There is a completely different feel in the Mother & Baby Unit then there is in Peds. Maybe it's the reason behind why people are where they are. You know, new baby vs. sick baby, but it could also be the fact that the air conditioner in M&B was working or that it had windows. Peds was like walking around a stuffy old grandma house, M&B was open and cool. Everyone smiling and chatting me up. Everyone in Peds was rushed, tight and worried.

I was at M&B for two hours today. Babies are too cute for their own good. The person I was stalking only had three 'couplets' as they call them, so although it was slightly slow, it was still very informative.

Once again, while I was leaving, the interesting stuff happened. One of the babies was being sent down to the NICU. It was a bummer for two reasons: the first being that the baby needed to go to NICU, and the second being that I missed being able to see it.

I'm at a neighborhood Pediatric clinic on Monday for five hours. It'll be interesting to see how a Peds clinic differs from Peds at the hospital.

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