Episode 2 of Akagi was more Mahjong actiony fun! This anime is one that you have to pay close attention to, because a lot of the episodes are game play, and moves, and points.

The fansub group not only does the sub titles, but also puts explanations of moves, rules, tiles, hands, and other terms up at the top of the screen so that people dumb to the ways of the game (ie: me) can figure out what all the gasping and sweat drops are about.

It's very difficult to follow when you're tired. This is what I get for not getting enough sleep lately.

So in this episode Akagi is duking it out with the fellows at the parlor, and they are losing horribly to his masterfulness. If Akagi wins, Nangou gets his three million dollar debt erased. If Akagi looses, Nangou gets killed for his three million dollar insurance policy. It doesn't entirely seem fair to me.

Akagi keeps winning rounds, so the jerks at the parlor call in Yagi, their rep player to beat Akagi. Since Yagi comes in mid-round and seeks Akagi's hand, he can't play, but wants to play the next round. Instead he watches and they're all amazed because Akagi has never played before but is Mahjong awesomeness personified.

Seriously you guys, it's a good series, but it's just way too much detail for a situation like this where I have to keep pausing it every five seconds or so to answer a call or something. I keep missing details like tiles that have been played or definitions.

On to episode 3.

Current Anime: Akagi Current Episode: 3

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