The Snow Queen
by Terra Ashford

This was a delightful story about two kids who live in this northern European village where life is very simple. The kids are very close, although not brother and sister, they tend to act like they are going to fall in love and still kinda have a brother/sister feel - strange.

So I really feel there is an ancentuous love affair just waiting to happen here. The story revolved around this wierd bell that was sounding deep in the "mysterious" forest that all of the adults were affraid to check out. So the two love birds/quisai brother and sister combo decided to go off and find this church bell. They end up at this ocean where these bizzar sound is coming from and determine that it is not a church after all - but what is it???

They get in trouble for going out there, but don't tell anyone about the ocean/forest thing. Honestly I have no idea what happened here. It was slow moving and kinda emo, but it made me feel fuzzy inside.

A side note is there is this snow queen that made winter happen - how is she connected to this ocean noise thing. Who knows?

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