The third episode of Lemon Angel Project was very cute and sweet!

The episode opens with the girls who were picked doing a photo shoot. One of the girls, Yayoi used to be a model with another company but quit them because the owner was a sleezeball. Yayoi considers herself above everyone else, and is constantly very snobbish to Tomo.

Her old boss shows up at the photo shoot waving around her contract saying that she can't become a Lemon Angel because she is still under contract with him, and he refuses to break it. Yayoi is very angry, and demands that he let her go, but he says no, she has to come back to work for him.

Yayoi is upset, and Tomo suggests sneaking into his office and stealing the contract. Yayoi thinks that's a great idea and demands that Tomo, and another girl whom Tomo has become friends with go with her.

They sneak into the office (the third girl dressed as a ninja, which is super funny) and get the help of one of the employees who also disagrees with the company owner. As they are stealing the contract they get caught by the owner, and Yayoi agrees to go back with him, but then kicks him in the crotch and steals the contract, ripping it up.

The owner can't do anything because the contract is now gone, the employee gets fired, but she's ok with it because she just wants Yayoi to be happy. The episode ends with Yayoi and Tomo fighting, but Yayoi calls her 'Tomo' letting it slip that she considers them friends. Awww.

Episode 4 is up next!

Current Anime: Lemon Angel Project Current Episode: 4

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