Thanks to Melissa over at Share Your Angels for sponsoring me $25.00. This brings my total to $95.00. $5.00 away from $100! Not bad for an rebel 'Thonner.

Go visit Melissa who is also 'Thonning this year for RAINN. Sponsor her, she's doing a wonderful thing. Also, she's got some tasty pictures of food, and video of people with accents!

I've been tinkering with this horrid layout to add my own sidebars, so I haven't been doing much reading. I've only gone about 28 pages further along. We'll see where I'm at after 8:30.

Book #: 1 - Current Book: The Chick And The Dead - Pages Read: 28

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FurrTrap said...

Yes the food looks tasty and very yummy. If you think I have an accent, wait till I drop into a thick Cornish one... then you'll need an interpreter 4 sure :)