Boyo just went to go pick up his car. Then we're going to unload it and run out to Corvallis to pick up Savvy. Tonight is Miss Tiff's 22nd birthday party. At, where else, a roller skating rink. That's where all the big girls are having their parties, doncha know.

It should be super exciting. I haven't roller skated since like 7th grade. I expect to end the evening with a broken ankle. I'll take pictures so you all can have a good laugh, Figs.

Look forward to it!


I feel like I'm missing something. Like I've forgotten something important like a meeting or a project. It's such a weird feeling I can't shake. I know I don't have classes, homework or even normal work right now, but parts of my brain just can't seem to wrap itself around it so I wake up in the morning in a panic thinking I've forgotten to do something.

It's funny.

The Boyo is here, but not entirely moved in. His car should arrive Saturday with his junk in it, which will be good because he's like a crazy man without it. It's too funny. He paces like a cat in a cage. I don't giggle at him though, honest. That would be mean.


What day is it now?
Time is all muddleduppish,
And I am confused.


I am pretty sure I crashed and burned that one in a fiery plume of awesomeness.

If I got anything over a C, I get a B in the class. Anything below a C and yours truly gets her first C ever. Lucky for me, they might be offering an accelerated 6 or 8 week course during the summer that I can replace the icky bad grade with.

It's not so much that I have to have A's, I won't replace the grade if it's a B. It's more that Chemistry is pretty important to my major, and if I'm pulling a C it means I'm not grasping the concepts, and I don't want to move on to another Chem class until I feel comfortable with the one I just left. Plus, the professor has a very unique teaching style that I think is just not clicking with me, I'm going to try someone else over the summer if I pull a low grade and see if it gels better in the lump of dust I've got for a brain.

Plus, if people are taking classes over the summer, I'm pretty sure I can con someone into taking it with me. Wooohoo! I'm graduating, but I can still take a class, have a grade replaced and then send my updated transcripts to OSU.

So now I've got a really dirty house to clean, and then I'm going to spend the rest of this week decomposing (or decompressing, but mostly just decomposing). All work and no slack makes Jamie a dull girl.
The Dreaded Final is in about 45 minutes, then I'm just picking up a letter from my academic advisor and I'm done with campus until the 2nd. Maybe. I haven't quite decided if I'm attending the final for the class for the job I quit or not. I really have no interest in attending it at all. I might not. I may just come home and clean my house or something exciting like that.

It's rainy and gloomy and windy outside. Perfect weather in which to start my Spring Break.


Portland tomorrow.
We're going to get lost, yay!
And miss the plane land.


I quit my job Friday, and I have to tell you Figs, it was by far the best decision I could have ever made for myself. I feel a million pounds lighter and so much freer.

I already have a new job lined up. One that will be so much less stressful and less work for me. It's not that I don't mind doing work, it's just that the job that I was in was far too much garbage to deal with to get the work done, and it wasn't worth it.

I won't start the new job (and keep your fingers crossed it works out, because I have to shuffle myself from one department to another) until the 2nd of April, so I have myself a nice long break from the stress of a jobby-job which is good, because I need it.

It's finals week next week.

I'm not concerned about the Monday final, or the Tuesday night final, I'm worried about the Tuesday morning final. The Chemistry final. The stupid final (no offense Sean).

Other then Tif's picnic, and taking Michael's advice to take the evening away from Chemistry, all I've done is study these three chapters that the final is on. I'm thanking my lucky stars every minute that it's not a cumulative final for sure, Figs.

It's not that the subject is hard, it's just that the last few months have been extremely difficult and I've had a hard time just focusing on anything and retaining it. I didn't do so hot on the mid-term. I've still got an A in the class (I think), but I'm hanging on to that sucker only by a few half percentages, and if I bomb the final, I'll have to repeat the class over the summer after I've graduated. I know people think I'm being really crazy about this, but the program I want to get into for Med School is one that I feel like I need to apply to with a decent G.P.A., decent meaning I didn't fail my Chem class.

After Tuesday though I'm free. Free! I plan on doing lots of fun things, like sleeping and maybe sitting.

Sitting is good.


Finals are stinky.
There is panic in the streets,
and shivving for notes.


It's the weekend before Finals and things are crazy weird in Skyteville right now. It's a really long story which includes quitting and gaining of jobs, new roommates, crazy family emergencies, and graduation looming ever closer on the horizon.

However, it is a story which must wait for another time. The Good Friend Tiffany (not to be confused with the Good Ship Lollipop) has suggested that I throw my Chemistry studying to the side for a while and join her on a picnic in the soccer field in honor of the gorgeous weather we're having. We'll have to enjoy it while it lasts, because it's supposed to rain tonight.

She's got the blanket and sandwiches, I've got the chips, soda and ice cream.

You should join us, it will be great.


Open windows now.
Kids playing baseball floats in,
The sounds of springtime.


Al's plane leaves at 11:45 today. I'm really sad. :( I don't want her to leave. I'm so glad she came up to visit me, we've had so much fun.

I've known her so long that we share a brain. I'm going to miss her. Luckily she'll be back soon!

We've taken about 50000 pictures, some of them are really good. I'll post a few when I get back from Portland.

Love you, Kins. (I really like watching you sleep)


I collect sleeping people.

It seems like a few times a week I have people sleeping in my living room. Not that I'm complaining mind you, it makes staring at someone so much easier when they're asleep, I just think it's funny.

Fred is on the couch and Ally is on the floor. I have an air mattress but apparently my floor (and couch?) are comfortable. I really don't get it myself, I wouldn't sleep there...but what do I know?

I'm getting a few last minute things done before I have to run off to a couple classes. I haven't been around to check my mail in days. Fred, Ally and I went to the beach for the weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous and I'll have to throw some pictures up for you to see, Figs. It was so lovely.

When we first got there it was raining pretty hard and terribly foggy, but by the next day the fog let up and the sun actually came out. It was great stuff.

Fred brought his laptop but wouldn't let me use it on the grounds that I wasn't allowed to check my E-mail the entire weekend. Likely story. I know the real reason why, and it isn't pretty. Let's just say "Cheez Wiz" and leave it at that.

It was a good thing though (the no e-mail rule...not the Cheez Wiz) and I needed to get away from town for a few days and just vedge, without feeling like I was obligated to anything. We played total tourists...went to lighthouses, the beach, all the fun tourist traps. It was great.

Ally catches her flight back for Memphis tomorrow at 12, which sucks. I wish she could have stuck around longer, but she couldn't get the time off work. I am glad she could make it up, however. I luvr her.

Fred leaves Wed, and I can't wait...I mean, I will miss him. Honest.

Today I have classes, then we're going to grab lunch (I have been promised Thai!) and go be slackers until my SC meeting this afternoon, which they plan to attend out of sheer boredom. The SC meeting is the only appearance I'm making at work until next Monday. I've still got 7 days off, baby. How hot is that?


Ally is talking.
I'm not quite sure what she said,
Sleepy time chatting.


Fred and Ally have gone out to pick up some Chinese food while I last minute cram for my Chem test I have at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

With everything that's been going on lately, I'm having a hard time focusing on school, and I'm not retaining a whole lot, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to bomb it, but that's okay. Everyone needs an "F" once in their lives right?


My friends are silly.
I love them anyway though.
Because I have to.