I was in a local private practice Peds clinic today. It was a completely different feel (obviously) then Peds at a hospital, since most of the children at the clinic were there for well baby check-ups or ear aches, while the children at Peds in the Hospital are there because they're not not doing so hot or because their clinic sent them over.

I was there for about four hours, and in that span of time the doctor I was with saw about 20 or so patients. Mostly ear aches and sniffles, which is what I figured would be pretty common.

It was very interesting and informative, and what amused me the most is the majority of the complains I heard from staff were a direct result of the parents. I had childcare flashbacks, parents overreacting, parents bringing drama in, parents, parents, parents, parents. Ah, you got to love them, right?

As I followed my Doc around, I realized that there is absolutely no reason why I can't do what he does, and I've already got the experience in dealing with crazy parents, so give me Med School and I'll be good to go.

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