Lunch was a hoot. Yes, I said hoot.

As always the Ladies and Cory (Sorry Cor, did you want to be a lady too?) are some of the best company while eating spicy food a girl can have. I lied, earlier, so I owe you an apology Figments: I did order Pahd Thai, and you know what? It was tasty! I don't regret it a bit! So there! I justified it by reminding myself that ordering something I've had before from a restaurant I've never been to before, is exactly like ordering something new. Right? S'what I thought.

I got to check out where Savvy works, so I can sneak in to the Library building and 'visit' her now. Ain't you thrilled about that Sav? I know where you work now. Even better, so does everyone else. Maybe I'll start sending stuff to your office: Savvy C/O OSU Library, Third Floor, First Cubicle Back Row on the Left. Perhaps something creepy, like chicken feathers or old tissue. Ah, the possibilities.

Afterwards we went by and checked out Dani's new house, which is a fantastic score for her. It's a three bedroom which is perfect for her family, and it's got a nice yard which is great for her kids. I did a bit of checking out the surroundings to start weighing the pros and cons of moving, since I will be facing the choice in Spring as to if I want to move to Corvallis or not. I plan on writing an entire post with pros and cons, putting it up to a vote, and letting you figments decide for me. Doesn't that sound like fun? Look forward to it. Nothing like having made up readers to your pathetic blog make important life decisions for you. It's what all the responsible people are doing these days.

Terra, Cory and I lounged about like lazy bums in a coffee shop for a few hours this afternoon and talked about the coming school year. They are going to WOU, I on the other hand...am not. I've still got about a year left where I am before I move to the next place. It got me thinking about the things I need to get organized in these next 72-odd days of summer before my life spirals out of control once again. So, in an effort to do as little work as possible at work this evening (My old guy was asleep, and I had nothing else to do, honest I didn't) I compiled a list of the things that I'm absolutely going to do before September. Good things. Getting organized and making changes things.

I just have the feeling like I need to make some drastic changes to better cope with my schedule, and to make myself feel better in the process. I generally deal with stress pretty well, but even with how well I deal with it, I know I'm not going to be able to keep all my cookies in their jar if I have too many more years like this last one. Premature graying is not sexy, no matter what anyone says.

On top of holding down two jobs (one of which will be the ASC Student Council Coordinator again, which in itself is a crazy stress-filled wonderland) I'll be pulling another full courseload of entirely Math, Physics and Chemistry classes (Yes I made retching noises...yes, I plan on making more, most likely in class). I'm also President Elect of Phi Theta Kappa for 2006-07, Vice President for Verbatim Et Litteram (Writing), and being the ML for National Novel Writing Month for Salem again in November. To top all of that off I have to start taking prep-courses for the MCATS so that I can take them (hopefully) next April, or if I have to wait, next August. I also need to start building up volunteer hours in the medical field so that I can get into my MD/PH.D program without too many hitches.

Hitches, figments, make a girl cry.

Somewhere along those lines I have to enroll in the next college-o-mine and get the graduation paperwork in...on time. On time is important.

So, in order to make my life as easy and stress-free at home as possible, I'm forcing myself to do all the stuff nobody likes to do around the house this summer. Personally, I think it's a crying shame, and a damn waste of perfectly good free time, but I know if I don't do it, I'll regret it come September.

Because I am boring, and have no life, I'm posting said list here, and I will keep you up to date on all the amazingly fun and exciting things that will happen while I do the things...on said list. I promise to lie, exaggerate, stage pictures and video, and blackmail people to make these things more entertaining for you, my beloved Figments.

The List Of Perfectly Responsible Things To Do That Will Ruin Summer:

1. Clean Fridge/Defrost Freezer.
2. Sort Through All Storage Boxes. Dump Stuff.
3. Clean Out Closets. Dump Stuff.
4. New Sheets & Towels. Yay!
5. Reorganize linen Closets.
6. Reorganize Kitchen Cupboards/Storage.
7. Balance Checkbook Better.
8. Redo Filing System. Dump Stuff.
9. Clean & Reorganize Guido/Desk. He Hates Clutter.
10. Photos In Albums/Frames.
11. Reorganize Decoration Storage.
12. Yard Sale!
13. Visit My Academic Advisor Who Hates Me.
14. Finalize Plans For Furniture.
15. Order Wood For furniture.
16. Redecorate Guest Bedroom (a.k.a. Stop using it for storage).
17. Redecorate 2nd Bathroom.
18. Your Purse Is Not A Trashcan.
19. Move Bedroom To Other Bedroom.
20. Redecorate Other Bedroom.
21. New mattresses On All Beds. Heh.

These are not necessarily in order of doing. For most of you it's probably a pretty stupid and boring list, but for me it's a good way for me to make sure that my ducks are all in a row before September. Also, I'm pretty frustrated with certain parts of my house right now, so getting them the way I want them (new furniture, um...no more boxes lounging about throwing parties in closets with dust bunnies) will make me feel more comfortable and make me less stressed out when I'm home.

At this point in time, I loathe my bedroom with a passion that would make me disown it if it was a person. It's mainly because my bed is an extra-extra firm (did you even know they make those? I didn't!) and I can't sleep on it anymore. I'm to the point that I sleep in my living room on the couch now. Stupid bed. I'm a pansy, what can I say? Plus, none of my bedroom furniture matches, and it drives me crazy. Crazy!

Having it the way I want it, would make me happy. Me being happy means that the plants get watered and I don't throw my stuff out the windows at people walking by. It's a win-win for everyone.

Now, the real question is, how much of this will I really get done before September 25th? Mr. Kumquat has opened a poll, and is taking your bets now. My money is on 75%.

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