The first episode of Akagi was very interesting. The animation is very interesting, lots of thick lines and sharp edges in the character drawing. It's not a bad thing, just a different look. It's also very dark.

The anime is about Mahjong, it opens with a group of guys playing in a Mahjong parlor. One of the guys, Nangou owes a ton of money, and is trying to win enough to pay off his debts, but if he looses, he'll be killed for his life insurance. The policy is being held by a guy he's playing against mistress. Nice.

He's playing, and loosing, and is hoping for some kind of miracle when this kid who's wet and covered in sand comes in. The other men at the table tell him to get lost when Nangou says that he asked this kid to come check on him. He gives the kid a towel and goes back to his game, while he's playing (and about ready to lose) the kid tells him that he has to die to survive, and he's not playing he's surviving. Nangou realizes that he's gambling and has to take risks, and plays a tile that wins him the round.

During a break, he asks the kid what his name is, and he says Akagi, he says he knows that Akagi is running, but does he want to sit in and play his rounds for him. Akagi agrees and sits in on the game. While he's playing, the cops show up looking for a kid who was involved with a gang chicken race, and bust in accusing Akagi of being that kid. Nangou says no, that Akagi is his nephew, and has been there all night.

The cops don't buy it, but can't prove anything - and while the other players were distracted, Akagi steals tiles from the other players to make a winning hand. While the cops are still there, he says to get on with the game, and the players are distracted by the cops, he lays down a winning hand. Everyone realizes he cheated but can't do anything with the cops there. Drama!

The episode pretty much ends here, the detective cop decides to stick around because its raining, and another hand is dealt.

Very interesting. On to episode 2!

Current Anime: Akagi Current Episode: 2

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