Ah. Glorious summer. Time to throw on some sunscreen, head to the beach, and oogle all the cute sufer boys. That is, of course, after I get all the wall-bumping out of my system.

I finished my last final yesterday. Technically I still have one paper left, since I had an instructor decide that assigning a paper to be do after the final was over would be fun. You know, like poking out an eye. This is alright though, because it will only take me ten or fifteen minutes to add a few more paragraphs of mindless nonsense to an already eight page paper. For those of you worried, my BSing skills have improved a million times fold since starting at Chemeketa. College...ain't it a wondrous thing?

With the death of my first full year-and-one-term at Chemeketa, I now find myself slightly lost. I've spent so long rushing from here to there (mind you, I'll still be rushing, since it's not like I'm not working the other jobs or anything, but it's not the same) every day from 7 until 7 (or later) I'm not really sure if I can handle all the free time. No, let's be honest, I'm not sure I can use the power of free time for good. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get myself in a heap load of trouble over the summer.

I think a little trouble will be good for me though. Yes, I solemnly swear not to land myself in jail again. I know how much of a hassle it was to get people to hack up bail for me. Gessh, who would have thought the coppers would be so mad over a little fun with a handful of cowboys and some guava jelly?

Summer also marks the beginning of two things...well, two things I can talk about here. The first is the annual summer charity thingiemabobbie. I have very deep decisions to make this year, my dear figments, I have to decide if I'm doing Project-Blog or if I'm going back to the tried and true Blogathon. With this choice, comes the picking of a shtick. As much fun as last years was, I'm not sure I can con anyone into doing it with me again. Does anyone know if BThon is going to be open this year? If not, my choice is pretty much made for me.

For those of you new to IBOM - every year for the past million eons I've participated in either Project Blog, or the Blogathon. 24 hour posting charity events. Every year I come up with some kind of nonsense shtick. I've done attempted staying in a graveyard for 24 hours (I'm thinking about it again, someone stop me) to doing 24 hours of anime (Dude, lay off the geek jokes), and whatever else I did that I can't remember now.

Is anyone else planning on doing it this summer? I really don't want to do it alone, my staying awake skills are in poor shape. I'm not as young as I use to be, yanno. Maybe I could have 24 hours of mylanta, and see how long it takes me to land smack dab in the ER. Mmm...24 hours of male nurses...erm, back to my subject at hand. Number two is preparation of NaNoWriMo. Yes, yes, I know: November isn't for another zillion years. However, if you don't start planning these things now, you end up writing stuff thats so rank your computers insides melt.

Also, unless I was fired, I'm still the ML for the Salem area, so I have to start getting rough ideas pounded out for meetings and whatever else I want to make my poor tortured novelists do. Maybe I'll have a display, and charge a nickel a trip to see the little Nanoers write their little hearts out. I'm kidding though...honest.

Mostly though, I plan on digging my inner slacker out of her mothballs this summer and practicing some good old fashion unwashed laziness. Because you can never go wrong with nine hours of straight daytime TV and a bag of cheetos, yo.


Don't run with scissors.
Poking out your eye is fun,
Only the first time.

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