I've decided I want a web cam. Not because I want people to watch me, (No! Run!) but because I think it would be fun. It's the exhibitionist in me, I could show off my pretty feet. (Could you image the type of people a foot-cam would attract? Maybe that's a bad idea.) I like surfing around and watch peoples cams (That would be the voyeur in me), it strikes a strange feeling knowing someone else is doing stuff on the computer the same time you are, and you can watch them do it. (Not that, you sickos)

I priced them, I found a good one that's normaly 90 for 40. I'd buy it, but I'm broke. Of course.

I really need a computer at home, because this is insane. It's extremely hard to get anything done with the noise and everything else, what do they think this is, a Preschool? How's a girl supposed to work at work when there is all this loud....noise? I mean, geez.

People these days.


Saetan SaDiablo: Mm. I want calamari.
Saetan SaDiablo : Interesting.
Rhea Rhyolin : Nasty...why?
Saetan SaDiablo : I'm craving some kind of meat.
Saetan SaDiablo : Not getting proper nutrition, I guess.
Rhea Rhyolin : Calamari isn't meat, it's squid
Rhea Rhyolin : Eat a manly mans meat you fairy, have some beef
Saetan SaDiablo: ::laughs::
Rhea Rhyolin : erm..I didn't say that...lol

::cough:: ::ajusts her halo::

I'd like to say now that it was a joke. I'm allowed to joke about Fred's prefrances in the poor sods that are idiotic enough to date him because he owes me five years of being my whipping post. Ask him, he'll tell you all about it. I don't discriminate and never ever ever ever ever ever say mean things about people unless I know them. I also rarely eat meat and would never wish being a meal on any animal. Meat is gross, especally dead cow, dead cow is nasty. So get your panties out of their wad, and relax. ;)

Saetan SaDiablo (4:07:26 PM): Hihi

Auto response from Rhea Rhyolin (4:07:26 PM): I'm working...really I am.

Rhea Rhyolin (4:14:19 PM): Hi
Saetan SaDiablo (4:14:26 PM): Hi
Rhea Rhyolin (4:14:33 PM): Hi
Saetan SaDiablo (4:14:38 PM): hi
Rhea Rhyolin (4:15:36 PM): Hi
Saetan SaDiablo (4:15:41 PM): Hi
Rhea Rhyolin (4:15:44 PM): Hi
Saetan SaDiablo (4:15:48 PM): Hi
Rhea Rhyolin (4:15:52 PM): Hi
Saetan SaDiablo (4:15:57 PM): Hi
Rhea Rhyolin (4:15:59 PM): Hi
Saetan SaDiablo (4:16:00 PM): Hi
Rhea Rhyolin (4:16:03 PM): Hi
Saetan SaDiablo (4:16:04 PM): Hi
Rhea Rhyolin (4:16:06 PM): Hi
Saetan SaDiablo (4:16:07 PM): Hi
Rhea Rhyolin (4:16:08 PM): Hi
Saetan SaDiablo (4:16:10 PM): Hi
Rhea Rhyolin (4:16:20 PM): Hi
Saetan SaDiablo (4:16:38 PM): Hi
Rhea Rhyolin (4:16:42 PM): Hi
Saetan SaDiablo (4:16:46 PM): Hi
Rhea Rhyolin (4:16:52 PM): Hi
Saetan SaDiablo (4:16:57 PM): Hello
Rhea Rhyolin (4:17:24 PM): lol....That's too hard, I don't know how to respond.

You know what they say...easy brain....

I watch the child of a pyromaniac.

It's true.

Got your attention? Good, story time boys and girls!

One of the children we watch is a four year old little boy who drives me completely bonkers because he likes to stick toys in your face and scream at you to "Look! Look at what I got!" It's....loud. He also makes a big mess when he eats.

But he's four, so I forgive him.

Isn't that big of me? Yeah...anyway.

His mother just rented a house, the other day she was moving in things, and set a box of cleaning supplies on her stove.

That night, while she was at her other place, the power company turned on the power.

The stove was still on.

::nods slowly:: So, for those of you out there who grasp the basic concept, you probably can guess what happened.

For those of you who can't:

Cleaning Supplies + Turned On Stove = Kaboom.

They say stuff flew out the windows and landed up to thirty feet away. Major fires in the kitchen and the attic, and it blew most of the windows out.

To quote the "Statesman"

"Fire Chief Joel Stein said the force was great enough to knock out the entire front window frame."

Can you say...oops?


Every morning just as the sun is starting to burn away Fog, tens of not-little spiders decide that my front porch, in front of my garage and my walnut tree are a perfect place to spin their little webs and have breakfast.

Pretty little webs, actually. Little architects that know exactly how to place and support things. They catch raindrops and look like little crystals that reflect tiny little worlds.

But damn, those spiders bite.

And I hate spiders.

I have a huge bite on my shoulder and another one on my right arm, because at night when I come home, there are so many that I have to brush into them to get on my porch.

I've resorted to carrying around a big stick and a flashlight.

Yay...permalinks...::nod:: About time...

Not that anyone links to me anyway ::Grin::

Blogger isn't posting my posts.

Gees...if it dosen't like me, all it has to do is say so.

Saetan SaDiablo: I'm reading your blog..and and..

Saetan SaDiablo: You actually did that to the diaper?

Rhea Rhyolin: The diaper?

Saetan SaDiablo: Two little zeros and a smily face.

Rhea Rhyolin: Oh, yeah

Rhea Rhyolin: ::grin::

Rhea Rhyolin: Three zeros!

Saetan SaDiablo: I like that!

Saetan SaDiablo: lol

Saetan SaDiablo: Sometimes I don't believe you.

Rhea Rhyolin: For some reason, it's not posting todays entery

Rhea Rhyolin: You don't?

Rhea Rhyolin: why?

Saetan SaDiablo: You're a strange, strange, strange person.

It's true...and once, when I was like...10, at Christmas time, I wrapped a dirty, oozing, smelly diaper up really nice in Christmas paper, and left it right down the sidewalk from some people that I couldn't stands house....and they got it, and were so thrilled to find a Christmas present.


I've mellowed in my old age...really I have.

Please....nooo....don't make me eat anymore, I'm going to be sick.

I can't even look at it. It makes my tummy twist and gurble.

I've got a bread bowl...with chili, and it's very nummy...olives...onions...cheese.

Lord...I bearly ate half the top, and half the chili and I'm full...I didn't even make a dent.

I'm VERY full. No, NO! No more!

Anyone want some? Maybe I could auction it off on E-bay. ::grin:: Think anyone would bid?

"Selling one tiny-bit eaten bread bowl from Jamie, you know, the unknown girl who writes in an unknown journal that no one reads!"

Oh yeah...I'd make millions. ::grin::

Or...I could say it's haunted! YEAH!

"Selling part-eaten haunted breadbowl! This breadbowl was present at 8,000 deaths and fills with blood every sixth blue moon, It levitates and is cursed! It sneaks out in the middle of the night and impregnates your cats! It eats all your canned-cheese products, and leaves your car windows down in the rain! Owned and eaten out of by well unknown horror writer Jamie!"



So, Ally called me up the other night. Not to see how I was, not to see how things are going, not to catch up on local gossip, or make sure I was still breathing. Nope...nothing like that.

Not a "Hi, how are you? We haven't talked in WEEKS, my very best friend in the while wide universe." or a

"How's things going? Did you manage to pay your bills without getting thrown out into the damp cold nights freezing under a bridge somewhere?"

Oh no...all I got was.

"I'm stuck on this game, can you look it up for me?"

I feel so dirty and used.

Rhea Rhyolin: You know what's terribly scary?

Saetan SaDiablo: Besides me naked?

Rhea Rhyolin: Aaaaah...that's not scary, it's blinding

Saetan SaDiablo: You should say, "Oh no, you have the perfect ass, the perfect body, and the nicest penis any man has ever had." Not, "It's blinding."

Rhea Rhyolin: ::laugh::

Rhea Rhyolin: But that would be lying

Rhea Rhyolin: and unlike some people, I don't lie

Saetan SaDiablo: You know, I'm starting to wonder if I should take these personally. :P

Rhea Rhyolin: ::pats you on the head::

As you can tell, I'm being such an angel about this whole thing. I could be waiting on his front porch in the dark with a bat, rubber gloves, and small unsanitized surgical tools. But I'm not, now am I?


I really, really, really do not like Livejournal. Every time I go there to check on peoples blog, it's eaither down or overloaded or just not responding at all.

I am so glad I use Blogger.

Everyone loves Madonna but me.

I'm kind of afraid I'm going to get tarred n' feathered for it, but so far no ones killed me yet.

That's good, right?

I'm going in about five minutes to make a library run before they close. The local library here is only open like four days a week. Which is terrible. What's worse? Salem charges 40 bucks for you to have a card if you're from Keizer. Why? Because they hate us.

I'm not the one that decided that Keizer should be seperate from Salem. So why pull your petty getting back schemes on me? I'm innocent! I've done nothing to deserve being charged for reading! I haven't! Honest! I've always return the books...eventually.

I should play powerball. I have about as much chance of winning as contracting a unknown disease from some rodent that weasled it's way into being the 'beef' on my bento-on-a-stick (Well, I probably have more chance of the DISEASE then winning.) but you never know. God may smile fondly down on my local 7-11, and in a flash of holy light and angel singing, grant me 280 million (Or whatever it's at now) to blow however I see fit.

God, you keep saying you love me....


Well, todays big thing is that Wil Wheaton has a blog.

Didn't you all know that? He's had one for a while...he just moved it to his domain. (Formally "Where's my Burrito") Sheesh, people stop picking on the man.

I find him quite amusing. That's why I linked to him.


[Insert Creepy Music Here]

Creepy Narrator: "If your family was stranded on a haunted island, could they make it through a whole night?"

[Insert Scream Here]

No nasal shots, no crying, no screaming. Just real live paranormal investigations with damn good photos and sounds in the aftermath.

Oh yeah baby, and I'd go in a heart beat.

Just not with Fox. `Cause they suck.

I'm bored. Why is it when I'm finally not busy there isn't anyone around to talk to?

Don't even have to IM me! I love E-mail too.

I love E-mail almost as much as I love postcards.

Yes, that was a hint.

Rhea Rhyolin: Think fingerprint indentification timeclocks would be overkill for a preschool system?
clay hasychak: yes

But I want it, I want it bad.

Aww...Clay is so nice.

::giggle:: He was terribly sweet and offered me a bannerless host at Bleedingmonkey.com. I turned him down because I've been thinking about going ahead and moving it to kiddlets until I get a domain for the graphics crap. (Even though the banner dosen't bother me all that much...Ev's gotta do what Ev's gotta do, you know?)

Some day I will have brighterskyte.com

Anyway...thank you for the offer. ::Beam:: I'm flattered to think someone would actually want to host this peice of crap.

Have you ever noticed when people around you are drinking Kool-Aid™ and you are not, it smells like cheap wine?

It does, mix yourself up some, and have someone drink it.

See, told you so.

So right now, we have a class room full of 2 - 5 year olds that smell like they just fell of the Rhine truck.

Hey state, where are you now?

Aaaah poo!

I think I just broke my dall gurn digicam.


Where's a smart, cute, electronicly inclined shower buddy when you need them?

And I ask you, ladies and gentlemen of Bloggerland.....

Where is my bottle?

I'm kind of on the angry side. (Which, is a strange thing for me, because I'm not angry often.)

I am a co-owner of a Childcare/Preschool...two weeks ago we had a couple skip out on a 900 dollar bill.

Now...they left because they picked him up once and we was wet. (I've never claimed to be perfect. When I've got a half a dozen kids in there that SHOULD be potty trained and aren't...sometimes I just get really sick of changing diapers. Wait..wait..offical press statement time:

::clears her throat:: ::steps up to the podeum::
"Ladies and Gentlemen of The United States Of America. I never claimed to be perfect. I. Never. Claimed. To. Be. Perfect. I know it's a sad, hard day for all of you when I make it officaly clear that I am not superwoman, can't fly, and sometimes wash lights with darks, but you must cope! Life must go on"

...blaaaaah blah blah....tears, microphone squeals, people fainting...ect...ect...all done.

They came BACK after they made a big deal about it, and marked the diapers with numbers. Well, the last diaper of the day had a 3 on it, so me being me, I added a couple zeros and a smile.

I guess they don't have a sense of humor.

Anyway, they never came back. Three phone calls, one notice of turning over to collections letter and a collection agency later, the state shows up this morning with a 'complaint'

(I wasn't here, I'm just repeating what I was told, and what was on the 'complaint')

So these people, called the state, said we smeared fecies (FECIES!) all over the walls in the classroom and had it all over in the playarea. That we had holes all over on the floor and hid them with throw rugs, we have the TV on more then 2 hours a day (and we do, it's a new 'suprise law' from the state, but they can kiss my pretty white...). That we transport without permission and no child seats (lol...yeah...we go to bars) and that we just let kids sit in dirty diapers all day. (We've got three of the SMELLIEST little girls, if you don't change them the second they do that, you die. I'm not kidding.)

So, one of the biggest Oregon State Childcare loopholes?:


It works too, because the state protects who calls (So you can't charge them with slander or anything), comes out and checks you right away, and can put you in jail for six months because you might have one kid that's a year over your age limit, or because omigod, you have people coming and going because holy fuck, you're a childcare.

Then they say "Well, we don't want you collecting anyway, because you're just a childcare, and you should do this for free."
Then, the parents never have to pay, and run to the next provider and do it again, and again, and again and again. And the state wonders why we're so angry.

I hate this job.


To the nice person who IMed me after finding my Blog, I apologize. I was booted and I don't have your SN.

Please don't think me terribly rude, I wasn't being a snob, honest!

Since some people were unable to tell what the picture in the last post was. (::coughduhcough::) I've uploaded a second picture.


Still don't have it? It's a PUDDLE! It's RAINING! ::grin::

There, all better now?


It's raining, it's pouring...


My head hurts.

It's like a thousand small 2 year olds in there whining and stomping and crying and fighting.

"I wanna cooooooookie"


"I go play with yah yah! Yah yah Jamie! Yah Yah!"

"He hit me! He hit me!"

They're abandoned children. Left behind in the void that is my brain by deliquent parents and returned like little puppies in a unwanted children pound.

They won't go away until I read them one more story, or get them one more glass of water, or tell them "What that is" sixty gazillion times over.

Big teary eyed village-of-the-damned children with blond hair and freaky stares. Watching me and kicking the inside of my head over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

Someones giving them square dancing lessons, and they're doing it in clogs.

Yah-Yah is football in 2yearoldeese for those of you who care.


Yay! I was productive today (mark it down!) and FINALLY started work on Brighterskyte Designs...I added some sets to the new place...so go over, check them out and tell me what you think.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the smell of a freshly lighted BBQ? I think it's all those brain killing fumes...

So my eternal hate of one man makes more sense...

Rhea Rhyolin: I do however, explore my hate for you a number of times in my journal
Saetan SaDiablo: Really?
Rhea Rhyolin: No
Saetan SaDiablo: Damn

So, in that case...


I hate you.

(Feel better?)


Robin's children have returned from their fathers. Personally, I don't know why they went in the first place, he's crazy. (Read: Jim Jones) But they've returned safe and sound. Lanie brought me back some presents, an anklet that matches hers, a blown glass frog, and saltwater taffy.

I love saltwater taffy.

Somehow managed to have an entire day with no children, (Yes, I'm at Robins) which was shocking! It was so nice and quiet! We went yardsaleing (It's fun) didn't get anything though. People these days, don't know how to throw a decent yard sale. You're supposed to sell good stuff, not stuff that should be taken to the dump

I decided to move Brighterskyte Designs from it's home at Envy.nu to a new domain. This will give me more space, more control and hardly any downtime, compaired to Envy, who I love, really, they've just been down way to much, I haven't been able to do anything.

Anyway, I'm going back to moving all my stuff over and getting my sets up....

Fun...fun fun....


Where'd this post go?

I removed it.

I was mad.

I felt bad.

Bad Jamie, bad.

Oh, just shut up.

Beta's are such resiliant fish.

The cats have been drinking out of his bowl since we got him. For some reason they refuse to drink out of their bowls, it has to be the fish bowl, the toilet or whatever other container that dosen't resemble a cat dish that has water in it.

Well, they knocked his bowl over into the couch, the poor thing! Floppin around in the cusions was not his idea of a fun evening.

So we swooped him up, and I ran him in and filled his bowl back up with water.

But now he dosen't have any rocks because they're all over the floor. He needs a bigger bowl with more things to hide under, and one that's not so easy to tip.

Bad cats.

Blogspot is down, I can't publish.

But I can post! I can post until my fingers bleeeeed!

And I'm so happy about it.

I'm working on some new sets for my graphic site. As soon as Envy gets their crap together I'll post them and update that site. I'm going to have to get myself a domain, Envy is down far too much.

I'm working on a layout for my Hot Lake blog (Vewwy Vewwy Scawwy...just proof I spent too much time around kids.) It should be interesting, it's going to have a neat little theme.

I SHOULD be working on the site, because it opens Halloween, but all I've managed to do is change the index page around.





Like the caption mentioned below, the site IS BAD!

That's a forwarning to little old ladies, small children, fuzzy woodland animals, and people with no sense of humor.

I found the 'Kitty's Country Holiday' movie to be quite amusing. Really REALLY made me want to ressurect Mr. Sticky. (Ask, and you'll get to know!)

Do NOT leave comments, emails, AIMs or other things saying how 'dissapointed in me' you are.

I couldn't care less.

Thank you. ::Grin::

See, this is why I love Michael. He's always supplying me with new and wonderus places to visit.

Rhea Rhyolin: How do you FIND this stuff?
Smurf n Fred: I don't even know

I'm disgusted. It's great.

Smurf n Fred: The Smurf Name I have is Smurf Smurf Smurf
Rhea Rhyolin: ::laugh::
Rhea Rhyolin: That's a GREAT one!
Smurf n Fred: Yours was Golden Flash Smurf?
Rhea Rhyolin: Yeah ::sigh:: I was disapointed
Rhea Rhyolin: I wanted like...ADHD Smurf or Sociopath Smurf
Smurf n Fred: Smurf Smurf Smurf
Rhea Rhyolin: I love yours...lol
Smurf n Fred: I think it broke
Rhea Rhyolin: You broke it? ::Gasp::
Smurf n Fred: I think Smurf Smurf Smurf wasn't supposed to come up :-)
Rhea Rhyolin: It's still a great smurf name...it's so smurfy
Smurf n Fred: Hehe
I popped over to check on my blog, and look...

You think that means I'm evil? ::grin:: Can all the rumors really be true?

Num num num num! Leftover Chicken Alfredo from Olive Garden! Tasty breakfast.

We went last night about 8:30, had one childcare kid left, so we took him along. That kid ate more then me! (Which isn't hard, but still!) He liked the "Noonoos" and was actually asking for more while he was falling asleep in the booth. ::giggle:: And the bread and the salad. "I love da salad! It sooooo good, Gimme da peppers" ::giggle:: Kids are so cute, but don't tell them I said that

So I guess today the childcare is going to another providers house (Jackiewakie! ::runs:: ) for a BBQ. She's got a huge backyard, so we can just let them run and not really have to worry about it. Plus, it looks like today is going to be cooler then the rest of last week.



HA! Prana got a journal! I made her. Yep, I threatened to sing nekkid on her coffee table if she didn't go get one, really. Honest.

So she ran and got one! Out of sheer terror, I'm sure.

She's one of US now.

And you can never never go back.

(Ok, she didn't get one because I told her, threatened her life, the life of her loved ones, stalked her, sent her dirty socks in the mail, called and hung up repeatedly between the hours of 1 and 6 am, cried on her front porch, begged, pleaded, sent her small children, bribed, had her visited by "Big Ed", pouted, pulled her hair, cut her brake lines, sent her chain letters, or anything else having to do with anything that involved baking or show tunes. I'm just a huge egomaniac who decided since I've recently met someone who expressed interest in journal keeping and then got one, I'd take advantage of this fact by painting myself in a glowing and positive light of being an influential and moving person. I need a 12 step program to see my inadequacies of being selfish and fight my lying problem. I admit this. I'm sorry, honest I am.)


I got yelled at for not posting yesterday! Three different people (and the oh so tear jerking post from James ::grin:: )mad at me for not posting, eaither you all are extremely bored, or...you're crazy.

I'm betting on crazy.

Oh! So, I finally geared up in my leather ant-killer uniform and put out some poison (Sorry Prana hon...I didn't have any mint. Forgive me?) and guess what! They've cleared up almost 100%! Only a few have escaped the fray, and soon they'll join the others in that little down the sink place that ants go.

Revenge is sweet.


I have a whole four hundred bucks for rent. I'm missing two. Hopefully someone decides that paying would be a grand idea, so I can make the bills that are all two weeks late.

I hate hate HATE being late with bills. I can't understand how people can know they owe us large amounts of money, and still bring their children for 18 hours a day. I have to admit, one of the ladies who brings her sons just came while I was writing this, and I wasn't exactly social with her. She owes almost 900 dollars. I think I have the right to tell her it's the OTHER door she's supposed to go too, I mean, you've been here long enough to accumulate a bill that big, you think you'd know where the entrace is.


I need to pick out what classes I'm taking. Registration opened yesterday, I suppose if I'm GOING to take classes it would be smart to sign up for them. I could always just saunter in and sit down...maybe they'd never know. You think?


So, Hot Lake is opening on Halloween. I figure that gives me time to add a few new things people want, AND it's a good opening date. You know...perfect even.

I got a pair of frog socks today from Kim! Thank you Kimmi! I love them!

Kimmi's getting married in Sept...I need a good wedding present. What does one give to people when they get married? Toasters and other kitchen appliances, although very handy, are boring. BORING! I need something neat and unique, something peachy keen for Kim and Mike, they're great. They deserve a great present. (Don't you tell me no Kimmi!)

I can buy you one if I wanna.


No entry for yesterday? Why, you ask? All sad and droopy eyed, I broke your heart? What?

I spent the day AT HOME! Amazing, yes? Damn straight, only the SECOND day in a year that I've spent the entire day at home. I played with my neglected kittens, and scowled at the ants.

I have ants. Isn't that disgusting? It grosses me out. It's all because of the cat food, you should know it's evil stuff by the smell, but I ignored that warning and fed it to them anyway. Then I was stupid enough NOT to throw it away outside, insted I threw it in the garbage can under the sink.

An lo, the stupid shall suffer for their mistakes.

I woke up the next morning to a parade. Balloons, little anty-circus animals, bad two mile an hour floats, down my wall, over my sink, into my cupboard. "Rah rah rah! Let's eat the cat food!" Little antene swinging, marchin' fools. Bringing back the nummy feast to their little slimy queen.

I threw it all away, cleaned it up, but no...revenge...they were back the next morning.

And the next...

And the next...

They're so icky too, crawly little black things...UGH! But...oddly enough, I don't have the heart to put poison out. (Although, I am cruel enough to wipe them all up with a wet paper towel and wash their little bodies down the sink. Death to the ants! I wonder if they scream.)

Ants and spiders...I can't stand them. I'm sure they're off plotting against me right now. That's how they are, you know.


I get off work today early, since we only had two, we took them out to lunch.

Mexican food and two year olds. What a fun afternoon that was. They were alot better then I thought they'd be, I escaped beanless.

Anyway, I get off early, so I think I'm going to go spend the evening at...Millers! Yes! That's right, the graveyard of champions! (Crunchy, even in milk.)

I'm thinking I'll get something because it's just one of those days. Clear, warm, I said so...you know.

Anyway, so if we go and get anything, I'll let everyone know. This should be fun...



Saw "The Others" last night. It was ok.

I rated it Two n'a half Duckywuckies.

It had great sets (love the house), and actually a few good acting parts. Especally the "Anne" character, I always like the smartasses.

However, the movie wasn't the least bit frightning and it wasn't suprising with it's plot at all. It disapointed me, especally since the idea they had was a good one, and could have been much better. Not that it wasn't ok, it's just not as good as it could have been.

Love her hair though.


I completely forgot what else I was going to say. Well poot! Dang...fine then...I'll come back later.


Phew...James is back.

Must have just been an error or something.

Don't you ever scare me like that again, you hear?

::snorts:: Men.


Well, the agenda for today is eaither Millers (My graveyard of choice!) or movies...

::holds out her hands:: Millers...movies...Millers...movies...

I don't know, it's too hot to choose. Maybe I'll just see where I end up.

My life is boring.

I've got to go drop film off after work...a good dozen or so rolls. I'm hoping something came of all that, I don't want to have driven for nothing.

Well...that's not true, it's not ALL for nothing...I did get some good sounds. In fact, one of my favorites (Have I already talked about this? I can't remember...oh lord, there goes the last brain cell...it's the heat!) was while we were standing around in the surgery room.

We were in there probably a good half hour, and not really talking, (I do NOT SQUEAK!) and I set my recorder down on an old wall heater.

You know, the ones that look like they'll burn you up if you get too close? Never should of licked that wall heater, they'll say. Yeah, and I wasn't anywhere near it, I was scoping out bats from one of the far windows. Honest. (I like bats, unlike other big wussies that grace my gender with their high pink pumps and their tendancies to jump on chairs at the mention of mice...or bats. I think bats are kewl. Fuzzy flying mice-birds...yep...that's what they are. Attack my pretties! Ok...back to the subject..)

On my recoder we've got the following:

Person A: (VC) I don't feel good.
Person B: (VC) Hu?
Person A: (M) -Something something- (Sounds like "That man over there) (VC) hurt me.
Footsteps walking out of the room and down the hall, no underfoot crunching.

A key...VC: Very Clear - M: Muffled

Don't it just make you want to get up and dance? Yeah, I was beaming like a complete fool. We got some other good stuff too, someone singing, a bunch of sighs, someone yelling "wait", someone saying "Fall" as we were walking down the stairs. (There's a story there, after we left, Robin mentioned to me how she felt like someone wanted to push her on the stairs leading from the second to first floors. I felt the same way. Isn't that nifty?)

I also got a "Don't trip", some gobbledygook that I'll have to filter out, someone saying "Fuck You" (I kid you not...my feelings were hurt! ::Grin:: ) and some other sounds.

I'll get them up on my site, and my stupid site open soon.


I can't find James! ::wails:: I'm being told theres no such domain. Gee...I hope nothing happened to him. ::sniffles::

I'm reading "The Cobra Event" (I read three books yesterday! Already halfway through this one. I hate reading so fast, it ruins all the fun. It's almost sad.) yet another entertaining (and suprisingly good) book that's inspiring odd and violent dreams.

But at least I don't dream about N'Sync. ::grins:: ::runs:: (Don't hit me!)


The reason why my ISP sucks, is because they're merging with MSN.

Oh joy.

I borrowed "A Map Of The World" last night at about 10...I'm already almost finished with it. Pretty good, it's only made me cry a few times so far.

It inspired black dreams of being arressted for things I didn't do, and oddly enough, dreams of `Kinzie getting hit by a car.

The idea of her cute little dimple baby smile smeared all over the front of the neighbors beater really disturbed me.

Then...I had some weird dream about a monster that came through a phone line and pretended to be people I knew to try and garrote me.

With a syringe full of something, no less.

I don't like needles.

But...::shrugs::...the one good thing about my disturbed dreams, is they make awfully fun story ideas.

And I DO love to write twisted stuff.

Then I woke up and my house was hot, that's how you know it's going to be a scorcher, when my 20 degree cooler-then-outside-haha-to-you house is warm.

I want a pool.

I'm hot, it's 100, I'm hot.

I'm sticky, and weird and hot.

It's unflattering.

I went to the little library and got some books, so I can sit on a sprinkler and read.

It's friggin hot.


Oh Yeeeeeeessss..your river picture.

Not very great, but it's a very pretty river.

My ISP sucks. Qwest, you suck! Ok, I feel better.

I probably got booted a dozen times yesterday, and booted from AIM at LEAST fourty if not more. My ISP decided it wouldn't connect for me. I don't feel too bad though, everyone else I asked who uses them also had a bad day.


James, (Who is a total sweety head) set me up my own forums at his site! I feel so special! Thank you James!

So those of you who want to go gab about Hot Lake (Or Skyte Designs...questions?) go over and sign yourself up.

The rules are the same as on the mailing list, for those of you on it.

For those of you who aren't, you have to be nice. You can be nice, can't you?

See, I knew you had it in ya.


So I talked to Fred yesterday. I asked him to IM me so we could talk about him getting ahold of other people who are wanting to talk to him. Well, he IMed me with "Is everything alright?" And I was like yeah...sure, I'm not dying or anything. (HA! Famous last words.)

Well, come to find out, someone had IMed him (Someone he didn't know) and HAD told him I was dying.

Can you believe it? I'm dying and they didn't even TELL ME!

Well, this blows all my plans to friggin...::mutter::

After assuring him I wasn't dying (Unless they know something I don't...::glances at her windows and behind closet doors::) we ended up talking for most of the evening about things, I got alot of the questions I had answered. Which is a good thing.

So...I guess I should make a will out hu? ::sniffles:: I...I'm going to miss living so much! ::wails::

I, Jamie King, never being of sound mind, and who cares about body.

Here by leave all my worldly possessions to whoever gets there first to drag my bloated and rotting corpse out of the bathtub where I fell and hit my head, and died in two inches of lukewarm water eight days before. The room in which my spirit hovers close to the ceiling in shame.

You delt with it, you can have it all. Except for my Frogs...bury those with me (Selfish in life...yadda yadda)...and my cats, Erin gets my cats.

My computer? No, you can't have my computer. Damnit! Damnit! Don't touch that! HEY! Where do you think you're going?

::rolls her eyes:: Just to set the record straight to those of you who are wondering.

No, I'm not dying.



Went and saw Jurassic Park 3, it was your normal big people eating lizard movie. Good for a good 90 minutes of no-plot entertainment.

I enjoyed it.

Rude people in the theaters these days! Makes me want to be rich and have my own.

I'm back, did you miss me?

Nah? I didn't think so...anyway.

We've had this trip to Hot Lake planned for a while, and Triage called me (The company that produces Fox Family's "Scarest Places") anyway, they called me because they were filming up at Hot Lake and wanted more information because the producer had none.

So, I gave him some information, and he mentioned he found my site, and it gave him the idea to film there, and he used my photos and informaiton (Without asking) to sell it to the network.

Well, I didn't say anything (even though I should have, copyright infringment is one thing that I hate.) and he said he wanted me to go up there for an interview. Well, since I was going anyway, I said sure, why not.

I drive 8 hours to get up there, it was about 6:30 at night, I go straight to Hot Lake to grab some pictures and sounds. (Ended up with a total of about 12 rolls of film and 220 minutes of tape...got gooood stuff...I always get stuff when I go there.) It was a perfect full moon, and it was a lovely orange color. Perfect ghost huntin' weather too.

We hang out until about 11 that night because I thought we should go because I had a feeling other people would be interupting us. (When you have an investigation, any other people who aren't involved lower the quality of the investigation. No offense to them, but you can't get good pictures or sounds if other people are wandering around your site.)

Come to find out, close to a dozen people came and went that night, so it was good we left.

Anyway, I went by Saturday morning to get some good morning shots, and low and behold, the owner was there, so we didn't stop. (She dosen't like me, I am a troublemaker, according to her.)

So we went to go visit a friend in N. Powder, and by the time we got back, Fox was out there.

Wwwweeeeeeellll, we pull in, and they say "Oh, we were told you canceled, we filled your spot, it's a closed shoot, you can't take pictures or anything." I was like...::muffled scream::

Since I had 'canceled' (I never did...lol) and they said I could hang out to see if they needed me (NO way) or hang out till 11 to do stuff after they were done (No) I came home.

I wrote Mr. Burns (Producer in charge there.) and he was like 'Oh, that was a mistake, someone else canceled and they thought it was you.' Yeah...::grin:: SURE!

So that was my fun run in with disorganized major network america.

I'm not impressed.

AND! They fubared my inves! lol

So I get home (Not in a good mood, 28 hours of driving in roughly two and a half days.) and guess who wrote a letter to me?

You'll never guess.

Fred. I kid you not. Apologizing for lying to me for 5ish years.

Well, I wasn't expecting that.

He wanted to be friends again, I wrote him and told him no, not after what he did. I'm stupid, I'm not dumb. Just because I forgave him dosen't mean I have to let him back in to my life. I told him thanks for the apology though, I deserved one of those.

I don't care if other people think I'm mean, he lied to me about everything, that's not right, and if you think it's right, you've got problems.

Well, here's the creepy part (Just when I think nothing can shock me!) I was talking about it to Robin, and I checked my mail, and there was another letter from him saying I called him and he heard part of the conversation.

My phone, had dialed him, with no help from me, at the exact minute we were talking about him.

Blew me away.

Can you believe it?

I love this life stuff.


Went to the river last night...::finds you a picture of the river::

Server is down, I'll upload one for you later.

My moms best friend owns a house on two rivers, right where they fork. It's lovely. She ended up with a whole slue of people there, but that's ok.

She makes good chicken. (I know that isn't rational, but shh..)


Anyway, now I'm going to go do some running around before I have to return to the Slaves life tomorrow. ::grin::

I'll be back later to babble on about something else. No, I don't know what yet. It's a suprise.


So the plan is, leave tomorrow morning and be back Monday evening.

I'm going up to Eastern Oregon, I'm going to do some research for my Hot Lake site. Hopefully I'll get some good stuff so I can get my site open after I come back.

It's like a 4-6 hour drive depending on how many times I stop to go potty. (You know...that whole 'wetting my pants' thing. I hate you, I was eight...EIGHT! Leave me alone.) But, we're taking Robin's fancy-pants new car (Did I mention Robin's going? Yep..she's going...)and it's got a fancy-shmansy sunroof and a CD player. It also has an outlet for an inverter.

Will wonders never cease? ::grin::

I've got a whooooole load of fun goodies to do before I can go...like...laundry (::muffled scream::) and packing. I hate packing.

I'd like to take the laptop with me, but I can't borrow it this weekend, because she has a sewing class.

So FOUR WHOLE DAYS without my really boring commintary on my really boring life. ::grin::

Hope you can live without me ::giggle::

(James! I hope you get your computer working!)

Ahh...so anyway.

Today is Thursday, which means logiclly tomorrow will be Friday unless CCC has found a way to mess up the days of the week for me too. (Oh no, I'm not that mad at them really, I just like to act mad. It makes me feel tough, because we all know I'm a wuss....Sometimes I wet my pants....)

Starting tonight at 12:00 am PST I have exac-tic-tic-tic-a-ally 4 days off. Honestly I can't wait, especally after the day I had yesterday. It wasn't a BAD day, it was just a LONG day. Especally when they decided the most funnest thing in the world would be to play "Let's Dump All The Toys In The Middle Of The Room So Jamie Steps On Them And Breaks Her Back".

I didn't find this nearly as entertaining as they did.

Michael just IMed me from stinky Florida. He's on his way to VA, and then I guess then he's going to Canada.

Have fun, be good, and don't forget my postcard, man.

Fine. Don't let me post. See if I care.

::pouts off in a corner someplace::



For those of you who followed the Blogathon, you know about the tragic demise of Robin's peice of crud red car.

Well, today she ran out (Leaving yours truly in charge of a full-day schedual.) and bought herself a brand new 2001 car.

Also red, but a much nicer shade. "Ruby Red" I actually like it.

I'm very glad for her, she really needed a new one.

Aren't you? Yep...I knew you were.

Yes, that's only the second time I've ever cursed in here.

I don't do it in RL, and it's rare I do it online...but let's face it, it was the only way to completely discribe my distructive rebuilding behavor.

So there.

I'm now officially Ms. Fix It Ma'am, I just nailed a leg back on a crib. Yes, I know. It might not seem like anything to you, but it happens to be a small triumphant feat for me every time I get to pick up a hammer and smash the shit out of something.

It's the little things in life....

They sent me their online registration information. (No, the site isn't set up yet miss....Not up? Why'd you send me the information then?....We get off on messing with your head, miss.)

They keep sending me the same forms over and over. I haven't called about that one yet...I will now though, they sent me a thing re-requesting my taxes. (We need your taxes, miss.......I've sent them, no, you can't have them again. Bugger off.)

So, I'm going to sign up for classes, and figure it out when the time comes to pay. (How are you going to pay your Fees, miss.....Fees? What Fees? What? 25 dollar late fee? Classes? What Classes? Ooohh..that class? You don't want the money for that...I'm not passing it anyway.)

I'm going this term damnit, and you can't stop me. (So there, Chemeketa....If you say so, miss)
I have frozen blueberries.

    You are all jealous.

Thank you to the sweetie who sent me an E-postcard.

You made my little day.


I'm tired...not the I-need-sleep kind of tired, but the I-need-a-day-at-home kind of tired. I don't think I'll get one this weekend, I have four days off starting Friday, but I'm going on a trip. (I know, I know. I don't sound excited. I'm trying to be, but after the six weeks I've had, I just can't muster the energy to even fake being thrilled. ::shoves the corners of her mouth up with her fingers:: Better?)

Too many things I need to do. ::cringe::
So, I guess I suffer for another week. At least it's time off...right?

Oh well, it'll be good for me. Maybe I'll come back no so drained.


In the mean time! I'm off to do more slave-type things! :)