W.O.R.S.T #40:

So today, once I was in my cleaning groove from cleaning my kitchen, doing some laundry, vacuuming and all of that good stuff, I decided to go ahead and get a W.O.R.S.T out of the way. Today's W.O.R.S.T was #40. Putting photos in albums and frames.

Terra brought me over some pictures during the Blogathon from a Luau we attended last month, and Lane brought me over some last week of the family, so I had a pile of pictures piled on top of my frames that really had to go somewhere. All those pretty faces deserved to be displayed!

So I filled the frames I have with most of the photos, and all of the frames are now clustered on my living room coffee table. They look so cute! I've got pictures from all over the place. I have some left over that's ok, because I want to get a bunch more frames, mainly to hang.

So here's the thing figments. I want pictures! If we're buddies, and we're all buddies, and I don't have pictures of you (and that's pretty much everyone who doesn't live near me...you know who you are) send me some digital ones so I can have Walgreens or someone print them. I want pictures to fill more frames, and I want them of you. C'mon...it'll make me so happy and I promise it will curb my stalker tendencies for a little while.

Also, if you have pictures of events I've attended with you, can I steal some? My digital camera is worthless and was most likely left behind. I do have some from the Tiffday beach trip in March however (it was March wasn't it?), so if anyone wants some of those (got some pretty good shots of Savvy getting down and dirty with Darth Maul, and some good group shots) let me know and I'll pass the decent ones along.

Pictures are super fun.

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