Okay, its officially almost 12:30 now. We're starting to die. We still have 5 and a half hours left, I don't know if we'll be able to make it. I probably won't. Terra and Cory should be back shortly...Terra's bringing me back battttttteries! So I can take pictures with my digital camera of Jamie's frogs doin' it..err...nothing. ;) We'll just wait and see what I can come up with when I commandeer this blog again.

Currently, Jamie's hair is wet and it is making my shoulder wet. Also, I can see the little grey hairs that I am causing Jamie has gotten from age.

She's so old.

Pathfinder is still on the television. I'm getting so frustratingly annoyed at the amount of violence, gore and blood on this DVD.

Maybe there'll be some gratuitous sex or something.

Well, it is 12:30, maybe I can find some porn on Cinemax...the Frogs just aren't doing it for me.


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