Thanks to Prana for the dollar. Now that I feel completely cheap and easy, I'm going to go beta test TSO.

Well, after work, that is.
I went out to H.O.M.E today, did some prelim. floorplans for the temporary room. It will work good for LKP as long as it dosen't run longer then a month or two at max. Hopefully our building is finished by then, so we can move things into there. I have a good list of phone calls and things to sort out today, I also need to do a complete revision of the handbook. I'm thinking of looking into pricing bubble form machines, just because it would be much more functional and amusing. Last time I checked on them though, they were insanely expensive.

Got a letter today from the same person who left a note in my post about Cin, it's always fun to see other peoples opinions. :) At least this person was decent, I replied to the letter. I don't if they're beligerant or rude. (Which I've only ever gotten two of, both of which were from people who were angry because of my stance on internet copyright.) You know what I realized today? TPC has never gotten one single stich of hate mail, or any posts damning us to hell. Jesus.com gets more of it then we do. (A good sense of humor is always a good thing to have.) Poor Jesus.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad about it, I just thought it was interesting. After all, our name is The Pervert Club.


I was goofing around making Kao's again today.

The first:

Sleepy Kao!

The second:

Bottled Kao - For your convinence.

Whatcha think?

Yes, they're transparent but they're made for a white background, not a black..that's why they're on tables


Ewok is sick, and I'm not quite sure what's wrong with her. Her symptoms are more akin to a fluish bug then distemper, but I don't know. I hope to have Leanne look at her when she comes to get her girls because she works at a Vet office. Right now she's just really lethargic, but if she gets any worse I'm going to have to take her to a vet.

I don't want my kitty to be sick. :(
Since we're closing the childcare we're left with a whole slue of toys we're never going to use. It breaks my heart (I love buying toys...I love toys...toys! WOO!) but we're having a garage sale to sell them (ARGh...hhh..) and all the other crap we've got.

In my garage.

Whee! So I spent last night cleaning it, setting up stuff, and raking the mountian of freaky leaves that have piled in the driveway and yard, praying they wouldn't topple over on some poor soul walking by. Ended up doing that till about 1 am.

Then I spent the rest of the night throwing up.

A great start to what I'm sure will be an interesting and eventful (if not boring and cold) weekend.

Did I mention it's raining?



I do believe that was satisfactory in being completely annoying. Happy Birthday Pranie, Hope you have a good one. ::hugs::


I have noticed here and there on the Net that Cinnaberyl (A name, and character in a series of novels I've written which was made up by me) has been taken and used as some peoples RP character names.

This upsets me for two reasons:

First, a completely selfish reason. Cinnaberyl was a name I made up, and a 'person' who belongs to me. It's been on of my 'handles' online for almost seven years and it upsets me that someone saw it and used it thinking it was 'neat'. (And yes, this is what I assume, wrong or right of me, usally this is how someone finds a name. Becides, what's the chances of someone copying that name with the exact spelling?)

Second, Cinnaberyl is a character in novels I hope to have published someday, and it frustrates me as a writer to know someones snagging not only her name, but alot of her personality types and using them without permission from me. On some hands I could care less, but when things start getting very simmalar to the point that you know that what is being used was taking from a work you did, it gets frustrating. Plus, this can (and has for other authors) cause problems for me down the road with publishers. Some publishers feel that things published online, or things that have been 'borrowed' or posted someplace are already published (or may violate copyright laws on some level) and will be hesitant to pick up anything. I don't expect this to happen, and it would be really extreme if it did. But we all know how my life goes, and it would just figure.

Problems are bad! BAD!

It's just frustrating because alot of work goes into thinking up names and personalities of my characters and then knowing nobody else out there has used it for over half a decade and then to stumble on someone who just plucked it from something they've seen and used it irks me.

It's sort of like someone stealing my graphics and using them, but insted it's my words.

Ok, I'm done whining now.
Ok! I'm back. Sorry I had to vanish like that, but stuff happens. I hope everyone had a good Halloween, I really didn't, I spent the last four days very sick.

But I did manage to write a bit on my NaNo novel. I'll have it posted to my NaNo site as soon as I get it off the laptop where it's currently hiding. I'll also update my NaNo site, TPC, and what not today hopefully.

That is of course, if I'm not hit by a bus on an overpass and flung to my death.