I quit my job Friday, and I have to tell you Figs, it was by far the best decision I could have ever made for myself. I feel a million pounds lighter and so much freer.

I already have a new job lined up. One that will be so much less stressful and less work for me. It's not that I don't mind doing work, it's just that the job that I was in was far too much garbage to deal with to get the work done, and it wasn't worth it.

I won't start the new job (and keep your fingers crossed it works out, because I have to shuffle myself from one department to another) until the 2nd of April, so I have myself a nice long break from the stress of a jobby-job which is good, because I need it.

It's finals week next week.

I'm not concerned about the Monday final, or the Tuesday night final, I'm worried about the Tuesday morning final. The Chemistry final. The stupid final (no offense Sean).

Other then Tif's picnic, and taking Michael's advice to take the evening away from Chemistry, all I've done is study these three chapters that the final is on. I'm thanking my lucky stars every minute that it's not a cumulative final for sure, Figs.

It's not that the subject is hard, it's just that the last few months have been extremely difficult and I've had a hard time just focusing on anything and retaining it. I didn't do so hot on the mid-term. I've still got an A in the class (I think), but I'm hanging on to that sucker only by a few half percentages, and if I bomb the final, I'll have to repeat the class over the summer after I've graduated. I know people think I'm being really crazy about this, but the program I want to get into for Med School is one that I feel like I need to apply to with a decent G.P.A., decent meaning I didn't fail my Chem class.

After Tuesday though I'm free. Free! I plan on doing lots of fun things, like sleeping and maybe sitting.

Sitting is good.


Finals are stinky.
There is panic in the streets,
and shivving for notes.

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