I have a meeting in about an hour. It's a super secret meeting about super secret things I haven't told a single person. I'm very excited about these super secret things, but not so excited as to jinx it. Not that telling anyone would jinx it, or anything. I mean, you guys aren't bad luck, that's not what I mean. What I mean is, sometimes these things are better left in the dark at the beginning. Also, suspense keeps you Figments coming back, and if you stopped coming here, then who would I talk to when I'm all alone?

So, if this meeting goes the way I want it to, and then if all my cute fluffy baby ducks fall in a huggable row, I'll tell people. If not, then I'll sulk in private. Sound good? Good.


This is your fault, Pran.
Cute Overload is meanness,
It's akin to crack.

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