So I took a leap today and met with the person who would be my adviser for Biology/Pre-Med at a different college, and talked to him about getting away from the horrid, evil cesspool that is The Current College and transferring to theirs.

It was an amazing meeting. He was very supportive and genuinely interested, which is a complete 180 from the person who is 'advising' me now at TCC. All I've ever gotten from him is the feeling that I'm inadequate, unable to do it, and that he feels like I'm a waste of his time.

Just the general atmosphere of The Different College was lovely. It's a smaller school, so the class sizes are about five times smaller then TCC. I feel like I learn better in a class where the teacher knows I exist and actually cares that I'm there.

So he started a file for me (even though I'm not even enrolled) and said to get enrolled and that he'd meet with me again in a couple of weeks to figure out my classes and help me set up a plan. So, I'm putting in my application this week (I've already sent my FAid papers over) and then I'm going to formally withdrawl from TCC. I'm so excited about it, I feel so much better that TDC is the school for me.

He also eluded that I wouldn't have to transfer my one-term crap grades from TCC, which is awesome, because everything that I ever had to do with that college just needs to stay there, and they can suck it.

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