Episode 2 of Lemon Angel Project was very cute! It opens where the first episode ends, with Tomo getting caught hiding. The producer saves her and tells her that what she saw was Lemon Angel, that they don't actually exist, that they're just a program and holograms. He tells her that her friend Yui programmed it, and her dream was to have real people singing, not programs.

Tomo decided to try out for the Lemon Angel second season, she is up against some stiff competition that can sing better then her, and some of them are very snobby.

The producer tells her to go up to the mike and sing and if she wants to quit to just stop and walk away, but to at least give it a try. So she goes up to the mike, and totally bombs it. She asks for a second try and doesn't do too bad.

In this episode we find out that Yui is dead. :( That's sad.

The episode ends with people who made it to the second round (about 20 girls) getting letters in the mail, and Tomo got one. Yay!

Episode 3 is next!

Current Anime: Lemon Angel Project Current Episode: 3

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