I hate it when things don't do what I tell them too.

I ask nice! I say please, I don't hit the keyboard, or smack the screen, or yell things that would make a sailor blush. But...noooo. Lord forbid we behave like nice little micro-chips and just make the damn tables look right!

Take today for example. I sat here for a couple hours, and sometime after the caffiene kicked in, I got bit by the Productive Bug. So, I decide..."Hey, I'll throw together the Graphics Corner for the Sooth so Davie's got it ready when he wants to open."

La de dee right? Walk in the park, right? Oh sure. Right. And what plant do you come from?

So I throw open PSP, thinking "This'll be a peice of cake, simple interface." Nooooo...it dosn't work that way. Almost makes you want to cry.
I throw together a cute looking thing, and it's too big. Hey...no problem. I throw another one together, which I really like, and go to stick it up on the page. Does it work? Sure, if you don't mind gaps.

Try again.

Gap. Gap. Gap.

Delete code, try again.


Curse, delete code, try again.


Cry, delete code, try again.


Well, fuck you too.

So now, this half finished, half coded page is sitting there because the damn corner won't align right and now I've decided the graphics look stupid.

I need a nap

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