So we kind of fell off track. I had lovely company drop in and I stopped watching anime to make food for the hungry masses. Now I'm back however, and gearing up to watch the next series. Lemon Angel Project turned out really good, and I definitely recommend it to someone who's looking for a cute, funny, touching anime to watch.

I give Lemon Angel Project Four Lanies.

Now up next is Karin because unfortunately Onmyou Taisenki didn't finish downloading in time. Here's what AnimeNFo says about Karin:

There is a vampire family living in an average city in Japan. They have been living secretly, receiving a little blood from humans. But, the eldest daughter, Karin, has a secret. Instead of sucking other people's blood, her blood simply increases once a month. She has managed to pretend to be a normal student, but her life is changed dramatically by an encounter with a transfer student, Usui Kenta.

I've seen Karin before, so I know what I think about it, so I'm going to rely on my guest posters (Miss Lanie, Miss Tiffy and Miss Savvy) to give you their opinions on the matter.

First up, Episode 1! Look forward to it!

Current Anime: Karin Current Episode: 1

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