Everyone but Terra is dead now. The hunger inside was too intense to curb. The crew was more than happy to give up their lives to save hers. Afterall, what would this world be without Terra?

Leading up to their ultimate sacrifice, the gang conjured up the spirits of their long dead ancestors in the hope that they would be blessed by their hopes as they crossed over into the other world.

Terra is now alone in the winderness on the top of the knowledge mountain; the others have discoved a new and exciting world on the other side of life.

What new adventures will this place hold for them? Certainly they hope that anime will be offed on this side - only the supreme spirit Heime will be able to provide this for them.

Poem of the new world:

horray horray we are on the other side
no more terra, too bad she had to eat us for us to get here
we off to find some anime,
woohooo it's time to play

like bats and baby oil,
the user is giving a drug of strong strange curse

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