I want my books, damnit. I'm already behind in my homework. Mean people, not sending me my books. Make me go and get them myself. Don't they know how lazy I am? This is cruel, that's what this is.

On the upside, my packages for YCC (All eight of them) containing all the supplies for the next ten weeks are in. I am giddy. Boxes, oh how I love them.

I was tired enough when I woke up that somehow this morning as I was getting dressed I forgot a very important artical of clothing. No, I won't tell you what it was, and no, it wasn't my pants. I'm tired, not completely brainless. I think maybe an afternoon nap will be in order. Just as soon as the depression for plunking down a half a grand on books sets in.


I need a new comment system, I've fixed the one I have a number of times over the last two months and it still errors. Any suggestions?

Today was my first on campus class of the term (God bless online classes), and actually it was really great (Native American Studies). I think it's going to turn out to be my favorite. Not, that it has much competition, it's up against Math, Psych (with a biology emphasis, see, it does so have something to do with my major) and English (well, not until next month). I love Psych and English but Math can take a flying leap. Since I don't have any other classes on campus, I don't live out there like other people do. YAY! Although it does have it's drawbacks, mainly having tons of time on campus to avoid working, where as being in my office for most classes, I can't avoid work at all.

NAS is a three term class, so I guess if it turns out as cool as I think it will, I'll take it the next two terms as well. Got a quiz in it Thursday though, what's with that? Hour and twenty minutes in a class does not merit a quiz in my opinion. Give me three or four more classes and then pretend to quiz me as you just slip me the gold star under the table, that's what I want.

I still don't have my books yet, that's another story all together.

Now I'm off to pick someone from Track and take her directly to Soccer where I'll sit and rewrite all my really bad crappy notes. This is what happens when you haven't attended any sort of workshop or class for over a year, you completely lose what pathetic note writing skills you had.

It's sad, really.


A very happy birthday to Fred, whom if was gone, I would miss moderately to somewhat.


Happy Birthday! You know I love you.

Now I am off to run around town like a good headless chicken, and pick up some last minute stuff for classes (Like books, and pencils!) and a whole slue of other things. A typical errand day is maybe six or seven places, today I have about a dozen, so it will be fun to see how long this takes me. (According to Robert, it takes me 'six to eight hours' but it rarely takes over three)

One of the lovely things I get to do is another student ID, which means a picture, which means that once again there will be images floating around that make me look like some scary swamp medusa.

I suppose I should just go get it done.

To the nice lady who left a comment (by the way, comments are broken, I'll fix them this evening), Hi! I'll link back to you tonight, always nice to know I have another reader to add to my amazing amount of readers I can count on one hand. :)


Thanks to Michael (yes, it really is your fault) ever since last summer I've become disgustingly addicted to Anime. I pick a series at random, get the first five episodes (I've found, you can't really judge one until you've seen at least five episodes, because sometimes they change so drastically by the fifth one) and cross my fingers that they're good.

My last batch of downloads included Ayatsuri Sakon, Konjiki No Gash Bell!, Gakkou No Kaidan, and Pita Ten.

Pita Ten isn't finished downloading yet so I have no idea if it's any good.

The other three I got seriously lucky with. Ayatsuri Sakon and Gakkou No Kaidan are both mystery/horror type animes. Although Gakkou leans more towards horror, because it has ghosts. Gakkou is about a bunch of ghosts at a school that were trapped in objects that were all distroyed, and now have to be caught again by a group of students. It's silly scary, and really cute.

Ayatsuri is turning out to be pretty dark, but I really like it. It's about a puppeteer who basically solves mysteries with his puppet. It sounds like it would be zany and aimed more towards kids, but it's not at all. It also has a weirdly catchy opening theme.

Konjiki No Gash Bell! has sort of a Pokemon feel to it, in a vauge way, but in my opinion I find it to be a million times better, and a lot more amusing. It's about the battle to become the King of the Demon world, where 100 demons are sent to earth with spellbooks that can only be used by humans. Gash is one of the demons, and gets paired with a slightly unwilling highschool student. Of course, then you have the obligitory fighting and stuff, it's violent, but not in a violent cruel sort of way.

I am really loving Gash, it's cute (cute cute!) and terribly funny. (Once you get past the nudity in the first two episodes, don't let that put you off if you try it, trust me) The only problem with Gash is that there are supposeadly going to be 50+ episodes, and nearly every one so far has made me cry.

I'm a baby, I can't help it.

So, I'm on episode 24 and I keep checking Anime Suki to see if 25 is listed yet, and it's not, and it's totally driving me batty. So, in the mean time, I'm getting the most recent episode of Kingdom Hospital, which is another post all together.


A bunch of family is up, so I'm throwing a nice family dinner. Well, it's turning into an early dinner, but it should be fun. We were supposed to eat at five but everyone is coming early so we're going to eat at 1 insted, this means I have to make everything earlier then I thought I would have to.

So now, I need to rush off to the store and pick up the rest of the stuff so I can be a good slave and cook for the rest of the afternoon.

Whee! Cooking is so fun. Erm, except for when your ribs boil over.
Moved the images over to another domain until I can renew the other one. so they shouldn't break again anytime soon. Until of course, this other domain expires because I haven't renewed it yet either.

I do a reinforcement system with the YCC. For each thing you do without me having to remind you (signing yourself in to the class, picking up your supplies when class is over), or for going out of your way to help me, or just being generally plesant I give away (or other Center staff can) H.O.M.E Dollars that come in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100. Every six months we have a H.O.M.E Store Party, and you can buy stuff from the H.O.M.E Store with your dollars.

The kids really, really love it, and they do everything possible under the sun to get a 100 from me. Right now only one person has ever gotten one, and they had to clean and rearrange the entire classroom to get it. This is because I am evil, and it gives me some weird thrill to watch kids scramble around to try and get the most dollars possible before the Store opens. (They have until October 31st, in which we have our Halloween Party and the Store opens for the first time.)

Yesterday, as I went to go track down the H.O.M.E Dollars to give everyone I found that not only is the entire container with all the dollars missing, the account book (I keep track of who got what when and why) is gone too.

Dangit. So, I don't know if someone moved it to get into their accounts (each kid has a 9'x12" envelope they've decorated that serves as their 'dollar account') and just didn't put it back, or if someone threw it away (??) or what.

I don't think anyone stole them, it doesn't matter if they did anyway because they won't be usable (they have to be filled out with the childs name and then signed and dated by the person giving them) and it's not like I don't know who has what, and won't notice if someone comes to the Store with zillion dollars.

Now I either have to find it, or go through the trouble of printing all those dollars again (I designed them, hopefully I saved them). It's frustrating, I just wish people would leave stuff on my shelves on my shelves. :(


Layout is broken because I, in my ever expanding mookness forgot to renew brighterskyte.com. It should be fixed as soon as I renew the domain.

Dangit...dangit dangit dangit....


It's the first burn day of the season and there has to be a half a dozen to a dozen fires in the four block area of my neighborhood. It's terrible. The smoke and ash is so thick that it's hard to see anything. I'm hoping someone will call and the local fire department will tell them to knock it the heck off before someone gets sick from smoke inhalation (it could happen, with this much smoke), there is a car accident because there is no visibility, or someone burns down their house.

I think it was a case of monkey see, monkey decide it's a good idea, and everyone went and started burning yard debris. Not that I don't appreciate nice landscaped yards, but this is a bit on the ridiculous side. I feel sorry for anyone with asthma or allergies, they've got to be miserable.

I wanted to weed today, but there is no way I can go outside and do it now. Dangit.
I was supposed to prep the kitchen and dining room to paint but I woke up this morning with a big start realizing there was a meeting I was supposed to be at first thing this morning, so I rush around and pick up some donuts for everyone at the meeting (I don't eat them myself) and went there.

So, the meeting lasts about an hour and a half, and sometime during the meeting I ended up on a committee that'll meet weekly, and on another that will probably start meeting at the end of the month. The first is a marketing committee on how to attract more attention to the Center. I have slues of ideas, and so it'll be great to implement those. The second is to help with their web site, since the person who's doing it now is very overswamped, so now there are three of us that will work on it. I don't mind of course, it's just interesting how it happens.

So now that the majority of my day is shot, I won't be painting I'm just going to put it off till next Saturday. That's ok though, gives me a whole week to look forward to huffing fumes. So instead I'm going to run to the store to get stuff for turkey pot pie which I'm making for dinner, and things for dinner tomorrow and Monday (when I have company, and in which I must use the shrimp that is sitting in the freezer) and pick up the movie I'm showing for Movie Day for tomorrows YCC, and then go pick up my bedroom, since I made it a huge mess.

Monday I need to go pick up a parade float application. Someone remind me, alright?


Wonderfalls is on tonight. For those of you who haven't seen it, you should. I actually like it better then Joan of Arcadia. Then again, I love the producers humor because it mirrors so close to my own weird humor. The idea is much the same, inanimate objects begin talking to the main character to get her to do things that will ultimately end up helping other people.

It's cute.

Anyway, give it a shot. It's on at 9 on Fridays. At least don't let Fox trash this one like they do every other good series they ever get.
Shauna chewed herself raw last night because I didn't put the cone back on her and now she's all red and raw and tremoring. I'm not sure what to do for her, I've tried everything and I am completely at a loss.


These are the coolest Callas that I don't have, ever. I'm extremely tempted to order bulbs and figure out where to cram them into my lily beds. Pretty, so very pretty.
It's St. Patty's Day (and a happy one to you, I might add), and I am not wearing green, because I wore green yesterday. (Not because I mixed the days up, but because that's the shirt I grabbed out of my dresser. I had green scrunchies in my piggy tails too so they matched, I realize I should have just worn it today, but it's too late now.) So, to combat any people who may think they might be able to gleefully sneak in and pinch me repeatedly today, I've drawn a leprechaun hat on the thumb of my left hand.

In green marker.

Take that, pinchers!

I'm now off to drop off a criminal history registry application off because my last one in the data base expired. What's amusing is every one of these applications you submit hits on your account and stays on your file as a check of your criminal history. So to someone who doesn't know me, or what I do, it looks like I've had a couple dozen history checks. Of course it doesn't say who or why, so it leaves people to use their imagination as to why there are so many 'checks'.

"Boy, I never knew she got in this much trouble!"

Yeah that's me, party girl. I party so hard I scare myself. Right. Excuse me now, I have to go mix some vodka in with my water and get back to my customer service.

And again, thanks Kenneth, and I still didn't mean you. So there.


I love Baudville. If you need certificate paper, pretty printing paper, or any sort of motivational supplies or anything I highly recommend using Baudville. Not only is their stuff high quality and very economical, their customer service is a million times over the top.

I wrote them to ask which certificate paper would work best for calligraphy, since the kind I bought bleeds, and the customer service is now sending me a package at no charge of test papers so I can figure out which kind works best.

Things like that, which should be standard but sadly aren't in the business world, are what makes a good company outstanding.

So, if you need someone like them, use them. Ok, done pimping now.
I haven't posted because it really is a huge pain to type with a splinted and taped finger. It actually makes my typing nearly two times worse then it normally is.

That combined with my endless running around for work I really haven't had the time to post anything, not that I ever have anything terribly entertaining to post anyhow.

I hate the smell of cooking rice. (Veggie soup over rice is what is for lunch) It makes me dry heave, I share this because I know you want to know. It's nearly as disgusting as the smell of cooking meat. I'm not sure why, I wonder if it means I've got some kind of deficient thing or something. I don't mind the taste, in fact I like rice, I just can't be around it when it's cooking. It's sad, and I'm sorry to bore you with it.

In other news all classes for next term are all signed up. Don't worry those of you who have constantly warned me, I didn't overload myself. Although I'm very tempted to add an art class, I've had a serious urge to paint lately, but I figure instead of spending money on one when I'm already taking one elective this term anyway, I'll just bug Robert until he teaches me how to use my air brush that's been sitting in my closet for ages.

Classes don't start until the 29th so I have a few more days to make sure I'm as far ahead in work as I possibly can be before I have to cut my work time back a bit. I am happy to say though that my classes are either on line or night classes, so I don't have to break my work day up to badly to drive out to the college.

Not that it really matters, I could schedule classes for whenever I wanted and nobody would say boo. Ah, the perks of working for yourself.

Look, I ate all my rice. I'm such a good girl, I think I'll give myself a raise.


So far, our calligrapher is slightly irked because the new paper we have slightly feathers the ink on the certificates, the order for the YCC class stuff that I need by tomorrow didn't go through, so now I have to reorder and pay extra for overnight shipping, and I've messed up two batches of printing.

And it's only 10:30.

Thank god tomorrow is my day off.


Oh, and not posting posts. It's not posting my posts either.


I had something impressive and witty to post, but as I sit here on a break from running around like a headless chicken, I find that I can't remember what it was.


Has anyone else had a problem with Blogger just, for no reason at all, randomally deleting part of the template? I've had it happen a couple times now where I go in and make a small change and save, and the page doesn't load right so I check, and half the template is missing.

The first meeting of the day is over, and went well, I think. Now I only have three more today, and I'll be done with the very long day of meetings. I'll be glad when we're all done with today. My pinkie is killing me though, it's swollen now all the way down to my wrist because I, like the mook I am, keep using it.

Oh well, lunch time. Anyone want a burrito?


You know you're getting old when it goes on 6:30 and you're already tired.
This is a layout I made for another blog and liked it enough I swapped it. For the time being anyway. I probably won't use this one for long because I have some ideas for a new layout.



I have a friend who will be going to OSU too. Yay! Study friends! YAY!

Now, to get him to just sign up to the classes I need, and do my homework for me. Nobody'll ever know. Ever. He can just sign up as Jamie, it'll work.

It's weird when childhood friends who are younger then you are getting married.

Really, really weird.


My Mormon name is Jamielynne Aingee!
What's yours?

In other news, I'm seriously in love with these. They're crunchy, sweet, and weird all at the same time. They only have a few little sticks or bars in one package, (like four, and they're about the size of a saltine cracker) and I only got one package to try, and now I have to get more.

Someone go get me some? My finger hurts.

Newest Anime to watch while I'm working (Yes, I can edit courses and watch anime at the same time...such talent, I have) is Gakkou No Kaidan. Has anyone seen it? If you have...is it any good? I hope it is, otherwise I wasted four days trying to get it to download for nothin'.


I have infiltrated the enemy and reclaimed the lily bed as my own.

This, is the yard where I'm living. Pretty yes? Although you can't see it in the picture because of the dang Dahlias (not that I dislike them, mind you) this is where the lily bed is.

The lilies are mine.

I've bought them for the last eight years or so and I've been planting them in that bed since my ex-land lady forbid me from having flowerbeds. I love lilies, they are my absolute favorite. I get them from the Lily Lady, I don't know her real name or the name of her business, which is pathetic, but I do know that the last two years hers was spot 32 at the Farmers Market and all she sells is lilies. Fresh cut ones, and bulbs. It's the bulbs I buy.

I've got about nine kinds right now. Over the last couple years they've spread, so I've had to put them in different places in the yard. This is alright though, because sooner or later they'll take over the other plants that are far too comfortable in the beds. Like the Dahlia, or the roses (who needs thirty rose bushes?) or the dozen kinds of lavender that are everywhere, even in the vegetable garden.

Spring is coming though, you can tell because the crocuses are up and bees are back humming around the daffodils. So, starting next Saturday I shall be happily weeding in my lily bed, and making room in other peoples beds, so that the lilies can overtake the yard.


The tip of my pinkie is broken. It got broken yesterday before we left for the field trip, by someone else, purely by accident.

It amazes me, how many times a day I hit the shift key with my pinkie. You never notice, until hitting it makes you yelp in pain.
The trip went great. We got there right on time (before the crowds got there, which was nice) and the kids had alot of fun. The place had their prices all screwed up, and had them listed wrong on their website so I didn't get the best package I could have. (Their customer service was also lacking, because they never returned calls or E-mails but...oh well)

I, got to spend a good portion of my time popping disgusting amounts of tokens into DDR-5th Mix. How can someone not love that game? It's so fun! And 5th has a Never Ending Story remix that I just love. I doubled with Lane, and although our scores never got above a "B" we had a heck of alot of fun. The only thing was is that I wouldn't do her favorite (Afronova Primeval) with her. I won't, because the thing is insane.

What's amusing is how impressed people get. They stand around and say how good you are, when you know that your score for that song won't be above a D because you missed all the stupid left/down jumps. (I hate left down jumps, I hate left anything jumps, but I hate left down the most.)

Now, we've decided to get a second pad (I only have one) and practice at home (Yes, it's not the same, I know) and hit the arcade once a week and take over the DDR machine they have, and play there. If I was rich, I'd so buy one. I also want this, really bad, because I don't have it (and I don't have a PS2 to buy PS2 DDR games) and it's a pain to find anywhere. If anyone buys me any presents this year (heh) make it this one. :)