<.narrator.>As we last left our heroin she was being flushed to that great hypo in the sky. As we wave our fond fair-wells, we wonder what will come of our cute and witty angel as she rushes away in a torrent of blue colored water.<./narrator.>

Angel too extreme? Princess then.
I'm the princess, so shut up.

I have noticed latey that my usally endless stream of usless and creative psycho babble spotted with 'that was kind of funny' wit has dried out to a very dead, dusty riverbed.
I'm losing my touch. Oh, the humanity.

I've got a new topic for my holier then thou soap box! ::waits for the collective cries of glee to end:: You know what really bothers me? (You know you care, didn't I tell you to shut up?) It upsets me that people find it nessisary to blame other people (or music, or TV, or their mother, or yadda yadda blah blah blah) for every downfall of their lives insted of opening up them peepers and realizing..."Hey! It's my fault my life is the way it is!"

It's a concept that just must be beyond the IQ of all us Jerry Springer lovin' americans.

And another thing? What happened to general politeness? When did it come a fax paus to open the door for someone? When did it become outlawed to not tailgate, not use a four letter word in everything you say, and NOT hack such lovely words as 'everybody' and 'people' into teeny-bopper, 13 year old, I couldn't type right to save my life slang. It makes me sick.

And don't correct my grammar. I'm not at work, so I don't have to conform to your evil sentance structure rules. Bring it up, and I swear on everything high and holy I'll lay waste to you and all your kind. I know where you sleep!

Did you know Davie spent backwards is Eivad? Although he didn't appriciate my amazing breakthrough.....you know how many of my brain cells died in the creation of that?


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