It's been a long few days. I had a family emergency on Saturday, and now I'm out of town helping out. I haven't slept since a bit Saturday night so I'm a little loopy.

Things are a little better, and I should be able to return home tomorrow evening or Thursday at the latest. I brought my homework along with me but of course I'm not getting any of it done. I'm going to have to bust my tuckus over the next few days. I've got a test in Trig on the 11th and I'm not really steady on the concepts. I'd rather not bomb this one, because then I'd have to retake Trig and that's just sick.

Happy Super Fat Tuesday to all of you. What are my predictions on this day of caucuses and over-indulgence before Lent?

I think there will be a sweep for the Republican candidate, and a crazy close race for the Democrat, that probably won't have a 'winner' so to speak. Also, there will be many drunk people, and not just because it's Mardi Gras.


I have a meeting in about an hour. It's a super secret meeting about super secret things I haven't told a single person. I'm very excited about these super secret things, but not so excited as to jinx it. Not that telling anyone would jinx it, or anything. I mean, you guys aren't bad luck, that's not what I mean. What I mean is, sometimes these things are better left in the dark at the beginning. Also, suspense keeps you Figments coming back, and if you stopped coming here, then who would I talk to when I'm all alone?

So, if this meeting goes the way I want it to, and then if all my cute fluffy baby ducks fall in a huggable row, I'll tell people. If not, then I'll sulk in private. Sound good? Good.


This is your fault, Pran.
Cute Overload is meanness,
It's akin to crack.


Ach, I suck.

However, I feel a new layout coming on and along with that some happy tasty fine content. You'll be proud, I promise.

Until then, you get crap. Excited? Me too.

I finished Year Of Wonders: A Novel of The Plague by Geraldine Brooks last night. The novel is about a village in 1666 that is infested with the Plague thanks to a bolt of infected cloth brought in by a tailor. In order to keep the Plague from spreading to the nearby villages, the Rector of the town convinces the people the best thing to do is to self-quarantine.

The village decides to do so, and then has to deal with all of the harshness of the plague, social injustice, and religious extremes all while being prisoners of their own town. The novels protagonist is Anna, barely 18 and a widower with two children, she loses everything she had to the plague, but finds the courage to come out of it a stronger and completely different person then she ever thought possible.

The novel was very well written, and I enjoyed it up until the last chapter, which had a 'twist' that to me felt out of place and rushed, and not entirely possible in the way that it was set. Not that the character couldn't have developed into what she became, but it was still a stretch. Not that this makes it a bad novel by any means.

I recommend it if you're looking for a well written, emotionally charged something to entertain you instead of doing Trig homework...I mean, you know, instead of doing whatever, laundry or weeding.

Year Of Wonders: A Novel of The Plague


Four and a half Duckie-Wuckies out of five. Don't judge the ducks, people.