With cushions. Armrests, cup holder...

3. To go with the bathtub recliner with optional built in heat and massage (don't go there) they should also make shower books. Full length novels that are printed on some kind of water sealed paper so you can read in the shower (or bath, if you prefer) and not worry about unsightly waterdrops or that terrible accident that happens when you reach for your bottle of tequila and your book falls in the water. (No, I've never had this happen. I don't drink. Underage and it's gross. Now, with some Dr.Pepper..)

4. Mixing a backache, sleepy tylenol (Or tequila...if that's what you do.)and a three hour shower is a bad idea. It promotes falling asleep in the shower. Don't do it.

5. Writings done in your head in the shower at three AM while nursing a back ache are usally irrational and destorted. Don't write these down, someone somewhere will use them against you when you're elected into public office.

It's messed up my sleeping too. I'm now awake every night until about 5, and then I sleep till 9:30 and I really should be at WORK by 9:30. Not..that I'm complaining about the work part, it's the sleep. I want SLEEP! A full nights sleep with no pain.

And don't you give me that go to the doctor crap. Those guys, they have needles.




BLAH BLAH blah blah blah blah!

Blah Blah!


Yes, I'm cheesed. I'll come back later and whine about it when I'm not so apt to flick someone in the nose.


I'm a big sheep. I followed a link from a link on Kelly's blog, and this blog I followed had a link on it to here.

I joined.

I absolutely can NOT wait.

If you write, you should join too...it looks like alot of fun.

Yeah..I've been turned into a frog.

Not that I'm UPSET about it...frogs are great...It's just...I miss my thumbs...someone go save me?


Also, if you're looking for some wholesome Halloween `Net stuff to do...check out TSW's Fall Festival...go over to the games, click on Spiderweb Capture and send everyone you know to be stuck forever in Spiderwebs via yours truly at The Mystical Warriors.

You know you wanna.

"You must check children in.

Leaving children without checking them in with Robin's Nest Childcare staff is consitered abandonment in the State of Oregon and will be reported to Childrens Services as such"

That's a lovely notice I was forced to print this morning because we have a couple of clients who are prone to leave their children without checking them in. (Outside, dropping them off at the curb, ect) Which is VERY illegal and against our rules.

We also have one that has left her child a few times when we aren't even OPEN.

It scares me, the irrisponsibility of people who have children these days.


One of my younger brothers has a birthday coming up on the 4th. He's turning 14. (They get so big so FAST!) He's a really great kid, we've gotten alot closer the last few months. He's got a totally warped sense of humor..that's probably why we get along so well.

He came over last night...and spent 20 minutes helping me try to catch one of my cats that got outside. (I have a huge oak tree in front of my house, home to hundreds of squirrels. I'm a total wench for not letting them go outside and tame their wild nature and hunt them. Nope, they have to pretend hunt them from my livingroom window. I'm such a bitch.)

We finally caught her, and she got a long lecture about not going outside. (Yes, I talk to my cats like their people. Ally thinks it's hysterical. "You actually talk like they understand you!" "Yeah, so?" "But their cats!" "SO? You're from the south and I still talk to YOU like you're coherent don't I?" ::runs:: No offense to southern people...) My other cat (Boots) sat in the window the whole time meowing. She wanted outside too, she didn't think it was fair.

Tough titties...no outside for you kitty!

I'm so funny. ::rolls her eyes::

Anyway..back to my brother. He wants a few things for his birthday that should be reasonably easy to get. (Easier so if I had money...but...hey...whatcha going to do?) He wants the 6th book in that series by Terry Goodkind...which he got inadvertantly hooked on because of me. (Oddly enough, I didn't care for it) He wants a cookbook, a couple movies, and a PS2.

I can do like...4 out of 5.

I'm going to bake him a cake, (No, I'm not going to dig the one I threw away out of the garbage and ice it. What kind of sister do you think I am?) and have some balloons delivered to school for him. (Leaving false messages? Jamming toilets? No no no, the best way to aggrivate school administration is to have crap delivered in the middle of fourth period.)

His dad (See: nutcase) sent him birthday presents. Get this, it's like...so touching. He sent him all his own stuff back to him.

Yep...beats the rocks he gave them for Christmas one year. (Yes, he gave them rocks...driveway gravel. He showered with it too...creeped me out.)

Sent him an old fishing rod of my brothers, a reel of his that dosen't work, an easter egg full of his money, (14 bucks of which he took OUT of the egg, and put in my brothers card. Because my brothers dad borrowed it one time, and thought it would be great to just repay my brother with my brothers own money...yeah.) and sent him an almost-expired fishing license that he bought himself two years ago.

Is that a Fathers love or what?


I'm a terrorist.

Well, according to a radio station mis-quoting the President anyway. Actually, what DID they mean?

"You're either with us, or you're a terrorist."

Ok, break this down for me. With 'us' (Who's us? The president? A group of Americans? Barney?). Who is us? And with them about what? About war? About 'bombing them back to the stone age'? About the possibility of an uprising of evil magnitude involving Jazzercise? Or I'm a terrorist? In a country that is free, and has laws that absolutely positivly entitle me to free speech, and I disagree with YOUR interpretation of YOUR right, I'm automaticly a terrorist? Ok. That's um...irrational.

Now, IF (If people) it's because of the following factors:
A: Us is the groups of people who think we should slaughter them all.

B: Agreeing with them is about slaughtering them all.


C: You disagree with this, you're a terrorist.

That would in fact be A+B=C and I'm a terrorist.

Run country run, because I have access to dirty diapers and baby I know how to fling them.

I'm insulted actually. I'm not a terrorist, and the thought of hurting anyone in that capacity would never even entertain my brain.

So, please just because I disagree with some of your views, Mr. Radio Man, don't imply that I am evil and heartless and have the soul mission to distroy this country.

I don't, damnit. Because if I distroy it, then what'll be left for me to be Princess of?


You know what this reminds me of? Now, here is my comparison.

"You're either with us, or you're a terrorist."

"You're either with me, or you're against me, and if you're against me you're with Satan. Because God is the spirit that lights my soul and gives me direction of life and Jesus is my savior."

Now, do YOU see the complete and irrational thoughts in both those statements? I do.

Ahh, dying to know where the second one came from? If you've been following my mindless dribble, then you might have an idea. Yep, it came from Doctor Teacher Preacher Fisherman Daddy John. Praise Jesus.

I heard that little speil, along with a good five dozen others I can recite, pretty much every single day of my childhood. It got worse, towards the end, and I honestly believe if we would have stayed in the company of said religious fanatic, I wouldn't be typing to you right now. (Ahh...the unjustness of the universe. Sad, are you?)

The statement started out as only the latter part: "God, ect" but the first part was added about the last two years of the whole thing, when DTPFDJ was convinced he was loosing his family to Satan. He wanted to make it perfectly clear to all of us, that there was only ONE side to be on, ONE way to think, ONE person to follow (Him, towards the end there, he thought he was Jesus. Actually the exact speil on that one was "There is only one Jesus, Jesus speaks through me, there for I'm as close as you'll ever get to Jesus" but pretty soon alot of that fell away and it became "There is only one Jesus, and Jesus speaks through me, There for I'm Jesus" ) and if it wasn't HIS way, then you were brimstone bound.

I remember once he came into my room, and started crying (Yes, tears my friends. He cried anywhere from one dozen to ten dozen times a day. Usally over the Bible, or how the dishes weren't washed the way he wanted them.) and whining about how his family wasn't here anymore. I, being 15 and really REALLY tired of all of it, just turned around and told him, to my knowledge we were all right here, and could he please shut the door on his way out?

That's about when he decided Satan had taken me over, and I really needed a heaver hand.

Yeah, ok.

That's about the time he started calling himself by his God given title. The One and Only Doctor Teacher Preacher Fisherman Daddy John. I'll explain where and why here:
Doctor: He is convinced he was placed on this earth to 'Teach and Preach and Heal' and his idea of being healthy was copying Jesus with Gourd enemas. No. So don't even ask me.

Teacher: Like I said, Teach, Preach, Heal...blah blah. He's here `cause he's the only one who can get God's word right, so he has to set us all straight.

Preacher: More along the lines of obsessed. He'd pull his bible out and preach to check stand people while he was getting groceries. Or he'd go into my school and preach to my teachers. He wanted to start a commune, but that's another story.

Fisherman: He is a commertial fisherman, I guess he thinks that brings him closer to being Jesus-like. Nothing wrong with being a fisherman, teacher, preacher, or healer. John's just insane, that's all.

Daddy: While Robin was still with John, we ran a preschool. He wanted all the kids to call him Daddy John. Later it was used in the divorce decree that his children (I'm not, incase you were wondering) were not allowed to call anyone else Dad or any term of endearment confined in that group. And he started refering to himself as "The one and only Daddy John" in letters.

John: Yeah..his name.

I have a 48 page letter, we've dubbed his 'manifesto' that really does show you how completely unbalanced this man is. I've been told countless number of times that I should forward it, add the rest of the correspondance that works up to it, keep it exactly how it is (you'd have to see it to understand. Backwards, up the margins, caps in the middle of words, all his T's look like crosses...) and publish it. It facinates people.

One of these days I'll scan it, and then everyone can see. ::rolls her eyes:: ::grin::