Frankie and Jamie-Dos spent the night last night, as our Tuesday tradition continues.

Last night we got a wild hair (after Jamie-Dos made an awesome dinner, because that girl can cook. I don't love her for just her chef abilities though...honest I don't) and decided to go to an arcade and be total nits. It was practically empty, so we had a good time playing far too many Konami games and having all the machines pretty much to ourselves.

There is video around here somewhere of it. I'll find it and upload it somewhere for you soon Figs, because I know you want to watch us be idiots while shooting zombies and playing Dance Maniax.

We also watched some movies...but sometime during the second movie I went to bed, and can't really remember what was going on. I was really tired. Old age does that to a girl, I hear.

Fred's flight gets in about 12:45 today, he's picking up his rental car and should be in town about 2 or 2:30. Ally's flight gets in tomorrow at 12:30.

I'm super excited.

We plan on skipping town right after my Chemistry test on Friday, and I am so looking forward to a nice fun "vacation" (I say it in quotes because I can't skip classes or the SC meeting). I am however taking time off from the office until probably the 12th.


I've got an art class until 11:30 and then I'm in the office until 2. Then I'm history, man.


People sleeping now.
Floor is covered with dreaming,
And so many shoes.


It's not that I don't have anything to post about. It's more that I don't have the gumption to post it. Anyone know where I can buy some gumption? I'd even purchase some like new or slightly used gumption, if it was affordable and didn't smell like car cheese.

Hook me up, Figs.


Three day weekends rock.
I wish it was longer now,
And Sunday again.


It's official Figs.

Tickets have been purchased, plans have been made, itineraries have been E-mailed.

I'm so freakin' excited. After months of threats of bodily harm Kins and Furhead are finally coming for a nice long visit, which is just wonderful. Wonderful! We're going to have so much fun. It'll be a nice quiet visit, one that won't end with someone (them) getting bailed out of jail by someone else (me).

We plan on hitting the beach, and maybe taking a road trip up to Seattle. It's going to be good. I love those kids like strawberry Kool-Aid. For the record, anything you hear about me buying large quantities of rope and duct tape is false. I have no plans for holding them here against their will, and I've dug no cellar beneath my apartment building in which to imprison them.



My tummy is dumb.
Haiku's have been scarce my friends,
I am so sorry.


Everyone mosey on over to KSND and click 'Listen Live' today between now and 10 and listen to my awesome friend Cory as he makes his radio debut as Cory the Intern. I'm serious you guys, go listen. Cory's dream is to be on the radio, and he's perfect for it.

I'm so proud of you, Corance! I'm going to be stalking you even more now.


I know, I know, I haven't been posting every day like I said I would. But I have good reasons for it this time, honest.

I've been having issues with Guido. Issues with him not wanting to boot properly and having to run WinXP repair and fixbooting to get him to start. Last time I did this, it said it fixed it, rather then just detected the problem with chkdsk, and the last time I restarted, it did so normally. So keep your fingers crossed that there will be no more icky computer problems.

Also, tis the season for Mid-Terms, so I've been spending lots of time studying for tests. Well, the Chemistry test in particular. It was easier then I thought it would be, if any of you are wondering.

Tonight is the CompSci mid-term. Also due tonight is all homework assigned since the start of term, and a rough draft of a paper. I don't have the books for this class, so I've only been able to do four homework assignments. Why? Because I haven't had the extra 150 to plunk down on this inane class. However, I need an A in it, even if it is stupid, so I have to figure out where to scrape up the 60 some odd bucks that the book with the homework in it is going to cost me and just get it. I have no time to do anything else, as all the assignments are due by 6 tonight.

Also, I'll be prepping for and then in interviews for new Student Council members all day, so I'm not even sure where I'll find the time to do the homework.

Good times, Figs. Good times. I have senioritis something awful, and I seriously don't care anymore.

I have one and a half terms left. It is so time to move on from Chemeketa for sure.