Had our General Write-In today. It went well, I think. We're in a smaller room then we're used to, and with a group that's growing like we are, it was a little snug but I think it'll work out well.

I had about thirteen in attendance, which isn't bad for the first General Write-In of the year. I had a good mix of old and new Wrimos, which is always nice. I try hard to make everyone feel welcome, so I hope that the new Wrimos who came today had a good time.

I plunked out about 2000 words, which isn't great, but isn't bad considering I handwrite everything because I'm a sorry sad laptopless person.

After the meeting Terra and I ran to Woodburn and then got some sushi, which was wonderful. It was good to see her. I miss DBS a lot. Because they rock.


It's way too early
Christmas stuff invading now,
Skipping Thanksgiving

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