It's raining outside. This is a nice development because last year at this time the weather was horrid. So, my fellow group bloggers who will be spending the day with me (which by the way, total 6 people) should be meandering their way over soon. We plan on spending the day being total dorks because our origional shtick idea fell through...oh yeah, and then I was deleted from the site.

As for Sponsors, thanks so far to the following lovelies who are supporting me and my charity:

Kelly Hall - Kelly sponsored me $20.00 because she rocks. She's doing the Blogathon this year, go support her and the good work she's doing.

Frederick Pettine - $25.00

Robin Galyen - $25.00

Total Sponsors: $75.00

Woohoo! You think I could get that up to $150 before the 24 hours is up?

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