I had lunch today with the Supreme Court Justices.

Really, and not even because it was lunch time and I was on trial in their court. Imagine that.

It was a very amazing experience. I had the luck of being seated next to The Honorable Rives Kistler, and I have to say, he's a fine lunch conversation partner! I'll write about it as soon as I hit my word count for today.

If you're wondering, I'm currently at about 9,000/50,000 words, and about 1,000 words behind where I should be. The hope is to hit about 11,000 words tonight, and possibly double my word count for tomorrow, so I'm a little ahead instead of behind, like always. Sometimes NaNo doesn't have a particularly attractive behind.

If you're in the area and are one of my Wrimos, or if you just want to come by and check it out, V ET L will be hosting a Speedy Wrimo Write-In tomorrow from 3:30 to 4:30 in 2/227 at Chemeketa. Come by, pad your wordcount, commiserate, we'd be glad to see you.



The rain is ceaseless.
Cascading pools of liquid,
And warm fall evenings.

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