The Next Day the Ballsonyourchin Empire sent a proclamation that all members of the Ballsonyourchin Empire are required to sell their Chinpubes. Unfortunately, the Boy who Wants To Become a Man could not afford to sell his Chinpubes because he needed it in order to be a man.

Unfortunately, on his quest to find the Freedom Within, he was captured by General IamtellingyoumynaughtyplansbecauseIamanevil
badguyandIhavetoanecdoteeverything and was imprisoned because he would not sell his Chinpubes. General IamtellingyoumynaughtyplansbecauseIamanevil
badguyandIhavetoanecdoteeverything decided to explain, at great length, his Evilplan to the Boy who Wants To Become a Man.

And the Evilplan was so Evil it warranted a capital E in Evilplan! But the plan was so poorly constructed it only got a p instead of Capital P. Anyway.

"Okay, Boy who Wants To Become a Man, you are crucial to my plan of...."

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