It's been a long few days. I had a family emergency on Saturday, and now I'm out of town helping out. I haven't slept since a bit Saturday night so I'm a little loopy.

Things are a little better, and I should be able to return home tomorrow evening or Thursday at the latest. I brought my homework along with me but of course I'm not getting any of it done. I'm going to have to bust my tuckus over the next few days. I've got a test in Trig on the 11th and I'm not really steady on the concepts. I'd rather not bomb this one, because then I'd have to retake Trig and that's just sick.

Happy Super Fat Tuesday to all of you. What are my predictions on this day of caucuses and over-indulgence before Lent?

I think there will be a sweep for the Republican candidate, and a crazy close race for the Democrat, that probably won't have a 'winner' so to speak. Also, there will be many drunk people, and not just because it's Mardi Gras.

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