I collect sleeping people.

It seems like a few times a week I have people sleeping in my living room. Not that I'm complaining mind you, it makes staring at someone so much easier when they're asleep, I just think it's funny.

Fred is on the couch and Ally is on the floor. I have an air mattress but apparently my floor (and couch?) are comfortable. I really don't get it myself, I wouldn't sleep there...but what do I know?

I'm getting a few last minute things done before I have to run off to a couple classes. I haven't been around to check my mail in days. Fred, Ally and I went to the beach for the weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous and I'll have to throw some pictures up for you to see, Figs. It was so lovely.

When we first got there it was raining pretty hard and terribly foggy, but by the next day the fog let up and the sun actually came out. It was great stuff.

Fred brought his laptop but wouldn't let me use it on the grounds that I wasn't allowed to check my E-mail the entire weekend. Likely story. I know the real reason why, and it isn't pretty. Let's just say "Cheez Wiz" and leave it at that.

It was a good thing though (the no e-mail rule...not the Cheez Wiz) and I needed to get away from town for a few days and just vedge, without feeling like I was obligated to anything. We played total tourists...went to lighthouses, the beach, all the fun tourist traps. It was great.

Ally catches her flight back for Memphis tomorrow at 12, which sucks. I wish she could have stuck around longer, but she couldn't get the time off work. I am glad she could make it up, however. I luvr her.

Fred leaves Wed, and I can't wait...I mean, I will miss him. Honest.

Today I have classes, then we're going to grab lunch (I have been promised Thai!) and go be slackers until my SC meeting this afternoon, which they plan to attend out of sheer boredom. The SC meeting is the only appearance I'm making at work until next Monday. I've still got 7 days off, baby. How hot is that?


Ally is talking.
I'm not quite sure what she said,
Sleepy time chatting.

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