Bored? Yeap...learn more about your humble servent me, by reading this sad and horrible exscuse for a bio here.

Or click on the B...those are links...you know.

::wail:: Blog*Spot publishing is down. Not that I NEED to clutter up my page with anything else I say...but...it bothers me greatly knowing I can't.

Ally called! ::dance:: I never get to talk to her anymore, we've had to restore to snail mail and I HATE IT! As any girl who's been seperated from her bestist friend on the whole wide planet can tell you, it sucks.

It sucks gravy.

I've been forced to deal with issues on my own. (::ignores the gasps from the audience::) I don't know what's up with her until five days after the fact, rain or snow my...

Anyway...I was glad she called, it gave us some time to catch up on all the latest news from both our sides of the glass.

She needs her `puter back...she needs to move here! ::pout::

Ok, done being a baby now. I'll go away.

By popular demand, I shall answer the following question:

What is a Drizzit?

A Drizzit is a falling peice of lit plastic that glows blue and makes a kewl sound.

What you need:

A metal coat hanger. DO NOT USE PLASTIC or paper lined hangers.

At least 300 plastic grocery/store bags.

A peice of cardboard twice as long and wide as the coat hanger.

Someplace to hang it in the open with lots of ventalation.

A lighter.

A dark, outside night type place.

Ok, what you do:

Knot the bags on the bottom of the coat hanger, from one side to the next, when you fill one row, overlap until all the bags are gone. Do lots of bags, and don't be afraid to squeeze `em on till they can't squeeze no more baby.

At night hang the coat hanger from something where it won't touch anything else. Tree, garage, ect.

Put the cardboard under the coat hanger. Make sure it's center.

Light one corner of the bags on fire, and sit back and watch.

When it's all done. (You won't regret it!) put it out with a hose, make sure it's cool, wrap the hanger in the cardboard and throw it all away.

DO NOT touch anything while it's lit...it'll cause major burns. Make sure you stay a good foot to two feet away from it. It won't fly, the drizzits just drip down, but still, you know?

Have fun. :) I promise you'll love them.

I've decided that I'm going to develop a pen-pal system at Badbabysitters.com.

I'm not sure what kind of security system it should have yet. (Because, let's face it, you never know what the truth is, especally with the way rumors can start. Take me for example, there are currently four: I'm 11, I'm my mother, I'm a guy named Jim Thompson, and I'm a 70 year old black lesbian eskimo from Ohio. No offense to blacks, lesbians, eskimos or Ohioins. Yell at the people who make this stuff up.)

I was asked by my younger brother who's bored out of his gourd to find him a pen-pal. He's so wanting mail, he's getting MY mail. So, I think it would be a great idea to set up a inter-childcare, or a general pen-pal system for kids.

Hey...everyone loves mail.

Especally me...::puts on her Iwannapostcard face::

I've lost five peices of jewelry in the last month.

Can you believe it? Five! I hate it! I suppose it's what I get for being lazy and not unpacking my jewelry boxes (After living in my house for a year...) but...I'm lazy!

I've lost a frog enternity ring (One with tiny frogs that go all the way around), my peace frog choker (I love them), a Mickey Mouse pendant on a silver chain, (I'm not a fan of Mickey, but he's sitting on the moon with a little star dangle...I loved it.), a butterfly anklet, and a y-cross necklace and I'm bummed.

Damnit, I love my jewelry. I don't wear it often, but all of it means something to me, because most of it was gifts.

::cry, pout, whine:: and I lost it all someplace IN MY HOUSE! Which dosen't seem possibe, because my place isn't that big.

::sigh:: Oh well...oh a happy note! I got my frog charm bracelet all put together! (Yes, I love frogs, how ever did you guess?)

Six charms, and six gem spacers on a cute little silver chain. I love it. I took pictures! You know you want to see...Look!

Ok, sucky picture...I'll get a better one later.

Anyway...there's a frog on a rocking horse, frogs hugging, frogs playing leapfrog, a frog playing a fiddle, a frog on a lilly pad, and a frog on the moon.

It's cute...::hides:: Speaking of frogs! I drew a Nimmo last night.


Yeah yeah..it's not that good, but it was a total blast to draw.


Soooo...I get this phone call today from someone I promised I wouldn't tell anyone about, and he kind of accused me of telling people the thing I wasn't supposed to tell. But I'm not like that, I only told who he told me I could tell.

Make no sense? Don't worry, I can tell after Sunday, and then it'll all make sense. I promise.

Fun stuff.


So, today I've got web sites to work on. I've put them off for about a week now because of two or three other things I was doing. (One was the `Thon, which I'm STILL kind of tired from.) So, I've got to do them today.

Especally BB.com and Hot Lake, two I can't ignore the way I have...especally since the first is a site I'm kinda well..getting paid for?


Anyway...I'm going to go work. (Since it's nap time.) I'll probably be back to rant later about what didn't work out.

And...on another note...seems everyone likes the layout I have...::giggle:: Ooo..have fun at your concert!


I'm thinking about a new layout.

Whatcha all think? Leave a comment with your suggestions.

Hmmm....what would be a good look....

I'm currently shopping for bulk hair scrunchies because I got this very kewl idea to package Kins birthday/christmas presents (I have till Dec. 12...two days before mine!) in scrunchies insted of packaging peanuts. (So far, only 100 bucks worth...rofl.) Looking for her favorite color purple, or maybe a whole bunch of purple ones. Don't worry, I'll be sending a whole roll of bubble wrap for her to pop too. What kind of a friend do you think I am?

I got her photo today. It looks great! She's going to love it! I'm going to have it framed before I send it. So much to do! I'm getting a head start though. I've got some other good gifts to send her. I hope she likes them! ::giggle::

Cassies bday is coming up, I've got a couple more things to grab for her and then she'll get her box. No, I won't tell you what it is, because she reads this. (Or, other people read this! And I know none of you would tell but...but...you know?)

She needs a great birthday, she's had a rough year.

Now, to think of some good stuff to get Robin before her birthday (Dec. 1st) and Christmas. She needs something WAY good, because she's had a rough year...and she's my mommy and I looove her.

I also got some other of my Ebay things. A candyland trinket box. (Love candy land) and two more frog charms. I need to get them on my bracelet. I love frogs.

::sigh:: Anyway! Off to work on a site...I should be constructive. ::grin::

I owe James my soul.

He not only kept me company ALL weekend, he archived my ENTIRE blogathon fiasco on HIS site.

Right here.

Now you can read to your hearts content! It's also accessable through the 'Graveyard Boogie' link by clicking on "The Blog" in there.

Thank you James.

Thank you..thank you..thank you...

Took eeeeverything down but the webring.

I like the webring.

Again thanks to my sponsors.

All the blogathon entries will be found by clicking on the 'graveyard boogie' link to the left as soon as I get them up.

All the graveyard stuff is there too.

For your convincence...I live to serve.

Wow, fixed the archives kind of. Click on the "A" in the bracelet.

I haven't figured out how to do the `thon stuff on one page.

I'll worry about it later, got to get working.


I've been tip-toeing around reading all the `Thonners blogs for the last 30 mins or so.

Looks like we did really really good. ::pats herself on the back:: I am so proud of you, you.

I agree with Wyndchild. It was kind of sad to watch it go. I got kind of attached to the friends I made.

You know, after talking for someone 24 hours straight, you kinda feel all loney when it's time to say bye. ::giggle::

Makes me want to do it again next year for sure.

I slept 18 hours! ::grin:: I didn't do anything at all yesterday but sleep, and start a reply letter to one Kins sent me.

And watch part of Murder In Small Town X...let me say now how dissapointed I am, and I had the first eps plot all figured out by the first 15 minutes.

Not ego, just good at it. It's why I want the job I want.

Anyway....SOME PEOPLE have already moved all their `Thon stuff to different pages. I'm still a bit groggy and lazy, and my archives don't work right, and I'm lazy. Did I mention that?

I'll have it done by this evening, so those of you who missed it can relive it post by glorious post until the wee-hour end.

At least, it felt like wee hours to me.


And an extra thank you to Amy who saved us last night from the graveyard! How could I have forgotten you?

The time has come to say goodbye to the Blogathon and all you wonderful supporters and watchers! ::grin::

It's almost sort of sad...but 24 hours was deffinatly enough! ::grin:: I can't handle anymore.

Yeah..weird image? I drew it with chalk and peiced it together in PSP. ::giggle::

Thank you SO much to everyone who sponsored me, weeks ago AND at the last minute, you're all a bunch of

I'll be getting ahold of you with how much I'm stealing soon. After the nap. :) I love you guys!

Cat, for all her trouble, work, and bright ideas to make all this possible!

Thank you to Robin who tried her damnedes to the graveyard thing to work.

Thank you to Jackie for ALL her help, even if you are a wimp. ::Grin:: You can have your phone back.

Thank you SO much to EVERYONE who popped in and out during the 24 hours to say hi, see how I was, keep me company and generally cheer me up when things weren't looking hot. Liz, Cass, Kimmi, Mike, Mike (::giggle::), Persa (Sorry it didn't work hon!), Kis, Butter, Jerry...everyone else if I missed you I'm sorry, and THANK YOU!

A big great big thank you to James especally for keeping my no good, lazy self awake this whole time. Couldn't have done it without you and your 3 AM pokes to see if I was still breathing. I couldn't have, and that's the truth. I woulda thrown myself at the mercy of the Sleep Demons long ago. Blog Buddies right? ::grin:: Keep in touch, Ok?

Thank you for everyone who donated their time, energy and good thoughts into hoping this worked. Sorry it didn't, but I'll try again for you soon.

Although it didn't turn out like I wanted, I still had a damn hellofa fun time. ::grin:: I seriously hope to do it again, and I hope that all of the rest of the `Thonners had great success with your Blogs, and that you all stop by and keep in touch.

I very much enjoyed reading what you had to say.
::hugs ana cookie::

Take care everyone, ya hear? It's been a whole lot of fun. :) Thank you.


Here! A flower for everyone who's stuck by me this last 24 hours!

Wow, it's almost time for this to be all over! I can't say I'm not glad in some ways, I'm beat!

I need a nap something terrible.

But I've had a whole lot of fun, and made some new friends, and did a good deed.

Even if the graveyard thing didn't work out.


That's ok though, I'll try it again someday soon. And maybe if the `Thon comes back around next year, I'll try it again for it then.

I hope that those of you who've watched me during the `Thon will come back now and then to see what else I'm up to. Especally if you like the scary stuff, it's not a one time thing with me. :) It's a hobby!

After I get a nap, I've got a ton of stuff to get back to people and put away from the graveyard thing. Robin's car is still full of stuff (She's going to go get it soon.) and then I have to put THAT away too.

::grin:: Fun!

Another link for you before I go away for a bit...here. Enjoy!

I'll be back in a bit with the LAST POST!

Soooooooooooooooooooo...I've been surfing sites.

Still some of you out there! ::Grin::

Rah to everyone who's made it! Only an hour left to go! ::beam::

::waves her pom poms around tiredly and stares at one as it falls to the ground::

Ahh...Can...uh..someone get that for me?

Grabbed a couple five minute 'naps'

I feel a little tiny bit more sane.

A tiny bit.

Oh look...it's The Wrong Trousers on Cartoon Network.

Always amusing, that Wallace and Gromit.

ok...there fixed...it's that duck graphic, I typed it wrong because I'M TIRED!::grin::
Ok...still messing up...::shrug:: oh well..I'll ignore it.

Ok...still messing up...::shrug:: oh well..I'll ignore it.

Ok, for some reason the 'duck' post is overlapping the post under it.

::growl:: ::cry::


Hmmm....did I break it?
"Three cheers for the clan of the duck"

Wwoooooaaah..I wrote a haiku and didn't even freaking know it!

So that's why all great american classic writers were on drugs hu?

I have weird hogie rolls.

Nothing on it, just the bread.

Is that poppy seed?

Robin went back to sleep!

She went back to sleep and her butt wasn't up all night!

That...was so cold...she's a..a...Jackie Wannabe

(I'm just kidding of course...)

.......2 1/2 to go......

Someone explain to me the appeal of "Kidz Bop"?

Frycow: How long until you get to sleep?

Rhea Rhyolin: 2 hours 45 minutes

Frycow: Not bad

Frycow: You can do it!

Rhea Rhyolin: Yep! I just might not make any sense by the time it's over

Frycow: Unlike now, right?

Frycow: Heheh

Rhea Rhyolin: ::grin:: I make sense know

Rhea Rhyolin: nw

Rhea Rhyolin: nw!

Rhea Rhyolin: now!

Rhea Rhyolin: damit!

Frycow: Nw!

Frycow: Heheh

Rhea Rhyolin: Jerk ::bite::

He's a meanie head.


"Animal Crackers, are they Crackers or Cookies?"

It's simple, they're a cookie.

Why cracker then?

They're named 'crackers' so Childcare providers can claim them on their USDA food program menus more then twice a month and won't get disallowed half their meals and all their snacks for feeding children "dessert" more then twice a week and then have to be visited by the evil Childcare Lunch Ladies.

"Thought you'd just slip that in with those extra hot dogs, didn't you, you bitch?"

See, simple.

I need a new job.

Check that out...first and only curse word in this entire thing.

How very bad of me. Bad Jamie...bad...bad...ba...zzzzz...

Look what one of my TSW team people just sent me:

hey cinnie, i won the fight with my connection this morning! *woo me* too bad it's as unreliable as it is *pppffftttt* but i do have more time to fight with it on weekends.. 8) anyway, i saw this in one of my elists (a pagan one btw =P *hmph* sorry just still a bit bugged about the recent fiasco on the wars list lol *shrugs*) and thought ohhhh that's cinnie!! gotta send this to her.. you're famous!! lol

i'm glad you've been able to keep at it. woohoo! go cin go!


- Kis

Just thought I would let you all know that if you are board tonight
(Saturday) there is a girl (Skyte?) whos spending the night in a
graveyard for charity. She doing it from home now because her
batteries went dead, but shes still doing some interesting stuff
(like asking questions of a pendulum and a Quija Board). I know its
not the most facinating thing in the world, but she was nice enough
to give it a try and it is for charity. So if your bored, head over
to : http://www.skyte.blogspot.com/ and post some questions for her
to ask. Good luck and blessings

I thought that was too dang kewl. Thank you all so much for your support and attention. We'll get it to work next year, I promise.

Playin in QW and talking...this better keep me awake...

Robin's awake...grumpy grumpy! ::grin::

Was watching Porky pig in a loony toons...

Or maybe Porky wasn't in it...

But there was this lion that ate the ice cream man.

Looked exactly like my moms ex-husband.

I swear it.

..................3 hours..................


We've got 3 1/2 hours to go.

I'm laughing at nothing.

Is that a problem?

I'm running out of things to blather about.

I'm currently taking topic ideas...take a number, stand in line, leave your comments with the teller at the window.

Thank you, next please.

Well, we now have 4 hours left in the blogathon.

4 hours...I can do 4 hours. ::grin::

I'm doing the blog rounds, see who's up...see who's gone...see who's angry. (Alot of angry people out there!)

That's pretty much it. It's hard enough for me to be clever when I'm fully rested. You can just forget about it now.

Here you go.

Another random link from me. Well..random sticking to my theme links.



Just go.

It's funny in a way, you'd think people never stayed up for a long period of time before.

Sure I'm tired, but I'm not seeing things, or getting sick, I do want my cake though!

However, if anyone needs me to throw some water on them...I've got some. ::taps her bucket::

Another random link.

By far one of the kewlest designers sites I have ever seen.


Trust me, go, let it load, you won't be sorry.

I wonder how starved my neopets are.

A random link for you. A very kewl designer.


Woohoo! I'll have no problem finishing out the last 5 1/2 hours now! ::grin::

Ooo..Liz is on! ::grin:: Now I've got two people to talk to! She's getting ready for church.

I'm going to go find me some breakfast...in the meantime.

Good Morning!

Yes, that's "Hi" spelt out in blueberries from the bushes outside.

And no, my hands are NOT that filthy. I swear it.

I love candyland.

I LOVE it! It's the best game they could have ever created. With the little cards and the little men and the cute little board.

I play full contact candy land...we cheat, we fight, we yell, we taunt...it's great fun.

And you thought it was a game for babies.

It's interesting, I'm tired, but I'm not all at once.

I've been surfing through blogs, alot have quit, but theres still a good number of us out there, tired, cranky, smelly (Sept for those ones who are doing the chronic shower things.) and sticking to our guns.

Next time you all do this...remember to get you someone to keep you awake!


Thank you James! ::grin::

It'll be interesting in the end, to see how many really made it.

Okies, going to post this sucker and go see if I can get some shots now.

Dang light...who said it could be too dim anyway?

It's not light enough. I'll give it a few more minutes, and go try again.

Untill then....go learn something new.

Going outside to snap some pictures! It's getting light! Brb...
Ok, remember how I said I was bored?

So I'm going around taking pictures of stuff?


Sugargliders...cute hu?

Yeah, but they can smell something awful.

Looks like we've lost another. ::giggle:: Arvid is down for the count. I hope he feels well in the morning.

Dangit! Booted! Grrr...


I'm bored...so I took this...

It's a picture of a corner of the classroom...and it's messy.

You're welcome.

Look...an entry.

I was kind of hoping Ally would be able to get a comp to sit up with me while doing this. But no such luck.

That's kewl though! I've made a few new friends! ::Grin:: And I've managed to still be awake.

For those of you who want a ghost in your house, but just don't have the heart to commit murder, this may be for you.

Popped into the MUD formally known as EN...no one was in there of course...but...hey...I was hoping. ::grin::

No one on ICQ

Few people on AIM...but it's awfully quiet.

Wonder if they all fell asleep.

Hey! Anyone still out there?

Cassie...next time I'll eat raspberry sherbert for you.


So, since I'm pretty much out of ideas right now, I've just been surfing all the blogs I've missed because of todays earlier fiascos.

Some of it is so pretty.

Alot of people are still in it! It's great to see. Makes me bummed that I didn't do the whole graveyard thing, I was really looking forward to it.

But next year if Cat does this again, I WILL do it, and I'll do it all night. ::stares at the sky::

That time again!

I've been surfing the blogs looking at everyone on the east coasts morning shots.

Pretty! Lucky bums get daylight...it's still nice and dark here...perfect for a cozy bed...

I was starting to get a little droopy, so I decided to run outside for a minute.

I walked down to my house to check my mail (I'm not home, I mentioned that right?)

When I walked through the gravel I felt tempted to tip-toe.

It's amazing what a hushed hour 3 AM is.

Going outside...need...air...hallucinating...::giggle::
I want to go to Hot Lake.

I'm having major withdrawls, it's great.

OH! I found this the other day. It's what it looked like before it burnt down in `33.

Go check it out and tell me how can someone not love that place?

AND it's haunted!

No...not fixed.

Oh well..deal with the fact that it's not even. I'm not that anal...::twitches:: Honest I'm not...


Happy girl now.

I've got ice cream too, what more could be better?

I'll post yas all another ghost story at 3:30...in the mean time..I'll see what else I can scrounge up for you.


Here's the darn post.

Now go away until I fix this damn format problem.

::throttles her blog::...I am in no mood...

The formatting on that sucks.

Sucks sucks sucks.

I want ice cream.


(Altered at 3:05 am)

Story? That stupid thing? I moved it...here.

Oh yeah...I have to make a post.


I'll find a story for you guys...just a second....

Added a couple more sounds in place of the one that didn't work.

Added the board log.

Here's another story for ya....

(Borrowed from the Ghost_Tales list.)

I used to live in Israel up to last April when I moved to Canada,

one of my best friends (who is now also in Canada), used to live in a quite street right against a half-ruined abandoned house.

Every time I visited that friend and we were sitting in his room after darkness fell we noticed some rather strange lights coming out of a what was once a window of that house, naturally I assumed that the source of those lights were some homeless people who came to sleep there, but the lights was in such strange shades of blue and as I noticed later origined from a place too high for a human to be there.

The last scarry event happened on the night when they left their house for the last time to go to "Ben-Gurion" Airport in Tel-Aviv, since they had a pretty large ammount of cash on them, they ask my dad to bring our German Sheppard, Rex to scare awaysomeone who might tried to rob them (just in case) and I tagged along with them, anyway you have to walk by the abandoned house in order to enter theirs, Rex's fur gone straight up and he refused to go any further as soon as they reached that house.

I felt bad about not getting you guys sounds tonight.

So I've linked to some sounds from some past places.

Mostly Hot Lake...I'm obssessed...I know.

Go...enjoy...I'll add more later for ya too.

I suppose I should think of something witty to say here, but I'm too tired.

Here, have an 'urban' ghost story.

(Changed at 3:13 am) Moved it too...shuddap...lol...here.

Night - Night Jackie.

Sleep good. :)

Ok, unfortunatly I won't use the board to answer silly questions. If you ask a smart ass question, you get a smart ass answer, and I'm too tired to deal with that from anyone right now. :) Becides, I take this seriously.

But, if you have a serious question, I'll ask it for you...but here's what we got so far....

Answers given are based on what ever spirit comes through, they're just like living people without bodies. No advice or answers given are set in stone. They don't know everything, so don't be dissapointed if the answer isn't what you want.

Opening Questions:

Q: Is anyone here?
A: Yes

Q: Who are we talking to?
A: Ann * We've talked to Ann before, she comes in every time we're on the board. She's in Robin's house all the time. *

Q: How are you Ann?
A: Great

Q: I'm glad to hear you're great!
A: Thank you.

Other people questions:

Q#1: Why didn't the blogging in the graveyard work out?
A#1: Because the power stopped.

Q#2: Did the ghosts drained our batteries?
A#2: No

Q#4: Is Jackies IVF transfer going to work?
A#4: Yes

Q#5: Is there really a devil?
A#5: Yes

Q#6: Do ghosts watch us in the shower?
A#6: No
Q#6a: Ann, you don't watch people in the shower do you?
A#6a: No

Q#7: Is there really a heaven?
A#7: Yes

Q#11: How many will stick for Jackie.
A#11: 2

Q#12: Was that 2 Ann?
A#13: Yes

Q#14: Complicated or Uncomplicated?
A#14: Uncomplicated

Ok...doing the board now.

Next post...questions answered, mysteries solved.

Have questions for the next round? Comment `em up.

It's that time again.

Watched James eat his Mac n' Cheese. That was entertaiment. He's insane too, the test said so

Talking to Persa. Persa is tired. ::Giggle::

Listening to Robin talk to Jackie. ::grin:: Wooo...

So far I've got six questions.

Send me at least six more, and I'll open the board up.

C'mon! There's got to be something you've always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask.


Halfway point!


Only 12 hours to go! ::grin::

Added a bunch of new pictures to both pages, and a whole nother page. (Horses...shh...they're ADORABLE.)

Go, enjoy.

Oh look...a board log has suddenly come into view.


Used the pendulum, but hey...

Pictures are next.

Prana just gave me a great idea.

Ok, you all give me questions to ask, and I'll do the ouiji board from here.

Start sending those questions!

(Thank you thank you!)

I'll do it right after the pictures are up.

::taunts:: Jackie's a wimp, Jackie's a wimp.

Jackie's at hooooome, she can't hiiiit me.

I want these. They are just so neat looking.
I'm watching Rocky and Bullwinkle.

I've never been able to decide if I like this show, or if it frightens me.

I'm leaning toward frighten...I think it's that little dog with the glasses.

NO! Christmas cartoons! That hits too close to last nights dream. I'm not ready to think about Christmas.


Anyway...still working on getting the pictures up for you. They'll be up soon.

I've apologized haven't I?

Something interesting I do remember from the tapes we recorded.

Robin just brought this up, on one of the tapes, every few moments, there is a bump. It almost sound like...you know the ticking an electric fence makes? It kind of sounds like that.

I'm going to try to figure out if it could have been recorder caused, but if not, there wasn't anything out there that could have done it.

It'll be interesting to figure out what it is.

Well, this has been one of the best nightmares we've had in a long time.

I've truly been terrified and I never did get to see a ghost.

But, since I couldn't see one tonight, I'll tell you guys a story about ones I have seen/experianced/ect!

Let's see, since I was at Millers, I'll give you a Millers story.

The last time we were there, we got there around 6 pm, and it was pretty nice. Sunny, and warm. Well, I being the geek I am, decided we had to make a potty run. (Ok, so I didn't know there was one out there ok? I thought it was a shed, I can't help it.)

So we ran into Silverton and into Safeway (For those of you who don't know, it's a large grocery chain) and used the potty.

The bathrooms were nasty, incase anyone cares.

We went through DQ that was there, and ran back out to the graveyard. (Sorry, paused there..Jackie called...Hi Jackie!)

Anyway, we started driving, and I started feeling really ansy. It got worse the closer we got and by the time we got back it was full dark, and we pulled into the driveway at Millers it was so totally sufficating. It felt like there were people standing all around the car with their faces pressed against it.

I didn't even want to roll a window down, let alone open a door it was so intense.

We decided not to get out (Wimps? Yes! lol) and started home. The whole way home it felt like there was someone in the back seat with us.

Fun stuff.

Ok, now that I'm done wallowing in my sorrows for now.

I will upload those pictures I do have for you, so you can see them.

I would check for sounds, but guess who left the recorders in a certain place we won't mention?

Yeah...that's who.

I left my soda in the car.


Robin says she's sorry too.

Sorry and out of about 300 bucks.

They canceled her road side service...

You know...this is starting to sound like a bad soap opera. All I need now are a couple of fueding John and Marshas.

Have I apologized yet?

I'm really sorry.

Really...really sorry.

I'm going to go get a soda now, and cry into it.

Exscuse me.

To top it all off, Robin's Lab rolled in something and when we got back to her house, (My computers here, I work here, don't live here...long story...wait...no...that's the whole story) it smelled like the lower rung of hell.

Thought I'd share.

I want to apologize for this not working out. I know there were a TON of people looking forward to this.

I am SO sorry! I was looking forward to this too! It fried the car, and there was nothing left we could do.

I'll make it up though....don't know how yet, but I will!

Maybe I'll try another one someplace else sometime soon.

Bye Bye Robin's Alternator 2001 - 2001....::giggle:: RIP

Hi Everyone!

Yep it's me! I'm back. Thank's Jackie for doing my posts for me. ::big hug:: I owe you. ::grin:: Wanna go to a graveyard? ::wiggles her eyebrows::

Welp, here's the story folks, the battery on the lap top died completely, then the car battery died completely. We shot the regulator all ta crap, no thanks to Radio Shack, and we had to abandon the car in Silverton and have a friend (Thank you Amy!) drive us home.

So, here I am, three hours later, back at my computer, tired, cold, frazzled and bummed.

But I didn't get eaten by a ghost.

Well, I made it this time (it's still Jackie) They still aren't back, but should be here very soon! Jamie where are you? She'll give you more details and since they are still there, maybe pictures or sounds! Then the trip wouldn't be TOTALLY wasted!
I know I know I know, every HALF an hour! Darn it, I lost track of time (and needed some food)! They still aren't back, so I am doing their entries for them. BTW This is STLL Jackie. They should be home soon! Heck, I would have let them use my battery if I wasn't such a chicken Sh*t and would wet my pants spending the night at a graveyard. LOL I hope the car is ok, I feel bad their trip was bummed out by the car :( It was one of THOSE days!
This is Jackie, Robin and Jamie are both dead in the water, and are coming home, the car died, they can't log and are pissed! Jamie will update when she gets back. This trip has been a nightmare from the word go, but they tried to make it happen. Stay tuned for her update when she gets back. Ta Ta

woo...it's gotten cold fast.

Clouds have all kind of moved off though, so hopefully no rain on us tonight.

Robin just went to go check the recorders now..maybe we got something fun.

In the mean time, keep sending your pendulum questions.

#6: Will I ever get rid of these damn kittens?

A: Yes you will. ::grin::

#4: Are there more then 10 energies here?

A: Yes

#5: More then twenty?

A: Yes

#2: Will anyone speak on a tape recorder tonight?

A: Yes


#3: Will my battery last all night?
A: No

Can't blame a girl for asking.

Ok, Robin's pipin' down on the walkies that there are two new graves up there too. Just incase you wanted to know.

One's new enough there isn't even a marker on it.

Question Number One:

Will Mike's Dad ever wear a Tux.

::stares at the sky::

Whoah, she just asked it if she was going to get activity tonight, and she says it went nuts.


Anyway...this question 1.
Answer: Says Yes.


I hate outhouses. I have nasty visions of something grabbing me and pulling me in.

Outhouses in graveyards are that much worse.


We're going to use a pendulum! ::laugh:: got our 2-ways, she's going out to the middle of the graveyard. If you have any questions, please post them to the comments!

Crosswise is no, straight is yes.

Ask yes or no questions. :)


Ok tape are out and running. Lets hope some one will talk to us. here is Jamie back from the potty
Hi all Jamie went to check out the potty.
Look..another friend.

A goats come by to see what we're doing.

Sucha cute thing. Wish I brought some veggies with me.

57? 57? Nuuu...mine said 7:00...so there.
Gettin' chilly! ::giggle::

Sooo...::think:: I've got a plan...but...I'm not sure if it'll work.

It's still in the planning stages.

So far, no cops, no more gawkers. Which is nice, I hate explaining myself.

"No, no no, a BLOG"

It's just a pain.

I can't believe it's already almost 7. Time sure does fly dosen't it? Especally when you've got a limit. By the time I'm done posting, it's almost time to do it again.

Seems a little sad...spent 280 bucks to get equipment to pull this off, and it still isn't working out right. But, I'm here and still online, so that in itself is a plus. Maybe I'll get lucky and get six more hours outta this thing. ::grin:: Nah? Oh well.

Ok, going to post this and then me and my lemon filled cookie are gonna grab a jacket...

Ok, recorders have been put out! I'll be checking them in 30 minutes to see if anything interesting is on them.


You'll be the first to know. I promise.

Hi Kimmi!

That really did no good, so I'm here until this battery dies.

Sooo...::grin:: These big black clouds are moving in, they are like right over us, and all around it's blue sky. and if it dosen't rain (and this dosen't die) this'll make for great energy in the air. Which means we may get alot of action tonight.

Hours Till Dark: 2 1/2

I can't wait.

It's starting to get chilly out here. Ooo...there's the sun! It's very quiet other then the occasional car, and birds twittering...oh and Robin's bare chested cursing yelling grave dance.

I'd take a picture, but you DON'T want to see that.

::grin:: Actually, she's putting batteries in the lanterns and flashlights.

Well...now she's making a phoooooooone call. ::grin:: Oh, isn't the play by play just killer?

I'll stop now.

I'm going to post this, and let this thing charge for a few minutes, then I'll be back. ::sigh:: ::Grin::

Ok, it's draining the battery really bad. Which isn't supposed to happen. ::frown::

After the car has sat for a while, going to take Mike's advice and let the top charge shut down, so far it's at 0, but letting me run anyway.

So far so good.

Problem, not getting power from the battery.

Gees...does it ever end?


Oh yeah, before I forget.

Earlier today, when we were out here with the big power problem, we put about 100 single flowers out on graves from
Robin's yard.

Peace offering. ::grin::

There is a fresh grave over on the North end of the grave yard. Out by the horses.

I'll snap a pic of that too.

Horses! There are five horses out here. (We're in the middle of bum friggin nowhere. They're right next to the graveyard in a fenced in pasture.) Robin just took the digicam out to grab some shots for you guys.

Until then, here's a picture of the doggy that was here earlier.

The kid is my little bro, he came to help me set up the first time.

There are some clouds out to my left that seem to be moving in, I'll keep you posted if we get wet or not.
Typing on the `Top'll take getting used too. I keep typoing.

Hi all!

Well, guess who is back at the graveyard! WOO!

So far things are all working great. This inverter works fine, I've got phone service, It's terribly sunny and warm, I've got company, I've got my comphy camping chair, I've got caffiene, I've got snacks, what more could a girl ask for?

How about some ghosts?


I added some ghost tips for you folks. If you can't find it later, it's in the "Other Stuff" section of the Graveyard Boogie.

I'll add some more in a bit, after I go back to the graveyard.

Yep, going back out! Leaving right after this post! Wish me luck ok?

And...go read James' Blog...it's good! And James is SUCH a sweetie. (And so is his wife...who I don't know but she said hi to me anyway!)

Ok, pictures are up.

Here and Here.

Or click on the "Graveyard Boogie" graphic for more goodies, adding s'more as we speak...type?

If the photos in photos don't open in a new window, just kick me. I'm sucking today.

Ok guys, here's the update.

Got the cord from Radio Shack. 80 bucks. (EEEW!) We're heading back out there within the hour.

The weather is WONDERFUL! No rain, sunny, warm. It was perfect blogging weather out there.

And...there's a bathroom...

(Thanks for the comments...lol...you made my day...it's been BEYOND crazy.)

Almost time for the next post! Wowee! ::grin::

Uploading pictures and the page now, so head over there in a minute and check it out. ::hugs::
Skyte "The 11 Year Old" Ghostgirl

Just for the record. I'm not 11.

Gees...how do these things start?

I'm also not Jim Thompson, I don't have MPD and my mother and I are not the same person.

::grin:: Thank God.

(Kidding...kidding..my mom is the best.)

Hmm...is anyone reading this? ::peers out there:: I want comments ::stares down at the comment link all forlorn like::
See, this is what I get for being so disorganized.

I want to go check out the blog with the dream posts.

I had a dream last night, I was watching an Alvin and the Chipmunks marathon, and it was a marathon of all their Christmas episodes.

Anyone know what that means?

Oooh...yeah...before I forget.

Click on the "Graveyard Boogie" graphic up there to get to the page with sounds, pictures, blah...blah blah.

Go ahead, it's fun.

Gees...7 minutes late. ::grumbles:: Ok, I'm here! Going to have someone go get the inverter for me.

But, in the mean time, I'm going to upload and convert all those icky .bmps.


Ok folks, here's what I'm going to do.

We ended up with clients, and they leave at three. I've got to go to Radio Shack, so, I'm going to RS, running back to my computer and logging, then, after the clients leave, I'm going to be back out here. So the next two times I babble, it'll be from muh computer.

Never fear however! The little ghostie girl'll be back soon. ::groan::

I love this anyway! ::grin::

(Hi Mike!)

Look! The puppies are here!

Every time I'm out here there are these two adorable dogs...the black lab is here now...I'll grab a pic...wonder what the name is....

Ok guys, Jackie (THANK YOU) just called Radio Shack, they've got inverters that will run my lap top for cheap.

Thankee Jakie...Thankee...Thankeee...

Second people of the day...dirty looks this time.

Oh, for those wondering about the bathroom situation. (If I stay here) Yes, it's the middle of nowhere, but...they've got an outhouse.

Ewww...I know, but it's better then 20 minute trips and leaving my stuff here.

Oh, for those wondering about the bathroom situation. (If I stay here) Yes, it's the middle of nowhere, but...they've got an outhouse.

Ewww...I know, but it's better then 20 minute trips and leaving my stuff here.

well..lookie there. First stop of the evening, didn't want to know what I was doing though. Wanted directions to Woodburn.

We're going to try and geta adapter from Radio Shack for the car battery...cross those fingers.

such fun

Crap, something just bit me.

Ok...here's a picture...they're bmp's...don't shoot me, if I wasn't freaking I'd covert...::grin::
Ok...me again...no power still...got some pictures for ya...they're uploading...just a second again
Ok, sorry about taking so long to get my first post.

Got a big problem, no power out here. It's been turned off and my lap top batery now reads 0...so unless I find something quick, you'll hear from me when I get back to the other computer.

Geees...this sucks...lemme grab some shots for you before this thing dies


For those of you who care, I got a connector. It works.




This is the last post for today. I've got toooo much to do to be sitting here being a freak with REN! ::runs from Ren:: ::grin::

She's not even gonna watch! She's going bowling! BOWLING! Can you believe it? I've been abandoned for a game in which you wear smelly shoes that OTHER PEOPLE HAVE WORN!

I'm offended. ::grin::

Ok, I've got a special page I'm going to be using to post pictures, sounds and what not, so I've got to get that going...I've got to go get my stuff together....got to go beat some people into last minute sponsorship...got an interview at three...I'm still at work...oh yeah.

Work. ::Cringe::

Hey `Thonners! Good luck with your last minute things! I'll catch you all tomorrow! Have a great evening, ya hear?

Ok, enough with the dancing. I'm told it's wiggin' people out. (Fine! I know when fine art isn't appriciated! Me and my wiggle, thrust happy dance'll go someplace else!)

Yes, getting to do this has upped my mood alot. It takes a great deal of stress off. Especally since I've seen people are actually looking forward to something I'm doing for once! Wowee. ::giggle::

goofie237: So you don't have to go back to the laptop at the hotel or anything right?
Rhea Rhyolin: Nope
Rhea Rhyolin: yours truly will be sitting on her duff in the dirt the whole time
Rhea Rhyolin: lol
Rhea Rhyolin: I'm pschyed...even if it's posta rain
Rhea Rhyolin: lol
goofie237: Uh oh!
goofie237: I really hope it doesn't!
goofie237: Because what if things get REALLY scary
goofie237: and then
goofie237: it rain
goofie237: s
goofie237: and you're STRANDED there with a bunch of GHOOOOOOOSTS?!?! ooooooohhhhohoh *spooky noises*
Rhea Rhyolin: ::laugh:: and...zombies start crawling out of the dirt! and EAT ME!
Rhea Rhyolin: lol
Rhea Rhyolin: rofl
Rhea Rhyolin: Ok ::grabs you:: I'm takin you, you can be my shield!
goofie237: hahhaha. very funny.
Rhea Rhyolin: ::grin::
Rhea Rhyolin: You know you wanna get eaten first
Rhea Rhyolin: "REN! Take REN! She tastes like CHICKEN!"

She knows she loves me. ::giggle::


Permission! SWEET! ::dances:: It's a go ladies and gentalmen! I've got the lap top right becide me, someone just went to go get me the cell connector phone. I'll get the phone tonight, pack my car up, go grab a digital camera and I'll be ready to fly tomorrow.

I can't wait! ::cackles::

Ok, going to go add myself to the web ring.

Still no word back. Cutting this too dang close. I have no idea what I'm going to do if this dosen't pan out.

Got a letter from Kins yesterday, she's depressed. My phone has magicly lost service so I can't call her. (Plus the bill...can't forget that...) She needs to move here! Now!

I'm not sleeping well at night. I go to bed around 11 all tired, and I lay there and just can't get too sleep. I end up thinking myself exsausted. I should walk before I go to bed, get rid of all my excess energy. So I don't wiggle. (I do! lol...)

Off to call again. Keep those cyber-piggies crossed boys and girls.


Chicken went bad.

Dangit...I wanted chicken.

::runs away into the heat of the afternoon sobbing like the big baby she is::

Ok, this is working out badly.

I've missed phone calls, finally got ahold of someone and they directed me to the board of funeral directors, so now I'm waiting on ANOTHER phone call.

I haven't gotten the lap top yet, it looks like I won't be able to borrow a camera so I'll have to buy one, I have to buy I cord.

And I'm broke.

I haven't slept right in the last couple days and it's HOT!

I'm also at work, and NONE of them are behaving.
So I'm grumpy.

Keep your cyber-piggies crossed that something works out for me.

I'm going to go outside and stand in the sprinkler.

Oh yeah, did I mention it's supposed to rain this weekend?

Ok,the image map for the flower set dosen't work.

I know it dosen't work.

I apologize. If someone can help me figure out why when I do a map it breaks up the image, I'd love you forever.
AAHIIIIII! Publishing is temporarily unavailble. ::twitch twitch:: Blog withdrawls.


So I just spent the last hour watermarking all my photographs of Hot Lake. Why you ask? Because they've turned up all over the place, used for all sorts of things, AND have been sent back to me by people saying 'Isn't this the kewlest?'.

Why yes, yes it is. Especally since I took that picture.

The site'll probably be up someday soon. Working 18 hour days kind of gets in the way of my HTMLing.

Aaaaahhh..speaking of sites. I actually HAVE new web sites for my design site, but lord knows when that'll be open. So no yelling, ok? Just...love me even if I'm a really bad procrastinator.


But..if you really need a set really bad, here's one of my stranger ones. Go ahead...take it away.

I got asked last night to design a set for a friend of mine. She wants me to draw dragonflies. I've never done dragonflies before, they look pretty easy though. I'll show ya what the end result looks like. This should be fun.


Ooooh, you want the rainbow script too?

Dynamic Drive - Rainbow Links Script

They're one of the best. I love them. Now, you can love them too.

I've gotten alot of requests for how I do the colored text

I don't do it by hand! ::grin:: You'd have to be NUTS! I love HTML, I don't love it that much.

I use a VERY awesome and simple program called Color Fazer.

Click on the link to get your own copy, and gradient to your little hearts content.

Kimmi is listening to Kenny Rogers.


Make her stop! ::runs::

Still won't update my template. So just so you know, I'm talking to Kimmi, Liz, Mike and Butter (HI!) who was reading this a few minutes ago...donno if she still is ::grin:: She probably thinks I'm insane now.

and I am...and I'm staaalking yooooou....and I'm riiiiiight ouuuuuttsssiiiiide....

For some reason, this is updating my entries, but not my template.


Well today has deffinatly been interesting. I started the day waking up from a dream in which I was in court defending myself against irate, irrational childcare clients.

Perhaps it's a hint. I need a new job.

Then, when I did the mail check thing this morning, I get a letter from someone (Names being withheld to protect the guilty ::wink::) saying something someone ELSE said something about their religion offended them and I better do something about it. (This was for my TSW team...www.thesitewars.com/team6/)

I thought about it, and thought about it for about an hour, then I finally composed a letter that said:


I have always wanted this team to be a second home. A place where you could tell us how your day was, send jokes, or even more personal things, like your religious beliefs. I have never once been offended or angry at any views expressed by my team. I find each one unique and as special as the person who believes them.

Unfortunately others do not view things the way I do. Unfortunately feelings have been hurt, and people have been angered over the simple expressing of religious and personal views.

My only option besides not allowing personal posts that have nothing to do with the team, is to point out that you are entitled to your opinion, views, and religion, but you may never ever EVER use it against someone who believes different then you with the attempt to harm, damn, correct or 'change' them, or to point out you are right. You may also not ask me to penalize parties because they view things differently then you do. I will not do this any more then I would ask you to change your beliefs for me. This is the only way I can be fair without taking away the personal touch that I love about our team.

I enjoy the things sent to our list. I enjoy seeing everyone's opinions and beliefs. I like the prayers, I like the spells (I'll be trying that hair one out.) and I like the other personal things people send. It makes me feel like we're an important part of their lives, it makes me feel like we're friends, and that's the whole point of this team. I don't see anything wrong with wanting to share.

If you can NOT post something with love and respect to another person and a positive intent. DO NOT POST.

If someone has shared something that offended you and you want to rebuttal, stop and think why. Was it because they think differently then you? Wouldn't you be hurt if someone attacked you because of your beliefs? Then why would it be ok for you to hurt them?

What you believe is important, no one can change that. No matter if your Christian, Wiccan, Hindu, or you pray to the Man in the Moon. No religion is right, no religion is wrong, you go with the one that feels best to you, and that is why it's important. Because one view is not your view it does not make that view wrong.

Please think before you post and treat people with the respect that you wish to receive.

It was the only way I could think of being fair to everyone without pointing my fingers saying you're wrong because of your beliefs. ::shrug:: I might have been able to handle it different, and I felt terrible having to write it, because I don't want to accuse anyone of intentionally hurting someone else.

::shrug:: Ahhh...can't please everyone I guess.


On another note, the guy about the Graveyard hasn't called me back. No permission, no graveyard for the Blog. No graveyard, mad people. Mad people, crying Jamie. Now, I know no one wants to see that.

What's with this permission thing? No one wants to give it to me. I must have the plague or something.

Yeah...that's it.


Woooha! Guess who got a postcard? Guess who got a postcard?

::does the happy postcard dance:: I LOVE POSTCARDS!

Got one from my friend Goofay ::duck:: down in FL! She saw my sad and pathetic plea for postcards and sent me one.

I still waiting for Mikes. ::growls at Mike:: I want my Italy post card man! ::grin::

Want to send me a postcard? You know you do...send me one ok? Please?


So I'm going to go tomorrow and do the last minute `Thon things. Um...call about permission. (I know!) check to see if I can get service out there, grab a data cable, get a laptop. You know...all the...important stuff. (Procrastinator extrodinare)

Today was the last day for sponsor sign ups, and to my knowledge I ended with 5. Not bad hu? I don't think so.


I followed a post from Mollies site, it was about a lady who lied about 'who they were' online, and pretended to be someone else.

Someone with cancer.

I had Ally flashbacks. This story sounded ALMOST 100% accurate to what Ally told me was pulled on TONS of people in the cancer rooms on Prodigy years ago. The story finally died after almost a year with the 'death' of the child with cancer.

It's sad, very very sad. That people feel the need to do things like this to other people. Be it insecurity or fun.

I've been on the recieving end of this. For six years I was lied to (along with Hundreds of other people, dozens of them 'close friends' AND the people and relationships in his 'RL') by someone claiming to be something he wasn't.

I was his mistake, he let me in closer then he did anyone else, and after a long period of time putting the clues together I confronted him.

Unlike the people with 'Kaycee' I never got the truth from him. He cut me, and everyone else off. In fact, somehow with some people so bound to not believe it, I've become the subject of their anger.

I like the people in 'Kaycee's' story, knew they'd never hear from this person again.

His story mirrors 'Kaycees' with insane and scary lines. Lying to protect lying, making up other false people to replace people that have been questioned.

This is a disease. These people needing this validation by pretending to be others need help.

Was I angry? Sure, eight months ago when I finally decided what I knew was the truth, I was extremely angry. But my anger would solve nothing, I knew confronting him would cause more lies. He's not going to admit the truth, to me, or to anyone.

Did I feel stupid? For a while...yeah. Especally since I let it go on longer then I should have. I did that because I myself wasn't ready for the whole confronting thing...and...I'm very trusting, very willing to let peoples weird things slide, I'm a dork who believes the best in everyone. It got me fried. But that's kewl, I took away the things I need to learn, and I won't let anyone do that again. But that dosen't mean I won't trust people again. Trust and letting people poke sticks in your eye are two different, seperate things.

Remember this, if you're lying to people about who you are over the internet, don't be so foolish to believe they're just some nameless, faceless somebodies typing to you. We've all got feelings, we all worry, get attached, love, and none of us deseve to be manipulated like that, and if you aren't careful, some people aren't going to be as forgiving about it as the rest of us.

This is so sad.

Mollie is a fellow `Thonner. Mollie is in the hospital in a coma.

I'll be praying for Mollie. If you can, please send your positive thoughts her way. She needs them.

Thank you.

Oh cereal...how I hate thee.
Ok, let me clarify that.

If you DON'T sponsor me it DOES NOT make you a bad person. I just mean that it's sad these days when people turn their backs to people who need help. Yet you know those people would demand help if they needed it. It's just a thing of giving what you can, if you can't, just you support of stopping by and saying 'howdy' during the Thon is enough.

Or...email...I love email. ::faints::

So, my neighbor, (the one who's planted plants in my yard) watered my poor dying misrable flowers on my front porch for me yesterday. Wasn't that just so sweet of her? I thought so!

I'm so terrible...I need to plant those. But..it's hot out...::runs::

Wandered around today looking for a connector to use in the graveyard. The lady at RS said that they don't make them for my model phone. (Oh GREAT! ::grin:: ) so I'm looking on the voicestream site..she said her list wasn't up to date, so maybe they do have it.

I hope so, because I'll be dead in the dirt without it. ::grins::
Thank you tainted-epitome.com for sponsoring me! ::beams::

See! Good person right there.

I sponsored some other blogs who might have been cut because they didn't make the sponsor thing. (Have to have 3)

How sad is this? In this day and age NO one wants to do ANYTHING for someone doing something for a good cause. Well, THPPPPP to them.


Well there is still someone in this big bad world who dosen't think I should be drawn and quatered for doing a good cause.

Thank you so much to my fifth sponsor Cass. You're a sweetie! ::throws confetti in Cass' general direction::

Everyone tell Cass she's an angel. ::grin::

So today I was attacked because of the `Thon.

Someone on one of the lists we sent the letter to, a Ghost Hunting list, decided that I was a terrible person for asking for donations or support for this.

Another person accused me of being a 11 year old child, and I should be forgiven for my 'good cause'

Another said I should be drawn and quatered.

Another demanded my apologies

Only one person stood up for me, and I thank them very much for it. Thank you for seeing my side, and that I only wish to help.

As much faith as this has given me for the people who want to help, it hurts to see how many very angry and spiteful people there are out there who are more upset over the letter they got in the mailbox then the family starving just a house away.

I do not care if people don't donate, that's not why I wrote. Hell, I've got four people, more then I dreamed I would! I just thought people in those circles would like to see something that was along their alley. To attack me, belittle my cause, to try and wreck my spirit is wrong. I, and no one else in the world, deserves that from anyone.
I pray, that someday someone shows them as much kindness and love as the people doing the blogathon are showing.



Before I go yuke my lunch up. Remember my post about switching USDA programs? Well, the Childcare Cafeteria Lady (Ok, that was uncalled for. But it made me feel so good...wink wink) pulled up this morning, because I guess they got wind that we wanted to switch from their agency. (In fact, I was at home on the phone with the boss lady...and she said "Who's this pulling up?" and I said "The Food Program" and lo and behold...)

So anyway, I ran over to help. (After a night of reliving my meals from the day before.) and this lady was interogating all the poor little kids. "What's your name? Are you SURE that's your name? What's your age?" She said it's just a way of 'cross checking' information.

That's just a nice way of saying 'Checking to see if your not corrupting the children by having them lie for you because we all know your imbezziling pennies from the USDA food program to feed your crack habbit, you child molester.'

I don't feel good.

I'm terrible. Please forgive me. I've been wandering around whining about sponsors and haven't sponsored a soul! ::grin::

So when Gretchen mentioned sponsoring her, I did. (The sad 'no one wants to sponsor me' post in her blog won me over...I sympathize! Oh yes I do!)

See, that's why I've been sick for the last 24 hours...pennants!

I'm forgiven now right? No more throwing up?

Oh please...I can't take it.

Now...let's see if I can keep this soup down. I'll keep you updated...because I know you want to know.


Ooo..the plot thickens. So we decide that we're switching food programs because the one we have bites.

Come to find out, they only transfer ONE buisness a month.


How stupid is that?

Unless of course your willing to forgo getting paid this month, and they'll switch you. Isn't that great? You don't get paid, don't eat, don't pay your bills or anything for one whole month, and you'll be lucky enough to get switch into another USDA BS program.

Oh, I'm just all aflutter.


I'm hurting still. I woke up at 4 AM with a back/tummy ache bad enough that it caused me to hyperventalate and seriously think about going to the ER.

It's bad if I want to go to the hospital.

I ended up standing under the hottest water I could do for an hour. It got a little better after that and I was tired enough that I just fell asleep.

But now I'm just sore.


Our fill in had a problem with a flat this morning, and I haven't had the chance to get away to get stuff in motion so I'm not breaking tresspassing laws when I do the blog thang.

So I'll sit here in EN (Which Jerry so kewley reopened.) wait...pardon me...the Mud Formally Known As Endless Nameless ::grin::

Quintin's World.

I'm such a lazy bum.



Since I'm going to be spending 24 hours in a graveyard. (Along with company, I'm not going alone...I'm not senile.) I'm going to eventually run out of questions to ask my trusty tools of the trade. (Recorders, Spirit Boards, Pendulums....::grin:: ) So! From now until the day I camp myself out in the cold, I'm taking suggestions of questions to ask the local haunt. (Pun? What pun?)

Just drop them in my comments, or send me an email. Keep it mature...I take this stuff seriously, so please don't ask me to ask really silly questions.

Elvis is dead....deal with it.

So I changed my mind.

We've already established that I'm a liar. ::grin:: So don't be so suprised. I've decided that insted of posting a story in parts (Someone else is doing that now...ugh) that I'm going to update completely from the middle of a graveyard.

Oh yes...from a graveyard.

For 24 hours.

It's gonna be COLD! But fun...and...nifty. Going to see if I can borrow a digital cam, or get one. Do some sounds...all that fun stuff.

Now, my only problem is the phone thing. I have not a wireless modem, so I eaither...A) see if the church has a phone line or B) rent a hotel room to quickly drive there and back to upload. That'll be a pain in my behind if it's B...but hey. I kin do it. I'm superwoman.

Now, since I'm going to sit IN the COLD in the DARK (for a long period of time) in a GRAVEYARD the least you can do is SPONSOR me. I don't ask alot....really.


It's hot.

I can't seem to keep my horrible naughty self away from Ebay. I found two perfect gifts for Kins, one is a signed Bon Jovi poster with a horse. (She loves them both) another is a geetar (Don't hit me) signed by Bon Jovi, which I did bid on.

She'd faint...I mean fall down and DIE.

I'm going to write her boyfriend a note and direct him that way...maybe he'll think it's a good idea too and bid on it if I lose it. He'd win points....points are good.

Michael (::bug bug bug::) is being SO sweet and sending me Alice (Shhh....) and letting me bug him all at the same time. I'm still awaiting my postcard from Italy though. I love postcards.


I'm hot. I want a nap. I'm whiny. ::sigh::


Watched Unbreakable...actually it was good, if you payed enough attention to it and didn't miss any parts.

Then again...I'm just a really big Bruce Willis fan...

He's cute. ::nod:: For an old guy ::Grin::

Spent like a ton of time on the phone with Kins last night...guess she's completely decided she's going to do the roomate thang in Feb. Which is great, I'll have my bestist friend AND I'll have someone to help with rent, since my landlady told me she's raising it 100 bucks yesterday. Yippy. It's worth it though, two bedroom, back yard, front yard, two car garage, walking distance to everything, nice neighboorhood and someday it'll have flowerbeds.

I don't wanna talk about the flowerbeds though.

I have to do something about my back yard, it's a mess. Hmm..guess I could this weekend...depends on how hot it gets.

It's hot right now! Hot hot hot hot hot. ::whine::

I went on an Ebay binge yesterday. Bid on a good 100 bucks worth of stuff. One was a haunted voodoo doll (would look great in a case in my house.) but NOOOo someone outbid me when I left.
The rest is like presents for people, and frog charms for my bracelet. I love charm bracelets. Love love love love love.

I looked ALOT at dollhouse stuff. Minitures are so amazing. I have two houses that need to be furnished. I can't wait to start doing it. It's like interior decorating cheaper. ::grin:: It's also a reason why I love the Sims...I can do whatever I want, and it dosen't cost me a cent. One day...I'll be rich...and then I'll play with big houses.

You just wait. ::grin::



I mentioned I was listening to the 7th Guest Soundtrack...which is probably one of my all time favorite games...of well...all time.
( ::cough:: What?)

For those of you who've never played it. (And what rock have YOU been hiding under?) It's deffinatly worth a pick up, even a kabigilian years after it was released. (Ok, not a kabigilian, it was made in `95. Made by Trilobyte released by Virgin with a wonderful sountrack by The Fat Man who's done tons of other game music. I'm terribly sad to say Trilobyte went buh bye a couple years ago...I LOVED THEM! ::sigh:: They released a few more games after T7G...which are good too. ) The soundtrack is NOT computer music, and even has speaking underlays. It's creepy and great.

The Plot:

The game starts with you watching a drifter named Stauf (Stauf, Henry Stauf...ok...wrong plot.) as he comes to realize by creating toys, and feeding the 'voices' in his head souls he can acheave the power promised to him..and the 'voices' (demons) will be set free. (Ever read the novel? It's good...what? No, I'm not obsessed...honest.) Sounds fair to me.

So Staf creates these toys, and the local children all start to die. During this time, he locks himself away, and invites six local people who are hard up for help to his house.

Shoot to the begining of the game, you wake up not knowing who you are, or where you are. Quickly you find out that your smack dab in the middle of the mans Foyer, in the mans house, with a bunch of ghosts.

You move through the house solving puzzles, watching movies and collecting bits and clues about whats going on. If you haven't played it, I won't ruin the plot for you. Trust me though...it's worth a good play or two. :)

Anyway! The point of this babble! If you loved the game, and lost the 2nd CD (Where the soundtrack is located.) I've got it...or if you just want to check it out, give me a yell and I'll send it your way. Be advised it's a 27 minute long MP3 ::giggle::

Give me a horror game...and I am one happy girl.

Blogathon has a new home...look! Blogerthon.

Spiffy or what?

I got another sponsor! :)

Thanks Jerry! Your so sweet! :) ::does a happy sponsor dance:: 18 days to go! You still have a chance to sponsor me, yes me! You know you wanna. ::bats her lashes::

Kins and I have talked alot about Ars, which has gotten me into a building mood. So I've been spending a little time developing the background and what not for it there.

I love the idea of having it totally full of culture and little doodads that make it fun. I'm a sucker for details.

I haven't reopened Hot Lake, I'm going to work on it today while it's still cool. (I'm currently deleting pages from the server, it bothers me that people surf my not open site because they know what pages to look for. So I'm a freak, so what? They write me and go: "This link dosen't work, this page has nothing on it" and I go...duh, the sites not open yet. Then I feel pressured, I hate pressure!)
I'm so proud of myself though, I installed a cgi-script and it actually works!

I also have a few other sites I've REALLY GOT TO WORK ON! Stop letting me be so durn lazy! I've got to design a half page ad for the Childcare too...I have until like Sept. but I'd like to get it done and out of my way so I'm not doing it at the last minute. (See: Lazy.)

I've ordered 9 CDs from Play...well...have them sitting in my shopping cart. I haven't hit order yet because I can't decide if I really want to buy them. I want them...I just don't want to pay.

Oh yeah, she works hard for her money. ::runs::


I got another sponsor! Thank you Jackie! (Everyone tell Jackie she's a good girl) ::beams and dances::

See! I knew all that whining would get me something!

I really like "The American"...I only downloaded all the MP3's (Oh shush) I'm going to get the CD as soon as I get paid. It's really good...if you like...um ::thinks:: FFF or Vertical Horizon you'll like the CD. ::nods:: Me being the great music mestro I am. I know these things...go...buy...now!


I was helping Kim look for a friend, and it got me thinking and I started looking for people I went to HS with. I found some neat people I'd love to get ahold of but Classmates.com charges 30 bucks just so you can get their email addresses. Nuuuh, no way. I don't want to talk to them THAT bad.

I've got a bunch of stuff to do today. I need to get a card for a certain someone and work on....Oooo..I almost said! It's a secret! (Especally if this person is reading this ::grin:: No! Nothing for you! SHOO!)

I should charge my phone...anyone seen my charger?


Do not. Do not. Do NOT let me change the layout of this page. Don't let me do it. Someone hold me back...you know how I get.
I miss Ars.

The building aspect, I don't RP. I'm a builder/programmer at heart. (Not hard code...no way, confuses me to no end. That's why I'm going to bribe someone to do it for me.)

I hate being in there alone though.

I borrowed Kins GS account so I could 'gather' object ideas from the players and some game ideas from the BB system there.

Now, In my own little opinion this is great, I can get player feedback and what they want, without having to do the footwork.

See, I'm a perfect American. Success off the backs of my fellow hard working `zens.

We still have a good two bags of fireworks left. Personaly, you can keep all the flashy stuff, I just want something that shoots 12' of fire into the air and has spinny whirly thingamabobs that shoot at you.

Ally called me on the way home, she was like "I'm past that firework stage."
HOW CAN YOU BE PAST THAT? I LOVE fireworks! The lights, the smoke, the FIRE...the...the fire!

Maybe it's just my pyromaniac tendincies showing, but it upset me.

Buh Bye 4th.

Spent the day at the river, at Mark & Donna's house. (They have such a great spot...it's not FAIR! ;) ) It was so lovely, and I made it through the entire day without getting burnt. How ever did I get so lucky?

Bud's birthday was yesterday too, and he seems pretty happy with what he got. He's packing around a little TV he got. It's got a radio built into it too. What's worse then Judge Judy? Judge Judy in black and white.

I did a bunch of work over at Hot Lake. It should (should! No promises!) be open by Friday. I can only hope. Having a problem with one of my horizontal scrollers. Anyone know anything about javascripts?

I'm spamming for sponsors again. If you're interested, the buttons right over there. ;)


I could not have gotten married at 17.

It's not that I wasn't mature enough, at 17 I was going on 49. It's just that...hell, I'm not ready to get married NOW (Not that I'm in a relationship. I'm single single YAY!) it's just that.


Now, other people do it, and are happy. Dang, most of my childhood friends and 90% of my other friends now are eaither engaged or married. (Or have KIDS! We're not going there...oh no.)

Scares me...scary scary scary.

Moonie got married Tuesday. And GIRL I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! ::beams:: ::grin:: She's happy, and that's great. They even bought a house. ::grin::

I'm gonna pass. I've got my own place...I don't want to share!

Kim (Wova Woo Kimminie! ::giggle:: ) is getting married soon (I gotta get her a present...whatcha want Kim?) and her sweetie's just plain ole sweet. (I approve, aren't you thrilled?)

I'll probably never get married. (I'm high matinance and hard to put up with...ask anyone I know. Oh, and I'm selfish and manipulating...and I don't wanna share my house...see selfish.)

I'll just get a couple more cats. ::grins:: (Glad Ally dosen't have netsess, she'd be kicking me and setting me up. ::grins:: )

I don't want blind dates eaither.

Just a shower buddy that looks good in tight jeans. ;)


I don't like spiders.

I don't HATE them, because hating things is useless, I just don't like them. They're icky, and icky, and have all these legs, and they crawl, and their icky!

I always figure, I leave them alone, they won't attack me in the middle of the night after I've tripped over a recliner that they've moved into the middle of my living room because they know I don't ever get home until it's darker then ink and I can't see because I'm a dork and forget to keep the light over my kitchen sink on and it's the perfect time to get me. Or, God forbid, when I'm sleeping. (Honest...this 'leave `em alone' thing works, so far so good.)

Ever notice how they watch you watching them and crawl up the wall? You know what their thinking don't you? "How high do I have to go before I can leap down on her and giggle as she squeals".

I don't squeal anymore. (Ha ha to you spiders!)
I used to, and I am so ashamed of it. They're still icky. And gulldummit They MERIT squealing!

My flowers are dying. (No thanks to the spiders I'm sure.) It's a crime, I should be arrested. Flower abuse, I should be locked away. I should turn myself in. I haven't planted them yet....I haven't even finished the flower beds to plant them in yet. It's been too hot.

That's my exscuse.

So there.

Someone's house caught on fire last night. (Ok, this is an uninformed opition based on the fact that I wandered around in my P.J's last night in a neighborhood full of smoke. I'm ASSUMING from the lovely fire trucks and all that, that it was a house. Might have been something else...who knows.) It wasn't MY house, which is good, but it was someones house, which isn't good at all. I'm willing to bet my left arm that it was fireworks. See! That's why you don't let stu..er...common sense challeneged people have matches.

Got home and Boots was outside. Who let Boots outside? That's the 64,000,000,000,000,000 dollar question.