So episode 3 of Akagi was more heart-pounding Mahjong drama. Akagi is playing against Yagi to settle Nangou's debt. After a hard battle of tiles, Akagi wins, and Nangou's debt is eliminated, but Akagi isn't satisfied. He bets Nangou's now eliminated debt in a new round.

So they play, and once again Akagi wins, this time winning 3 million dollars. But he's still not satisfied, and says he wants to double the bet to 6 million and play again.

At this point the sun is coming up and the detective tells him they have to stop, but he gets it in writing that they owe Akagi 3 million and that they agreed to a rematch, and the cop says he'll arrange a time and a place for it.

I've got an 800 number for you, if you like Akagi just can't stop betting everything.

The episode ends with Akagi stumbling off away from everyone down the street.

On to episode 4!

Current Anime: Akagi Current Episode: 4

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