Karin episode 3 was cute. In this episode Karin decides that the only way to make her blood not increase around Kenta is to make him happy. She spends the episode trying to figure out what happiness is. During this time she brings a box lunch to school but doesn't feel hungry, so gives it to her friend Maki, who gives it to Kenta, later on she sees Kenta at work (they work at the same resturant) and realizes that her blood is not increasing, so she decides that happiness is a boxed lunch. She decides that she's going to bring Kenta a boxed lunch from now on to make him happy.

At the end of the episode, Kenta is watching a vampire movie on TV and his mom walks in, on the screen the vampire is biting a woman and Kenta makes a connection...that Karin is a vampire.

Episode 4 is next!

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