Frankie and Jamie-Dos spent the night last night, as our Tuesday tradition continues.

Last night we got a wild hair (after Jamie-Dos made an awesome dinner, because that girl can cook. I don't love her for just her chef abilities though...honest I don't) and decided to go to an arcade and be total nits. It was practically empty, so we had a good time playing far too many Konami games and having all the machines pretty much to ourselves.

There is video around here somewhere of it. I'll find it and upload it somewhere for you soon Figs, because I know you want to watch us be idiots while shooting zombies and playing Dance Maniax.

We also watched some movies...but sometime during the second movie I went to bed, and can't really remember what was going on. I was really tired. Old age does that to a girl, I hear.

Fred's flight gets in about 12:45 today, he's picking up his rental car and should be in town about 2 or 2:30. Ally's flight gets in tomorrow at 12:30.

I'm super excited.

We plan on skipping town right after my Chemistry test on Friday, and I am so looking forward to a nice fun "vacation" (I say it in quotes because I can't skip classes or the SC meeting). I am however taking time off from the office until probably the 12th.


I've got an art class until 11:30 and then I'm in the office until 2. Then I'm history, man.


People sleeping now.
Floor is covered with dreaming,
And so many shoes.

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