Summertime to me always has been a time to read what I call 'Junk Food Fiction' not bad books, just books that are quick reads that maybe don't stay with you for a long time. Horror novels, mystery novels, but never ever romance novels, because those are 'trash fiction' and that's another post all together.

The book I'm currently reading is written with a humorous overtone, so it's a quick fun read and I'm enjoying it. I keep getting distracted however, so I've currently only moved 56 pages beyond where I started from. This makes me sad. It's still raining however, and this makes me happy. Rain is perfect reading weather.

I'm still only $5.00 away from $100...so if you've got an extra five bucks laying around, why not toss it towards the Epilepsy Foundation? I'm sure they'd appreciate it greatly.

Book #: 1 - Current Book: The Chick And The Dead - Pages Read: 56

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