It's official Figs.

Tickets have been purchased, plans have been made, itineraries have been E-mailed.

I'm so freakin' excited. After months of threats of bodily harm Kins and Furhead are finally coming for a nice long visit, which is just wonderful. Wonderful! We're going to have so much fun. It'll be a nice quiet visit, one that won't end with someone (them) getting bailed out of jail by someone else (me).

We plan on hitting the beach, and maybe taking a road trip up to Seattle. It's going to be good. I love those kids like strawberry Kool-Aid. For the record, anything you hear about me buying large quantities of rope and duct tape is false. I have no plans for holding them here against their will, and I've dug no cellar beneath my apartment building in which to imprison them.



My tummy is dumb.
Haiku's have been scarce my friends,
I am so sorry.

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