I just had to add this, I guess I'm the only person I know who saw the neat-o car chase in Atlanta yesterday.

I was rooting for the guy in the pickup! The rebel side of me was really bummed when he gave himself up like that, but the law-abiding angel side knows that it was better that way. I'm glad no one got hurt, but it was really kewl to watch.

Especially with the way he kept out maneuvering the cops. Come on! They totally left places open so he could run! Over curbs, through parking lots, down one way streets...tons of fun.

Dinged up a really pretty truck though. I'm not a truck girl at all, but that was a nice one.

What else is a little preschool worker to do? It was the highlight of my day. ::giggle::

I normally watch Court TV. (I'm irked that they keep taking off one live trial to show another, but it gives some variety I guess.) Current opinions of the Royal High Cutie Pie?:

1 - Jessica Willams got off pretty good. I still think that she should have gotten a lower sentence because even though she was responsible for the accident, she isn't a Manson and should be allowed to be a productive part of society. I don't care how many in-prison programs there are, it's hard to be productive in a setting like that. I think the state should be held accountable for more of the blame there too, they should have never had those kids out on the road like that.

2 - Although, I don't think that the Widow pulled the trigger (Dumped the body...chopped off the head...burned the body...) I do think she had knowledge of what was going to happen to her husband. I think that this trial is disorganized, and repetitive. They're
spending too much time on things that have nothing to do with anything. If I was on the jury (I disagree with withholding evidence from a jury, BTW.) I would at this point and time, not be convinced of her guilt, but more of the justice systems incompetence.

3 - I haven't seen enough of the stalking trial to give my opinion. Although so far the defendant seems to be missing some of the swiss from his cracker.

4 - I'm very glad that the daycare provider was found not guilty. I don't think she was guilty, in fact I think that it had more to do with her parent(s) then the provider. I'm sad that the state/goverment/parents want to blame the providers before looking at who it
really might be. Regardless of what the news might say, 99.99999999% of providers are great people. Great people with terrible humor though, I made quite a few shaking children jokes during that week. I should be ashamed. I'm stopping this one here. It's a
rant for me, so I'm going to quit before I start.

5 - I think it's sad that the 12 year old boy was sentanced to life. Although I understand the judges need to set examples of the other children who sadly will come across his courtroom, I don't think it's fair to deny him a productive, free life. Even if he took one...I
guess I'm just coldhearted or something. But I know if someone took my life, and it was an accident, I wouldn't want them punished. People do enough of that guilt stuff too themselves, they don't need the court systems help.

Ok...oops...I'm done.

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