I feel surreal today. Mostly on reasons I'll talk about in a post later, you know, when I'm ready to avoid studying some more.

I have finals Tues and Wed, and I absolutely have to make sure I use every spare minute of time I have to study. I'm not worried about Fiction or Mentoring or Pottery, because those will be easy-peasy. I mean, write a paper, talk about mentoring, be told I can't make a pot to save my life. It's all gravy, yo.

What I'm worried about is Zoology; as much as I lub Professor O'Hara's class, I know for a fact that small amount of study material on test = really hard test that asks you about everything and incorrect Latin spelling counts. Who says I can't learn after nine months of freaking out?

Sociology is scary - not because the content is hard, but because I have absolutely no idea what to put on the double-sided sheet of notes I can have. Telling me I can have notes, and then telling me what'll be on the test is a fun candy-filled surprise is just plain mean. I'm just not smart enough to figure it out. I keep telling you people, it's all an act.

So, in complete and utter defiance of studying, I made myself an entire corned beef brisket with potatoes, carrots, cabbage and onions. Yes, you read right, I cooked. I can cook you know, in fact, I can make things that actually look like the things they are supposed to be. They even smell the same too. It's a dead week miracle! I should get a whole booklet of gold stars or something.

I don't know why I cooked this much, I can't eat it all, so if anyone wants dinner, come on over. You can quiz me on my Mammal classifications while you're over. Yeah, sounds like a blast hu? I thought so too.


It's not really right.
Who picked her name from the hat?
She was only six.

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