It's time for the Friday Random Ten, figments! Open your playlist, hit shuffle, and see what comes up. Here are mine, hurray! Any that are linked, take you to someplace where you can download the song. Legally, you pirates.

1. Is It Any Wonder? - Keane (Is It Any Wonder?)

2. It's Not Your Fault - New Found Glory (It's Not Your Fault Single)

3. Only In Photographs - Honor By August (Photographs EP)

4. The Lights and Buzz - Jack's Mannequin (The Lights And Buzz Single)

5. Air - The Normans (Dreams of Autocrashes)

6. She's Got A Way - Billy Joel (Greatest Hits Vol. 1 & 2)

7. Ana - Transglobal Underground (Zen & The Art Of Chilling)

8. Bleed From Within - The Music (Welcome To The North)

9. A Gentle Dissolve - Thievery Corporation (Cosmic Game)

10. Emotionless - The Better World (The Better World)

Favorite Song:
I'm so in love with Honor By August right now, it's sick They are so destined for mainstream radio play, and soon. Too bad they're not on the West Coast, I'd be a such groupie.

Least Favorite Song:
That's hard, they're all pretty good. Probably Bleeding From Within only because it's loud, and I'm not entirely in a loud mood today. Loud, but good!

Favorite Album:
The Better World's The Better World is fantastic. Give them a try!

Seen Live: None of them. Sad for me!

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