So the second episode of The Third was pretty good as well.

It picks up right after the first episode, Honoka asks Iks why he was out wandering alone in the desert and he says it's because his car broke down and it wouldn't be fixed for a while, so he was just going to walk. She tells him that was not really a very smart thing to do, and Bogie interrupts that there is a vehicle being attacked by a gang of people.

So, Honoka goes and 'rescues' them, and it's her mechanic and her mechanics daughter. She was on her way to meet up with them anyway, to pick up a suit of armor or something, sort of like a mecha, but not. Seriously you guys, I'm tired, I promise my descriptions will get better. So, her mechanic tells her it will take about 10 more days to get it working, and they go to eat dinner. While they're eating they discuss how the armor is illegal (breaking the techno taboo, laws against certain types of technology to keep peace between cities I guess), and during the conversation Bogie pages Honoka on this headset and tells her that these mechanical type soldiers have shown up.

She goes outside and this hologram of this guy appears (I don't remember his name, but I guess he's one of The Third?) and says he wants to talk to Iks, and then sends out some stealthy type robot soldiers, but Honoka beats them all up.

Her arm gets burned by one, and the episode ends with Iks healing her owwie. Awww.

Sorry for the crappy recap of the episode. I'll do better for the next one! On to episode 3.

Current Anime: The Third Current Episode: 3

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