I am not dead, although it is Dead Week. This, however, really doesn't matter because Chemeketa really doesn't adhere to the Dead Week policy. 99.9% of teachers do sort of recognize it by not assigning things during that week, or having exams, but if you are one of those strong believers that Dead Week should include no deadlines for projects at all, even long term ones or ones already in the syllabus like labs, then Chemeketa is not your school.

For those of us attending the fantastical college, Dead Week is usually our busiest week. I can definitely vouch for that for myself. I have four papers, a prospectus, a rough draft of a literary analysis essay, two presentations, and an exam this week. The exam is of my own scheduling, so that's not a teachers fault. Although, I would love to blame it on him.

Wednesdays are my busiest. Since I won't be working in the office today (I'm pretty much out of hours) it gives me an hour and a half or so break in between classes to study for my exam on Friday. This, sadly, has made me a very happy girl. Walking to school in the rain however? Not so much.

I keep telling myself...only one more week...just one more week.


Summer has gone now.
We have warped back to springtime,
And all the raining.

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