Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Kelllllly, Happy Birthday to you!

I hope that you have the best birthday ever. Love you hon!


What's the world record for the most books read in one day? Maybe I'll look into beating it. I had something more eloquent and clever I was going to say here, but I'll say it later. :)


We fed the duckies yesterday, took the kids there and then over to another park and ran them ragged. They slept for four hours yesterday afternoon. (Yay!) Ran me ragged too though, I was so tired I fell asleep when it was still light out last night. Pathetic, really. Today we have a BBQ at another providers house, but not sure if we're still doing it. Tomorrow I'm taking the kids to the Iris Festival parade, goodie. Nothing I like more then sitting in the hot sun watching hokey floats and getting candy thrown at my head. ;)


I had a interesting weekend. On Saturday my younger brother got to go fly an plane..which scared the bejesus out of me. He can't even ride his skateboard with out bumping into someones shins, imagine the damage he could do with a plane. (Yeah, ok...what kind of sister am I?) He had a blast though, he's eight, and they took him up for 20 minutes and let him fly and everything. It was good for him...and good for me, I didn't have to go watch.

I did however, have to cover in the childcare while everyone was gone, but it was no big deal...the kids (all three of them) were actually pretty decent for once. (They're making up for it today).

Then I went to the Saturday Market...which is always good for finding cute homemade wares that I kick myself for not bringing money to buy. I wandered around and smelled all the flowers, and oohed over all the pretty pretties, and had a pretty good time. It was a wonderful day, about 65ish and sunny, so it was perfect Saturday Market weather.

Watched some guys tap dance, tried peruvian food (Which I've never had before, it was interesting. Not interesting-I-didn't-like-it interesting, but interesting-interesting. I had um...what did I have? I don't remember...it was chicken wrapped in this cornmeal type ball and cooked in a plantation leaf, fried plantains (Which I have had before, and don't know if I care for even after all this time. They're too corny tasting to make me think of Bananas, which I hate, and to banana tasting to make me offically put the like stamp on them.) and a cabbage type salad. It was pretty good....corny...spicey..gave me heartburn...I'd eat it again.), ran into some people I knew, got some kettle corn, and got stung in the face by a bee.

The last one wasn't exactly a highlight...but I had to throw it in for fun. It didn't hurt, the side of my face felt kind of funky the rest of the day, but it was no big deal. (Well...don't tell anyone, but in a secret dark corner of my little heart..I hope that bee flew off and landed all out of breath on the pavement and got squashed under the sole of somebodies tennie. Just...don't tell anyone I said that.)

On Saturday night OPIT was supposed to have an investigation but it didn't happen because of a medical emergency (Robin has a bad mouth and it was hurting her), so we'll have to reschedual it. I was bummed, it would have been a perfect night...but there is always next week.

Yesterday, I came over and Robin wasn't feeling any better so I gave her her mommies day present (A mothers necklace that was really cute..the only one I could find that didn't make me feel like my other had morphed into that gaudy pink haired lady from TBN) and went home and watched some movies, finished Gone with the Wind (I've never read it or seen the movie, so I decided I might as well...incase anyone cares...I didn't like it.) and ended up spending five hours in the Emergency Room trying to entertain poor Robin.

Just the way she wanted to spend her Mothers day too, dream come true.

While in the ER, I watched everyone (I watch people...but not in that creepy stalker way, I watch them because real people make the best characters. Plus, people do such amusing tricks. I wonder if they'll let me come and sit in the ER with a laptop and write character profiles.) I've decided a few things:

1. The ER sucks. Maybe not yours, but Salem Hospitals does. They're rude, inconciterate, and rude. (Did I mention rude?) They're the only hospital I've ever found who has the irrationality to ask a patiant who's in pain 'what do you want us to do about it?' Well shit, I don't know...didn't you go to medical school?

2. People bring their kids to the ER like it'll be some fun play date for them. I don't know why, I'm someones kid and the last place I'd want to play is the ER. Maybe I'm just some kind of throwback.

3. If you've broken your arm in three places, including your elbow, and your boyfriend is at home drinking your beer with another girl and refuses to come sit with you. You should dump him. (I'll tell this story another time, honest.)

4. Next time I'm in the hospital, I'm going to order pizza and see if they'll deliver to the waiting room. They deliver to the overnight rooms..why not the ER waiting room too?

5. I will never install cupboards into a room that have locks on the cupboard door, and lock them, so no one can steal anything, when the cupboard door has a huge hole in it for you to put stuff through. It defeats the purpose.

6. Just because the vending machine is in a hospital, dosen't mean the vending machine is sanitary.

Robin, is much better now, by the way. They gave her some meds and some other meds to knock out any infection and she's going to go see a dentist soon. One good thing did come out of the boring stay at the ER becides Robin being better, I came up with a good book idea...

Since the state has done everything in their power to keep this (and other incidents and things) out of the media, I'll report it.

A few weeks back a woman in Linclon City was attacked at her Home Childcare by a non custodial parent on drugs trying to steal the child. The woman did everything she could to keep this parent from entering the home, and in the process was horribly beaten. The 911 tape clearly has the non-costodial parent screaming 'Where are your knives bitch, I'm going to cut you up.'

A week later, insted of assisting her, the State of Oregon Childcare Division closed her childcare and fined her stating that she promoted a potentaly hazardus enviorment for children.

First, let me say that my personal opinion on this is once again the state has failed the childcare profession. The State of Oregon CCD spreds lies, runs a disorganized and irrational system, and promotes basicly, filth, to the general public to keep Childcare in a bad light. Insted of fixing the problem, they do everything they can to force the professionals in this business to quit so that the state can completely regulate state institutions that will be used for childcare.

Secondly, I'm tired of the media sucking up the state/parent side insted of talking to the people who actually do this job.

"It's too expensive", "We don't get good care", "They're all abusive", "If they ask for money, they're not good childcare providers!".

I'm tired of Time and Parent and all these other magazines and papers reporting that we're just a bunch of people who are responsible for the anger in young children and don't do good jobs.

They report the lone woman who was arrested for abandoning her childcare children, and ignore the woman who was closed by the state because her neighbor had a pool, or the dozens of woman who are physicly and verbally assaulted every year by clients who don't wish to pay their bill, or parents who don't have custody of the children. In the six years we've been in this area, I have been listed on over a dozen different restraining orders as a person to protect, and none of them were filed by me. I've been verbally assaulted by drunks, drug addicts, and physicly abusive men, and every single one of them were parents of a child in our care, and every single one got away with it because the state wants to 'protect the parents'. Yet, they got to turn around and report me with false claims to the state, and the state deems me the bad guy.

I've watched parents come to blows in our driveway over drugs, I've seen parents beat their children, I've seen blantant neglect and abuse, and not a single thing was done.

Why? Because the state has admited to me, that 'until they kill them, we won't do anything. But we'll come after you, because it looks like we are doing something'.

Oh joy, lord how I do love my job.

Now, please don't cringe and say you'll never move to Oregon. This is everywhere in the US. In fact, Oregon is one of the better states. It's a nationwide problem that's recieving nothing but cover ups and deaf ears. We're just Babysitters right? It's not a real job. I take care of your kids, I've got the most important job in the world.

Anyone else think it sad that 99% of the US population don't view their childrens care as important? Their children aren't people, their children are things they own. They don't want thier children, they could care less.

Think I'm being extreme? Nope, it's how it is...come to my job for a month. You'll see.

Ahha..I didn't think so. It's amusing to me, how everyone who bitches about us, wouldn't do this job. Who would? We only get 72 cents an hour.

There are, as in every profession, people who shouldn't be doing this because they're not good for the children. But, there is no reason that the garbage that goes on in this profession should continue any longer. No one out there but childcare providers know the truth about what's going on in this business. The public would be outraged if they knew the truth, that's why the state has laws like the federal one 'it's illegal to talk to any other childcare provider'. Did you know that? Yep..we can go to federal prision if we speak to another person who does childcare. Oh, exept, of course, in the state ran support groups.

I want to fix it, but I want out more...is that bad of me?


I'm bored. (Yeah yeah, "only boring people are boring". Well then chippy, that just makes me boring then too don' it? Goodie. Let me know when I start to make you fall asleep....hm...you think that's why people become hypnotists? Because they're boring and they can get people to fall asleep quick? Maybe that's what I should do. You are getting sleeepy....sleeeEEeeEpy...)

Ahem, I want to play a game. I'm currently taking your suggestions for a game. They have to fall into one of the catagories below:

* Horror

* Puzzle

* Horror/Puzzle

Yeah, really hard right? I have played almost every single horror/puzzle game out there...so let's see if someone can come up with one I haven't yet.


By request...

Still, one of the most amusing things I've seen around my town in a long time.