Today marks the first time in NaNoWriMo history, that I know of, that any state has hosted an all-state write-in that wasn't either a: all completely one Region or b: San Fransisco who really doesn't count because they're HQ. No offense, SF.

Today is Oregon's first All State Write-In, where Regions from all over Oregon will (hopefully) be in attendance. This being our first year planning, things have been rocky, but I think that Eugene, who is hosting this year, has done a great job and today will be a really good NaNo event.

If you're interested in attending it will be from 11 - 1 PM today, at the Round Table Pizza in Springfield just off the freeway. You should come, Eugene has some awesome stuff planned I hear.

I've been put in charge of games and I have no idea what I'm bringing. The last few weeks have been crazy so I've put it aside, and never picked it back up. I know Dutch Blitz will be floating around, as well as some other games like that and decks of cards. I'm bringing Continual Story and the Plot Box of Doom, but other then that I'm at a loss.

My goal is to hit at least 7,000 - 10,000 words today, and with all the writing time we have, it shouldn't be too hard.

I guess I better go look for some ice breakers or something, before I'm fired and thrown to the fishes.

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