Lanie, the last person left over from hanging out for the Blogathon over the weekend just left, so now my house is all to my selfish little myself. My house has been completely cleaned (including two loads of laundry!) and I deleted all the anime that was watched for the 'Thon from my hard drive. This freed up a mind boggling 10 gigs of space. 10 gigs people!

I feel oddly sad now it's all completely back to normal (but really I feel this way most likely because yours truly is running on about 5 hours sleep in four days and I'm pretty sure I've gone crazy), but I'm glad everything went well. I'm going to take down the Blogathon link stuff tomorrow most likely.

Sponsoring is open, I believe, until 6 am tomorrow. So if you didn't sponsor but really wanted to, you still have a chance by going here.

Now I'm off to sit myself in a sunny window with some iced tea and finish the book I started Thursday but didn't get a chance to read all weekend.

Good stuff.

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