I took a break from reading to watch Katie, Melissa's neice in her very first cooking video ever (of a series of gluten free cooking videos shown for the 'Thon). Go over and watch it, and tell Katie what a great job she's doing!

So far, I've managed 115 pages. I'm hoping to have the book finished before 10:30 rolls around so I can start my next book. That leaves me with about 93 or so pages left, which shouldn't be a problem in an hour.

Book #: 1 - Current Book: The Chick And The Dead - Pages Read: 115 - Pages Remaining: 93


John said...

Hey, it appears you're back in the Blogathon - you've just turned up in my surfing frame which I guess means I've been assigned as your monitor.

Sorry for all the random technical screw-ups, the admins are working to sort it all out.

FurrTrap said...

Wow, I tend to find too much reading puts me to sleep! I'm not sure I'd like to tackle a blogathon and read as well...

You're doing great!